Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day Two Into The Grand Canyon!

   **Welcome back!   Yet another post first written in my local Exploring page.  All about amazing Arizona.  I hope you enjoy part II and the pictures.

        As I might have mentioned before this was an amazing trip!  It was also amazingly hard on my body.  I would definitely suggest not being like me, and preparing for this kind of trip, long before taking the trip.  No matter what kind of shape you believe you are in.  We passed many signs on both ends of the trail warning hikers not to ever do the full hike in one day.  Causing in bad injuries, fatigue, and even possibly worse, death.  I do not have pictures of such signs, because I was trying not to pass out.  I also do not have shirts from the experience, because  the T shirts started at $30 dollars -but I do have loads of pictures! 

As I said in the last part our motel was amazing.
But we did not get to enjoy it to much on either end of our journey.
On this morning 4 AM came way to early --and than the joys of grabbing our stuff and finding more coffee.   We had issues with our coffee pot in the room, because making coffee when you are not yet awake is often the hardest part of ones day.
We did have time to stop at a Mcdonalds on the way!
Just after the sun was fully awake, we exited the tour bus in one of the many parking lots.
My wife and I have watched the sun rise over the canyon in the past, and it is beyond amazing.
I did throw out this coffee cup just after snapping this picture, for all of you wondering.
As we started out and tried to find our footing, the sun was finding it's spots on all of the ridges.
This is defiantly an instance were the pictures do not begin to do justice to the amazing sights we saw on this day.    And also as I said before---I took WAY more pictures going down, than up.  Simply because I was still full of energy.
The switch backs really did appear to go on forever.
And of course going down was very steep and hard on the backs of ones legs.
Ooh Aah Point.
Again still very early in the trip  when it was very windy and I was very
glad that I had long sleeves on.
It never got to warm on this trip---but I did have a need for all of the water I had brought.
And I was also very glad that my back pack was not very full on the way back up.
My companions had heard me complain about Arizona locals saying it really was not that hot  because it was a dry heat, and on the way back up the hill   they kept trying to edge me on, about all of this---but I was to hot and tired to reply for the most part. 
Near one of our first brief stopping points.
And a restroom.
More amazing trail!
It was amazing to watch how fast these packed down animals could maneuver themselves down the dusty trail.
The entire day -I found it hard to capture the amazing size of this area.  And
attempted to use shadows to help any time I could.
The pack mules offered many photo opps for me.
At this point  several donkeys had lost there load on the trail.
We were waiting for a clean up, because the trail was to narrow to allow us to pass.
This looks a lot like the coffee comericals to me with Mr Valdez.
Still very early on.
Hard to imagine the whole trip straight up or down is only a mile.
More donkey views.
Enjoying the view!
Canyon vegetation
It really all is beyond amazing.
I will never forget this trip
but the helicopters and such above us  might have had the right idea.
Good flat rock for some lunch?
I spot more trail.
Always and forever! ;)
One of the first good views of the Colorado River.
Notice how close it appears in this picture.
But it was really many may miles away still.
Getting ever closer to the very cold water.
One of the bridges we crossed on this day.
Near the rushing river proved a great place to eat some snacks.
The very cool water was also a great place to wash some trail off and
to dip our hats in.
Many cabins and permanent residence line this area.
And for what ever reason we decided to add a few more mile onto our little hike and walk up to the camp just up the dusty trail.
Even here we could not escape trail construction.
Not to surprisingly the ranch was pretty dead. 
But the area again offered a great area to eat some more energy giving snacks.  Before heading back up trail!
A few mere more miles back down the trail  back to the mighty Colorado River.
Already had found the need to loose the long sleeves.
Just starting up the incline.
Wondering why in God's name we were on this hike.
Right about here is about were I gave up trying to impress anyone.
Or take many more pictures.
I was in full survival mode and just wanted to make sure that I could get myself back out of the canyon.
I was still not sure this was actually going to happen with out calling in a shiny helicopter.
The trip back up was very steep but also very green.
We passed water a great deal of the time too.
And many more warning signs  stating how bad of an idea it was to take the full trip in one day.
A great resting place and very old wood.
Please stay tuned for part III
Where I make it to food, the parking lot, the motel and than Flagstaff Arizona.

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