Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Go To Work To Get My Sleep

                            **"Never trust a government that does not trust your guns."**

                            **I am pretty sure my dying wish  would be to stop dying!"**

                Hello-hello--HELLO!   I want to thank everyone in reader land for being a reader of this very page!   My newest local Arizona Exploring page is growing rapidly in readership also.  Please check it out  and let me know what you think of my pictures.

Ready to blow things up and than Explore down by the bay.
Bellingham, WA

                    Things at work have continued to be hectic --and last Sunday night was again no exception to this.  Again with a skeleton crew and lot of customers, I actually came very close to calling it quits that night.  Several things kept me there.  Mostly that I really like this job, but more that I really enjoy the paychecks.  Anyways that night my manger---who I strongly tip my hat to at this moment, because she put up with me that night, put in for me to receive an excellence award that night.  I feel mainly because I did not walk out and quit that night.   I actually quit almost every day at work.  And than I look at my bank account --and shed a tear or two, and than return to working at work.  ;)

       So last night I had a customer ask what the difference between our shrimp platter and our fish platter was. At first I had to do a double look, because I thought she was joking. ummmmmm one has fish and one has shrimp... And when the two platters have sex---that is how our onion rings are made!

Sounds about right.
Try it  and let me know the results you got.
Hopefully sometimes, just sometimes  my posts make y'all
stop and think a little bit. 
But I think most of my readers are much smarter than the main stream non thinkers
being over bred in this nation.
I talk about coffee  a great deal.
And enjoy it even more.
But do any of you have your own brews?
Sheridan Wyoming Exploring.
I am headed that way next month
to visit my parents, get lots of pictures and of course Explore. 
And now your moment of Zen......

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