Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Much Is Your Gaurdian Angel Worth Per Hour!?

  **"If you do not like my posts, the feeling is probably mutual and the posts do not like you. Not one bit!"**
                 So as I sit on our deck and watch the last few points of light disappear into something we call night time---I realize that it was not that long ago, that I "got" to watch the sun rise--as I was rushing back home.  I say rushing --because as we were trying to return home before the sun fully woke up and took it's place high in the sky, it took like six hours to get home.  Another episode in this crazy week.   I am not prepared to tell this story tonight.   Partly because I am tired.  And some because I am not near drunk enough to start to relive it in my head.  And a small part  I am not ready to tell, because some parts are very odd, and I am not sure how to share with out causing harm to myself at a later date.   I can say that when I do tell the story and talk about my driver buying $30 worth of smashed up Smarties, candies, I might not be talking about candy.  Because I am not ready to share  yet   I do not really have a topic for tonight's post.   So the rest of this  might very well be a surprise to us all, again. 

Right now   my guardian angel looks like this an awful lot.
So does my wife.

Crushed Smarties are whack too.
And snorting them does not make one as smart as one might think.
 I have been going through the above ordeal a lot in the last few weeks.
Road trip time!
Who's with me?  
I'm buying!
Poor  doggy!
He just wants a new chew toy.
That's not funny!
So I have my own local  buy/sell and vent page on Facebook.
I enjoy posting things that might anger others, to see the responses. 
And sometimes my point of view is even changed.
But not very often.
I only have two simple rules.
And besides annoying people I started the group because it seems that many of the area groups have power hungry administrators that make rules about there rules just to have lots of rules. 
Anyone can be an administrator   heck I am one for my own group   it really means nothing.  Except maybe that you have to much free time. 
Anyways, this is my post from the page from just a few hours ago
If I am selling something on this page that you wish to have---IF you keep in contact with me, I will hold that item for you. BUT unlike other groups I will not baby anyone for a sale. I will not hold it, I will not go first come first serve. If you have cash and are here---it's SOLD to YOU. I will not call you--if all of my contact information is available. I may deliver the item------ If you really want the last item at Wally World will they hold it for you ---for a week, with no $ down? Do they care that you were the first to see the sale item? If you really want a sale item, or even something left free by the side of the road, you find a way to get it. Heck that's how we got many of our for sale items. ---Just sayin'
And now your moment of Zen....
Where are you Exploring today?? All around amazing Arizona
New readers wanted so PLEASE check out the page!
And now some random shots of mine from around greater Tucson.
Hopefully for your enjoyment. 
Yes it snows here but mostly in the hills.  
And than everyone freaks out!
I love the I-10 highway back drop in this cactus shot.

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