Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wyoming, Road Trips, Exploring, Coffee, And That New Math

               Hello this fine evening to all of my faithful but possibly naive readers!   I had hoped to say that I was taking a road trip the rest of this week with my wife to LA.   She has some medical testing at the big hospital.  But I can not join on the trip  because of work.  I mainly wanted to go along  because the time at the hospital was very minimal and we would have lots of time to Explore together.  I am happy to say that she is taking a friend along to help keep her awake during the long drive.  Although the other co pilot can not drive.   I do have to say that the trip might not go well if we both went, we seem to have bad luck together on road trips.   But that's what makes them memorable  right?  I guess.   My buddy also has many amazingly bad road trips.  Many in his life.  I think we should band together and write a book about allll the bad trips.  It would be a feel good book for anyone that read it, because I am sure no one else out there has had even half as many bad trips.  Without using drugs that is.  I always tell my wife that by the time we can afford  to have 2 reliable cars, the kiddos will all be out of the house and we will not be really taking any road trips.    Parish the thought.   I love a good road trip!   My long time buddy, the one with all the bad road trips    is in Viva Las Vegas at the moment.   That got me thinking to my families last trip to Vegas.  And it was not a good one.   We were moving to Arizona for some reason, and vehicles kept breaking down.  So the trip was taking much longer than it ever should have.   We decided to spend the night in Vegas and have a chill night for the family.  We stayed at the Motel 6 right off the strip   actually very nice.   My wife ended up in the hospital from heat stroke and because she was marked down as a non emergency  we were there for six long hours.  In my opinion if an ambulance takes you to the hospital   it is an emergency but what do I know.  If both of our rigs did not have big ass trailer behind them, I would have attempted traffic and drove her to the hospital myself in all reality.  Although I did get to ride along in the front of the ambulance.  So that did save the trip just a little bit.   By the time we returned to the room, all bets were off for really saving the night.   My youngest and I did get to walk the strip and Explore a little bit the next morning before we hit the hot road again. 

      My buddy says no one would believe all the stories and how horrible they are.  But I always tell people that everything I tell is true.   I do not have a good enough imagination to even attempt to make up half of this sh*t.  I believe another long term buddy of mine, ironically enough I call him Vegas Dude, only talks to me because I have at least two big strange and or wild stories to tell each and every week.  And as I said they are always true.   They also help me fill blog posts for sure!   I have to say my wife and I have a new local story to share after tonight  but I am not going to share it tonight.  

     Is this that new math?  

**I never thought I would ever do this but I must thank my High School English teachers now. Mrs Maverakis and Rick Scherry Although my spelling and such could use work still, I use my communication skillz almost daily. Both verbally and written usage has gotten me out of a ton of sticky situations from work to just dealing with local residents on my own Facebook page. And it is rare I lose an argument----unless it is with my beautiful wife, April Adams than I always loose. Yes my spelling and such make me look dumb sometimes ---but way to many people appear much more dumbererer when they try to form sentences or speak. My wife has the gift of arguing like a pro also. My big wish right now, is that our kiddos all gain this "gift" fully. With parents like us, they will need it daily.**-----Just sayin'

     Anyone know where this is? It is supposed to be World famous and all.... Where are you Exploring today?? http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/ all local    

Check out the very sight you are reading right now for more on Sheridan.  An amazing town with lots to offer for being in the middle of no where.   I am visiting taking a road trip here next month.  To see my folks and  of course Explore.          

That's not my current number....
Mmmm coffee!
Well played police dept.   Well played
I know I have posted the above before   but it makes me laugh every time. 
I think it's also called natural selection.

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