Thursday, August 31, 2017

Still Not September!

            This month is onna those tricky ones with 31 daze  so forget what I last posted about the month being over.   Yet.   It basically is for me, because I spend the afternoon at work.  But it is some form of air conditioned at work   so it's allllll good!   At the end of the month I take a long trip--- finally going back home to visit my folks and get lots of pictures and Exploring in.   And than on the way back I am going to see my good buddy and get a few crazy hikes in.  Or at least one really good one.  Every time I hike with him, one of us almost ends up in the hospital   so it should be fun.  All B it, we would usually do a crazy and long hike, jumping off cliffs, over boulders, under logs  to near perfection,  except for the small bit of getting lost---and than one of us would seem to fall on our asses in the parking lot just in front of our truck.   In the paved parking lot    mind you.   

Not much betterer than a dirt road or set of rail road tracks
to Explore on a super hot day!
Kick the dust up!!

   Yesterday the youngest and I roamed around the amazing Tucson zoo and the huge park beside it.  The kiddos had early release from school, every other Wednesday    and he was the only one that could or wanted to go along on this fine day.   Because of the heat of the day, we almost had the zoo to ourselves.   Which was kind of kool    for sure!   But many of the animals were inside.   Next time we are going to venture up there very early --- and enjoy the whole day.   Hopefully with more family members along for the trip.   I will have the pictures   and hopefully an Exploring blog post up very soon of course.    To check out our past zoo Exploring   please check out my Arizona blog page    full of our Exploring and our pictures.

Found in the middle of the park. 
I did not chop out this heart. 
But it was also date night, so snapped a picture to send to my Sweet P

The truth hurts

 Much of this page for me   is to have fun!  Writing used to be much more a part of my life, and I am trying to get back to that place  by posting as many daze a week as I can.  So some posts will be quite short, just to keep posting.   Posting is a very good stress reliever for me.  So is my Exploring and picture taking.  And with the amount of pictures I have, I should be stress free.  Should   is the key word there.  ;)  Plus this page lets me be annoying in yet another outlet.   And it lets me vent ---with out having to   too much to my wife.     I hope along the way  you enjoy much of what is on these pages also.   

       I am just going to put this one out there and walk away....

    Did you spot them all?      Or do I need to make the image bigger??    ;)

                  And now your moment of Zen     if the very top picture today did not do it for you........

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tomorrow Is A New Month

        Hello all this last day O August!   We are not going to go into how that is possible or any of that jazz  we are going to celebrate that it is another day off work for me, another day closer to my long trip, another date night for my beautiful wife and I and the fun fact that  our youngest and I are soon going up to Tucson to hang and to go to the wonderful zoo!  We all went several years ago, in fact I am also reading the Exploring blog about that fine day.  Connected to the zoo is an amazing park  and that we randomly hit zoo lights, about Christmas time   were they fill the zoo with Christmas lights and activities.  Usually on the night the casino takes over and it all is free.   So I have several Exploring blog posts to check out.  In attempts to not get the same kinds of pictures while there this afternoon.  Phoenix has an amazing zoo also   but it is huge.   And kind of costly     so after you pay to get in   you--at least I feel you should walk the whole Dam zoo  even if it is 120 outside.   And it's Phoenix, so when is it not 120 outside, in the shade?   Anyways I am excited for today, I am not sure about anyone else.   ;)

  I snuck away and got some local pictures the other day.   So they will slowly make it into both of my blog pages and beyond.  Have my good camera fired up and battery fully charged for today.   When I do finally go back to Wyoming and beyond, next month I am taking that camera for sure!   My good buddy just got back from the Bahamas ---not sure how he scrounged up that $ but- maybe I should of asked him for my last loan, and not the banks --that just laughed at me.   I have not talked to him yet, but I really hope he got a real camera for the trip.   And that he has loads of pictures to share.   No matter what he used --even if it was a Polaroid.   Shake it like --shake it like a Polaroid picture!  Don't pretend you don't know the stupid song.    It could very well be a very old camera, I do often joke that he does not actually own a computer in his home, he just has a big cardboard box with a light bulb screwed into it.   The box /light bulb combo might be faster than his computer.    And I am sure faster than many a computer I had in my youth.  But back than we didn't know they were super   dial up speed slow.   We were just happy we would soon be getting on the informations super highway.  The AOL ---before Myspace super -super groovy highway!    OK   now I am dating myself a little to much and ready to go on to the next topic.      Anyways I should be seeing this buddy on my trip back home ---during the beyond trip.   He does not live in Wyoming.  

At Reid Park actually.
Them ponds are full of turtles and duck poo!

    Want to check out my past posts about the zoo and beyond?   You know you do!

                                       That there cactus is the only road map I need!   

Busy Exploring and gettin' more pictures!
Or almost asleep at the wheel.

           **Went to eat at Denny's in Benson last night. The food was good but Dam the service sucked, even for this location. It was dinner time so was willing to cut the server a break , but the place was practically empty. I ordered steak , no check back on the steaks cook. Manager refilled our drinks, once. Three thumbs down. I sometimes wait tables so am very forgiving but off a $55 ticket, she got a dollar tip. Three thumbs down from each of us----This was actually last week   on date night---We ended up with two of the kiddos on our date night  but it was still very good.   Well not the service  but the being together.   I know servers are supposed to stick together and all that jazz, but some people really are in the wrong filed and beyond help.   The person that cashed us out-apologized and said we should have been in his section, I wish I would of caught his name,but you could tell just by watching him on the floor, he knew what he was doing   for sure.   He deff.  picked the wrong town to be a good server.  

    Last week I thought we were not having date night---and than when talking to my wife, quickly noticed how sad she seemed  that we were not doing anything .    So I had to do a quick recovery---in Benson  and find some things for us to do.   Including a movie and some rock painting.   As I said  I will explain all this rock painting and hiding stuff soon---but not today.  It really is basic  and fun.   I think considering the planing was beyond last minute and I had to shop in such a small town, I did OK.    Still not sure what the wife and I are doing tonight after the youngest kiddo and I return from the big city and the zoo.   

Most of what I came home with.

My delivery is almost here!
Ran across this years ago in the middle of Billings MT
Quite a sight!

    ** This Christmas, please help.... Every place I have ever worked , people were in need of watches so they could get to work on time. At the moment I commute across the state and usually show up early, because I have this new invention, called a watch! I have a 2 ND clock on my phone and a backup in my trucks dash! For just a small donation you can help me help them buy a watch this Christmas. Not amused? You are probably one of the many in need of a watch----  For those of you that think typing this will jinx me, and I'll be late to work......Wait! I'm at work early because I have a watch!! Just sayin' Post I put online last week.  After a co worker that is late a lot, was very late, and than yelled at me for bringing up there lateness.  I believe they soon after de friended me online.   So be it!   Being late is way different as a server.  It really effects the other servers and the attitude towards the guests while the server that has been there all day still attends to new guests.   Especially in a place with less staff than maybe needed and were it stays very busy.   Than when they do show up, you have a full section of guests and don't want to just leave and loose all those tip possibilities.  So even if the other server is 15 minutes late, you could gain a full section, waiting for those guests to leave    re doing side work--that's easily staying on another hour after the server finally arrives.    This is not true in other jobs---like office jobs   were being late  mainly just affects you.  Or at Wally World, were customers kind of fend for themselves and will even shop -and fill there cart   if they can find 0 workers on the floor.  Wait that's every day!   You can be late  every day to work at Wally World, because with the training you don't get in each section of the store, the fire extinguisher is more knowledgeable about products in most cases.  Can you tell I worked at good ol Wally World for eight long years?   

Where are you Exploring today??

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


               Hello everyone!   I am sitting down and writing this blog while it decides if it is going to rain outside or not.  Either way viewing the storm clouds that are gathering around us is amazing and the temperature has dropped a good deal.  So it's win win  even if we do not really see more than the spitting of rain so far.   And this allows me to enjoy my coffee at 1 30 in the afternoon!   I got a late start on today--I woke up around 9, brewed coffee and found I could not keep my eyes open while it was brewing for anything.  I turned on a fan and went back to bed.   The next thing I knew it was noon!   Daze off work are ruff!!   
   Last night I talked a little to much politics and I am sorry for that.  I try not to talk about politics at all on here or in life.    I do like offending people and making people think  but on the same note we are so far from the missions of our founding fathers that only God can save us now from ourselves--not the words or thoughts of myself.   So today I will keep things light and cheery!   And I will keep my thoughts on several topics to myself for at least another day.  

And  I will drop everything   for today  with this last picture.
Think what you wish. 

    Hopefully I will have time real soon now to go Explore a little bit today.  I wish a long hike, but have to drive further than I really wish to do so.   I like to drive, but my commute to work each day is making me not wish to be in the car much on my days off work.   The cooler temps will probably get me out and about yet today.  I also hope to post on my Exploring Arizona blog page yet today.   Many new posts and pictures in the works.   I realize I keep saying this, but it is true.   Please check out my many past posts and share the links if you enjoy!   

     On The Arizona trail one fine day      passes very near here.   I might very well end up on part of it yet today.

               Hikes make me look like this guy!
Found his happy self at the "Life is Good store in the Seattle airport several years ago.
My wife hopes I have the time to get out and Explore today.
To get me out of the house and to look more like this guy. 

It's rare    but I have no comment for this.
I guess Home Depot is branching out in full service?

                            Some common bumps ---and what causes them.

Just sayin'

Hey HEy HEY!!

     I am proud to say I got some of my to do list accomplished today.  And I am going to continue the productive streak by posting this very blog post instead of going to sleep now.  Something I could easily do.  Although I greatly feel that sleep is a waste of time, I do in fact require a little bit of it  no matter how much caffeine I might consume in a day. ;)  As always I am super glad you --the amazing reader clicked on this page and are reading this.   More glad than you probably are after reading this!   Or any of the posts for that matter.   But I keep getting readers and views   and for that I am forever thankful.   There are only so many times I can re read the same blog posts, to up my readership on here.   Another page of mine I really want more readers for is my amazing Arizona Exploring page    Please check it out....

    Speaking of Exploring   all national parks are free on the 25th of this very month!   That is a Saturday by the way.   I happen to get off work early so might just be able to sneak in a good mind clearing desert hike in a park before it gets dark.  Not that a night hike is not fun.

 **"We live in an age were pizza gets to our houses faster than the police!"**

     **"Don't make fun of fat people, they already have enough on there plate!"**

**"Holy cow you make Fat Albert look like a regular Albert, fatty!!"*---Futereramma 
   Hey HEy HEY   do you recall that show?   I don't recall it being a very good show at all   but it was way back when Bill Cosby was still funny and not famous for Jello and in court all the time.   Hey HEy HEY    I did not slip her any pills in that drink!     To soon? 

 Our dress code handbook legit says we must always wear underwear. What manager checks that?? And how well must they know our harassment handbook! Lol--- At work we recently had to sign paper work about the dress code and how we could get sent home if we were not dressed appropriately.   The key word right now is  Could  because they could also have enough workers   but they don't   so getting sent home is usually not a huge worry.   Although I worry about it more   because the commute is so long for me.   Anyways the above line caught my eye  because   honestly how do they feel they are going to enforce this underpants rule unless like Captain Underpants   they wear there underoos on there heads---so YES  you can tell for sure they are wearing some.   And this opens up even more, because YES they are wearing them   but they are wearing them over the wrong body parts.   Loophole?   Or overly stupid   like the cartoon, Captain Underpants.  Inquiring minds want to know.  And for the most part with right fitting and colored  clothes --no one would really know if you were wearing such under garments unless perhaps your nick name was Commando or something.   I just find the sentence/statement/thought of a manager in charge of checking was very amusing.  

     So president Trump was just down the road in Phoenix tonight and the protesters were out in full force here in Tucson  easily two hours away.   I am not sure what they were protesting.  The rally was in another city.   Not much makes sense in the news of late.   If so many people do not see him as there president---who the heck IS there president?  California wants to separate from the US  ---and with the ideas that seem to be trend setters from that state, and than work there way up the coast line----guns are bad, my baby has no gender, I need a safe space at college because the president is still the president 8 months later...    Maybe a ton of these protesters and haters should just move to California and form there own nation, they can call themselves the Califonists and have a ton of snowflakes on there new flag.  With a rainbow across the flag of course  and something stating how great Muslims are  because we can't offend anyone.  We can build a boarder wall along this boarder also.   And of course all funding  because they do not want to be part of this great nation and Trump is not there president.  In my eyes the only state that could pull off separating from us all --and keep pulling it off   is Texas!   God bless Texas.  I could keep going on for pages, but you can make your own assumptions and jokes here about all of this.  All I am going to say right here is that I have seen many sides of people lately from the proud flag flying veteran to the locals that found it necessary to paint several downtown cross walks rainbow colored in honor of our proud and loud gay community----to the protesters that are not sure what the F they are protesting   to the corrupt cops piecing together a full police state, to the average citizen that can't point out major countries we are at war with on a map  to the "peaceful protesters"  to the multiple gender believers, to the bikers, to the masses zombied out by there smart phones  to the brilliant sheeple that are suddenly offended by mere statues commemorating our history   that if we as a country have a civil war   one brought on by fighting about our last civil war   one brought on by the media and the powers that be   who don't care anything about any race or people,   but want to weakin the strong willed out there--    When the true patriots really do rise up    it will be a very very short civil war indeed.   Until the government -big brother-and the police state fully take over.   This will not happen until Trump is out of office or assented.  Just sayin'      But again       What do I know??

             Where was I going with the above-----O!   Trump was in Phoenix earlier tonight    and yes there were protesters here in Tucson.  I believe they even all behaved themselves and except for extending some commutes home, stayed peaceful.   *Golf clap Tucson!   Not so in Phoenix.   At all.   Were I believe riots are still going on.   Again all I can say is from experience---- I live in Oregon for years,   near Eugene and almost all of the states hippie population.   I ended up in the middle of several all out riots, very unintionally     and each time my friends and I came out just fine, not bleeding, and not needing bail $.  Although once in Portland several of us got indirectly pepper sprayed by riot police while we were just trying to enter a bar before the New Years Eve count down started.   The people getting beat down by the police  were how do I say, asking for it.     They were previously spitting in cops faces or trying to flip over police cars.   Hmmmm why did there heads suddenly have contact with patons over and over again?   From the videos I saw tonight the Phoenix police handled things very well, and stopped things before they got out of hand at all.   Now to disperse the masses and watch as many videos as they have  and arrest any ringleaders in the violence or property destruction.    Just like the "poor" lady who started the movent to knock that evil statue down in the south.   Poor in more ways than one because she was online asking for bail $  because she couldn't believe they were taking her to jail for such things.  I see it a better use of my cash to bribe the cops to keep her in jail a lil longer.    

So I was roaming around Benson today near the great  city buildings --don't ask  
and I say the above sign and had to snap a picture.  
Wait     What!???
I am sure like many things   I am the only one that finds this overly amusing.  

New buddy I keep finding on our porch. 
I was trying to get this picture and keep the puppies away from him. 
I had the phone/camera very close to him  and was worried he was going to jump into my phone  in an attempt to get away from me.   
My wife is not amused by these at all    so I have yet to show her even the pictures.
And to many people told me I should kiss the toad.  

The creatures in Arizona are amazing. 
And most of them want to harm you   from the animals to the plants. 
Hours after we found this    I killed a big ass scorpion on the other side of the property.  

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stay Back!

         So I have many pages online.  Years ago when I had no real job---although I am kind of tired of hearing how serving tables is not a real job, I might of started to many pages and such online.  Some have basically disappeared completely and some I ignore to much.   This one has been going on for years now. I really enjoy it   because like in real life I say what I wish---BUT you the reader have to physically click on the blog page to read my rants and such.   And many of you do!   I really wish more of you commented on these thoughts ---but that's a whole new story in itself.   In real life and on my Facebook page--the rants and gripes come to you for free---but you might not be able to get away from them.  ;)   So I try to keep those complaints tamer and to a minimum.   Try is the key word there.   Here---although I have not really went on any big angry rants for awhile now, guess I am just to happy a person,   I tend to put more of my true thoughts into this page.   Because well, I can  and because as I said, you have to click several buttons to get to this page---I am not forcing anyone to read any of this.   And this page acts as a journal of my life---so great fun to read ---at least for me.   Somehow more fun the more I drink....    I kid!   
     Another page that I personally think is amazing---I also claim as my own.   My Exploring Arizona page!   I am trying to greatly up the reader ship of this blog page, but usually just don't have the free time.   Please check out the recent updates and share the links if you enjoy!    

Where are you Exploring today??

    And now for some more deep and thought-less quotes for you to enjoy and or steal.   How do you think I got them?   ;)   .....

                            *You don’t have a great day---You make a great day!

                        *I about got hit while jogging—Getting in shape IS killing me.---Round is still a shape right?? 

                                              *It’s called Facebook, not Assbook.

                  *I think I’m going to start smoking—to see if I lose my smokers cough.

                                    *If you smoke after sex, you are doing it to fast!

                                          *Turns out, chess is nothing like checkers.

                *Can restin’ your cell phone on your junk—give you cancer, down there?

                         *If you have no TV, what does all your furniture face toward?

                                                               *Sheep are safe!?!---If you didn't grow up in Wyoming---don't ask.   Although several of my past blog posts attempt to explain all this.  

                                                                *I didn’t get the memo!

                               *Do these pants make me look fat? No but your ass does!

                                *That went over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl.

I believe this is fake   
but it should be posted up across Arizona!
Worse state I have drove in for left lane drivers ---easily. 

    **"Does "all expenses paid" include bail money ?---
Some what related, I've been told that if you carry a baseball bat in yo car, which I do, that your lawyer will thank you if you also always carry a baseball glove and ball with you

Real or not   Wally World got in a TON
of issues for this advertising. 
By gun haters and the PC cops alike.  ;)

Wine Wednesday at the casino just happens to land on date day. Coincidence? 🍷 Cheers! 😎. Forever and a day!! 😍
   My post online earlier in the week.     Wish it would have been a betterer day for sure.  But I was off work.   So there's major plus right there    although wine Wednesday is at the casino I work at.     

Newest addition to the homestead and maybe my bed under the stars tonight?? I love our yard but like me it needs lots of work

Nearing 100 ounces of change. In case y'all were curious what that looked like. As a server at the casino change adds up fast. In fact I call a table leaving lots of change my old peoples jackpot! Another of the many perks working at the casino is that we often get poker chips as tips too. 🤑
   And no----the above money holder is not a bong----     It is supposed to be an adult beverage holder--with the tap at the bottom     That is how you know how old I am getting, I keep my change in my beer glass!   

             My new bandana   -------Some thoughts on all the latest statue pulling down, south going crazy news of late in my next blog post.   

          In one of my last Exploring blogs I talked about rock painting and hiding----   and our whole family  is kind of hooked on it.   I did not paint or find the above rock---but coffee!   Next I will expand on my thoughts on all of this.    And it really is fun!