Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to Fairhaven--Washington


Now a house 16th street

      **"It takes honey to catch flys but you gotta be extra fly to catch more honey's."**

  Have you ever had to many things started?   I at the moment have a ton of great ideas started, but need to focus like crazy to keep them going.  And minimize a little until things get going.  That said, as soon as I am working again  I am going to start a second blog.   About how great Whatcom county is!   And the many free-cheap things to do and explore.  The following will be a taste of what will be added.  Tomorrow I should have another hike one posted.   We have a ton of items up for bid on Ebay and such sights.   And will be starting an online store very soon.   **Please contact me  if you would like to view some awesome items at low low prices---always!

   Fairhaven so far is a great place to explore.   I am now surrounded by great trails and will be reporting about many of them very soon.   Please check out my hike 101 posting, for my own take on trail ratings.   I keep trying to compare the town to the Fairhaven in Popeye the movie.   Besides being a bay town, their are not many other comparisons.  I used to think that Fairhaven was a richer district full of a little bit snottyier class of residents.   Now I really like the town.  It's smallness and great shopping, coffee shops, trails, and bay access.  
   Downtown is small so you can cross it very quickly.  But I find it more fun to take in all the sights.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.   I have meet some great people just while sipping coffee.  A minute about coffee shops--because coffee is my best friend!!   Am/Pm is not really down town-but has awesome coffee!  They have a whole wall of different blend choices.  Almost to many to choose from early in the morning.  Plus most importantly, you get a punch card  were it only takes three drinks, to receive a free one!  The Haggins, closer to downtown, is great for people watching and such but the coffee really isn't that good.  Although the re fills are full and the seating area is nice.  The toy store downtown is one of the best I have seen.  Just down from the fish and chips bus *Awesome food* is a Gelleto store, highly recommended.   Two huge book stores occupy downtown.  The courtyard pictured below is behind one of them.   In the summer time they play free movies on there.   Great place to wander on a rare sunny winter day. 

Best Fish & chips around!


Smoke shop amazing lobby

Fairhaven Park

   Fairhaven park is one of my favorite local parks.  Just starting to raise up into the Chuck a Nut mountains, the surrounding views are great!   A small river wanders by the park.   Followed by trails on all sides.   And in the summer time you can enjoy the water park section.    Follow the trails into the woods, up into the mountains, to downtown, or to the always beautiful bay.  Up from the park the many trails are amazing.   The best are in the Chuck a Nut area.  I have not had a chance since I been back in the area to enjoy them much.  But do know the views are amazing.   Although the trail signs are confusing.  I will have some great pictures and thoughts on those trails up soon.       

Even the signs have umbrella's in WA!!
    Towards the bay is a nice dog park.  Complete with a great sledding hill.  For those few times it does snow around here.  These trails wrap there way down to the bay.  Always a great view, but my favorite time to go that direction is around sunset.  Just wrap up, the winds off the water are extra cold.  Fairhaven terminal is one of the nicest Grayhound stations I have seen in my travels.  The stop also has a great little coffee shop.  Just down from there in the terminals is another decent coffee shop.   The coffee is not the best, but you cant beat the views!   Huge windows face the bay.   

Right to Broadwalk

Left to Teddy Bear Cove
  Down from these buildings, is a little park.   To the left if you follow the RR tracks  *don't tell* and keep on your toes, the walk along the bay can continue.  Teddy Bear Cove is close.   NONE of the local travel guides warn you to watch going here in the summer.  It is a very popular spot for men to skinny dip for some reason.     By pass the terminals and follow a thin trail behind the bookstore and you hit the boardwalk to Blvd Park.   My current favorite coffee shop in in the park overlooking the bay.   You can branch all over town, but my favorite walk or run follows behind the Hub and puts you in the middle of Bellingham near the Saturday Market. 

Snow meets ocean

Thursday, February 24, 2011

   First off I would like to ask my 1.5 readers to take a look at the following pictures.   I take pictures alllll the time and these are my favorites so far.   I am wondering if I blow the pictures up and frame them if they would be possibly worthy to sell?   My problem right now, is that I have to many ideas started.  Many started --none finished.   Most are even good to great ideas, I just need more time in the day, or more coffee!   I would post all the pictures on here, but speaking of being lazy...    I can't even finish a sentence.   Here's the link instead.   Let me know what yha think!  
    I have mentioned before the contrasts of storms here in Washington compared to my home state in Wyoming.  Most of us from Wyoming would love for a little Al Gores global warming to actually kick in.  In Washington after about three inches of snow, everyone freaks out and the schools close.  Every seen that 4x4 commercial   were the guy looks in the air and sees ten snow flakes drop?   Everyone goes in instant panic mode.  That is how it is here.  I find it overly amusing.  And watch the morning news for a good laugh.   I do have to see the wind off the bay here today was amazingly chilly!   I was roaming around trying to get a few snow shots.  And noticed how choppy the water was down on the bay.   Not realizing the wind was what was making it so enjoyable to behold.   Soon my ears were close to going numb.  And I warmed up at the Fairhaven terminal.   I must say in my travels, that this is the nicest Grayhound station I have ever been in.  You don't have to worry about being maimed and or raped with a toothpick while you warm up or wait for the bus.   Although I believe the Fairhaven bus/train/hot air balloon terminal is actually in Bellingham.
    The streets here are overly confusing.  You can be going down one street, it angles to the right, and is suddenly named something else.   The town is surprisingly easy to get around though once you get used to some rules.  I will not spoil it for you by telling you the rules.  I go by landmarks not street names to get around though.  It is said, by the people that say things, that Bellingham is a mesh mash of four  towns smooshed into one.  Thus the confusing smooshiness!  But people say a lot of things.  
    Hike/running trails are equally confusing around the area.  Partly because of the smooshing and partly because to make full benefit of all of the park land, trails meander through residential streets and allys.   Often time losing the hiker.   By reading and viewing the local trail maps, I am not sure anyone really understands the trail system at all.    But I am no way knocking any of the trails here.  They are maintained expertly.   No matter were they may take you.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks For The Flowers and Gifts Now Git!

    **"When you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what gets you out of bed in the mornings, what you do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything."** -Pedro Arrupe

                **"Build a bridge and get over it!"**---Shrimp Boy at 5 years old

    First I must say that I am not having a very good week.  I have definitely had worse weeks, and even years.   Years because the "fun" seemed to go on for well over a year.  Bad times happen, build a bridge and get over it.  I believe the worse part of it all, was the numerous people that offered help in the form of telling me, from the bottom things can only go up!  Really?  Ever played the old school game Dig Dug?  That creature dug himself deeper in his hole by the minute.   I am job hunting once again, moving, etc etc.   On a peaceful wandering walk that was cut short the other day, a huge dog got away from it's owner and about ate me.   I am still not sure if it's because I smelled like food or cats.  But guess both is food to a dog.   Today things were going well, between dodging hail balls.   I am getting closer to a paycheck and have an interview at an awesome restaurant this afternoon.  With some time to kill, I stopped at a coffee shop to relax and write this.   While there I noticed that the button on my pants was missing!   Should make the later job interview interesting if I must walk very far with the manager.   I guess I will be making sure they lead the way, to the interview table, to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.  
     I am in a city and state that I love.   This is the third time I have moved to this awesome town.  But I also feel that some force does not want me here.   It's not little vibes, it's a huge draining force that soon seems to make my personal blue skies turn beyond grey and dark black.  Last time it was so draining that I left the state with my tail between my legs, long story short.  This time here I came with great expectations and dreams.  And even came prepared money wise and other wise.  Unfortunately I burned a lot of bridges to get to this dream.   And with my carpentry skills, it is far easier to pull out the matches than the hammer and nails.  It took awhile, but things are very quickly going to poo in most aspects of my life.  I still love the area and the people I moved here for, but what does one do when that love is lost from all in return?
    What if you found that love in a person, place or both --followed, dreamed, helped, and strived for that love for years and than blam! fully woke up out of your dreams to find it was a one way street you were barreling down?   I blame the total wake up on the real coffee of Washington state!  
    I am really askin' any readers at this point.   My relation knowledge is lack in most concepts of the word.   Finding roommates, drinking buddies, friends, and relationship at Wally World during my eight year career?  might be part of that factor.  Or all of it.  
    I first thought that these blogs would do a few things.   Help me get back in the mind set of writing daily again.   Be amusing.  Help me later on turn the better rambling into a book and maybe stand up comedy routine for some distant open mike night in my life.  I also thought that it was going to be an open window for those readers whose cable went out, into the chapter four of my  life.   Were I fully transformed from a single Prick to a guy with an old lady Prick.   Now I believe chapter four has a mind of it's own with mysterious I can't wait to discover.  And I hope that many of you readers are along for the ride.  It will help me not feel so dam alone.   
    As always please take advantage of my comments section.  And if you like anything you see in my pages, become a follower!   I promise tomorrows entry will be far less "deep" and more funny!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm not Random My Brain Just Procsesses Things Way Faster Than Yours!

       **"I'm not random My brain just processes things way faster than yours!**"
  **"Yelling snap into a Slim Jim,   has a whole new meaning at a gay bar."**---Tosh.O

   I tend to not be well liked.   No big surprise for those of you that do know me.  Or have talked to me very long .  I usually do fine, until I start talking for awhile.  My mind wanders, and it usually wanders to a scary place.  Well you would probably find it scary, while I was sitting in the corner laughing about my thoughts.  I tend to say what I am thinking at the moment.  This gets worse the drunker I am.  I am working on self control of my thoughts, with age, but sometimes I can't even control myself.  OK most of the time.   I apologize ahead of time for anyone I may offend in the next weeks worth of blogs.  I kind of mapped this blog out ahead of time, and am pretty sure I or it, will not offend anyone.  But sometimes as when I am talking, it just sounds way better in my head.   Were I have my own laugh track.   Which reminds me--it is great to have custom music when you are out jogging.  Any music actually.  Especially if the person you are running with is really annoying!   But what I find most motivational for a good workout--is minutes and minutes strung together of people cheering and clapping.  Like after a song at a concert.   Call me crazy.   See, none of this was mapped out in my thought out planning, it just appeared on my blank page.  
    In closing of the above thoughts--if you don't like my rambling or ideas in any post-please comment.  Good or bad or evil = I like your thoughts.   And if I don't -you better hide your name!  OR if you see me walking around town, head a bobbling, punch me.  But as you are kicking my ass, please tell me what you disliked.   I , like you, hate getting punched with no explanation. 
    For the last year I worked for a great little restaurant called Jb's.   Great restaurant---bad slogan.  It stands for just Better!   Honestly.   I would imagine this slogan would make it hard to make commercials.   "Hey Stan, how is your food?------ why its just better than ..... to keep my future job offers with the company open, I will let you fill in the blanks.   Anyways, I just learned that seven of their stores were just closed nation wide.   I was not aware that they still had 7 stores!   We heard awhile back that one restaurant of theirs in AZ was bought out by a local Target so that they could expand their parking lot.   That's when you know their might be problems.  Just a lil bit!   I guess their service wasn't just better than shopping at Target.   But maybe that is because I and the great crew from the Sheridan, Wyoming store didn't work there.   And than I woke up ---I know I know. 
    But buck up because I also just learned today that it is 139 daze till summer!   Unless you live somewhere like Wyoming, Minnesota, or Alaska.  Than it is 280ish.   Which brings us to this weeks question--- Do you feel calm while on the toilet??   Could it be your office, even away from home, or are you always tense while on the throne.  Waiting for someone to walk in?    Please let me know your answer and why.   Awhile back I was waiting in a dentists office --and had to use the restroom.   Even though the rooms, had locks--this one was unlocked.   I walked in on a man, taking a poo.   Not the best image, way to meet someone new, or pick up line.   Just using this as a sort of public service time, to always make sure if you are not in your own bathroom, to check the lock.   And if you don't --its not socially acceptable to get mad at the person "finding you" or ask them to wipe your bottom afterwards. 
    As I was trying to find a job today, I passed a new place down town called Man Pie.   I am not making any of this up.   I believe it is some kind of cafe--but could and still can't determine what they are selling or to whom their target audience is.   I keep saying Target in this blog, maybe they will send me some free gift cards?   Anyways, if you know what Man Pie is, or think that I would want a man pie, or think that I have a man pie  please let me know.  And in this day and age -- is it discrimination to not have a woman pie shop?   Should one really say woman pie?   Does constantly reading the word pie, make you hungry for pie?  
     So on to the next topic, stop thinking about pie, you!   For whatever reason, probably to escape the down pour of rain, I ended up sitting inside the downtown bus station for awhile today.  I can say that it always constant great people watching and beats any Saturday morning soaps.  I had several homeless people on one side of me.   Again I can state, that no matter how bad things have been for me, their is always someone worse off than myself.  And I don't thank God enough that I am not living under a bridge somewhere, raising pigs and "herbs."   One talked about how he spends daylight hours waisting time till night, when you can rest away yet another night.  They have to forge for everything.   The only thing I had to question about these homeless--was why they all had cell phones.  I get that they would not have a home phone, but seriously, who is calling them? 
    Instant contrast to the teens on the other side of me.  Who were mad at the world, but mostly like mad at their like parents who made them ride the lame like bus and like stuff!   Do they also text the word "like" I wonder?   Their main worries were if there $200 sneakers were clean, that there cell phone batteries were about to die, and beating mom and dad back to the house.   I can't do anything for either group--just thought it was interesting.   I can say that personally wearing a lot of shoes, makes ones feet stink.   It also helps you appreciate others way more!    Being a dishwasher at a restaurant for awhile, makes you much nicer to the regular dishwasher when you return to your job.   I have been homeless and a teen before although I am sure I was never like that like conceited.   My parents would have like slapped the crap outta me.   

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2/20/2011 Or Still Havn't Found that Job that Pays me to Blog all Day

     I went on a nice long clearing hike today.  Ok, I am not sure how mind clearing it really was, I am reaching overload very quickly and a possible all systems melt down.  But the hike did ensure that I still do have a mind.   It also allowed my sore mussels to stop screaming quite so much from the first jogs I have taken in way to long.   I will have some pictures up from my roaming very soon.    And want to incorporate many of them into a second blog about how great Whatcom county is.   Full of great hikes, information, pictures, and of course my great insights.   Mainly based on all of the great cheap or free things their are to do in this area.   With my own trail ranking system.    I also want to incorporate new ideas weekly, and acquire local advertising by offering reasonable fee's from being a virgin sight.   If you would find this interesting or would like to hear about adding your business into advertising, please comment below or contact Steven at    Thank you.
      Since I am full time job hunting among other "great fun" the above is on a stand still at the moment.   Some thoughts from today, following for your enjoyment?  First off this kool sight I found.  Actually another Steve Adams sent me.!/group.php?gid=132699353415486

I hope I can meet the one requirement to join the group.   Check it out, cause I'm pretty sure most of you can't!   It actually all started when I noticed that I had been hacked on my Yahoo mail.   I had somehow sent myself an e mail about the joys of Viagra.  Without being logged into Yahoo.   Sadly the same e mails also go to my parents from me.   I was complaing about being hacked on Facebook and another Steve commented on my plight.   Whom I quickly, jokingly blamed for the Yahoo crap.   Even as I am typing this, I realize you had to be their to enjoy this.....
     I had an interview at a grocery store yesterday.  Sadly because their are several of the local branch in this area, I had to travel past three of the stores, and into a different town for the interview.  I must say that the manager interviewing me looked very young to me.   Wich threw me off at first, and than just made me feel very olllld.   At my last job, most nights I was the oldest worker, including the managers.   One exception is our dish washer, who I called Gramps.   He is said to be old enough that he had a pet dinosaur.  And is often angered by his 1812 model computer.   Which I kept telling him really wasn't a computer, but a cardboard box with a light bulb screwed in the top.   Funny but not amusing to him some how.  
    So the other day, I had some free time online and was browsing other blogs on this sight.   I found one gals rather amusing, and later wrote her to tell her -good job  mostly.   More because no one ever seems to leave comments --good or bad on my blogs.  And although the writing is very therapeutic for me, I would love to know what some of my readers think about my mostly random and odd thoughts.   Anyways, at the time I thought it very strange to e mail her out of the blue like that.   And mentioned that to her.   She replied, that it wasn't strange but maybe just a little bit refreshing.   What was strange, were the middle aged me, that look her up to post what corrupt things they would like to do with and or to her.   Every ones strangeness levels are as varied as their looks are.  And apparently moral compasses are broken in a lot of people. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


    First off I would like to state that yelling "Wha!?" any place you go and or work can be hours of fun.  At one Wally World I worked at, one, as in not me, could yell "what" down the hallways and hear it echo from worker to worker.  That was one of the calmer things we did at the great box store.   At my last restaurant job, I got in trouble for yelling wha.   Apparently scaring some older lady.  It was fine to yell "sheep are safe" through the store, possibly because they are, but not the former!   Next I need to add, to do it right-you have to drop the T and yell the Wha loud and randomly.   But not all the time, people with names like Dough Boy, who yell the word out every 2.5 seconds ruin it all!   You have to mix it with other random thoughts and phrases.  I liked to switch mine about once a week.   Some day I will tell more of the many tails from that restaurant.... "Wha!" and from Wally World.
    Two daze ago I went on my second jog of the week.  But before number one, it had been a looooong time.  I will have to admit that the jogging came easier.  There was way more jogging than walking/resting involved.  Although my legs and feet hate me even more now.  Because of that I took yesterday and today off from jogging.   To keep in the groove, I went on some nice exploring walks.   I will share more on this very soon, with pictures even!  I would also like to acknowledge that on the same day I started jogging again, I also smoked a cigar and drank beer.   Baby steps.  I am working on a total do over on myself.  But am so far gone in some aspects, it will take many many baby steps to better myself.  *New place, New me. *   I take most blame on my great backtrack in health and such.  But argued with my brother several times about how ones surrounding, people mostly can greatly affect you.   Either bringing you down or helping boost you up.   His opinion is wrong, so we will ignore it.  I now live in a very positive place in MANY aspects of the word.  And am surrounded by great sights and great people.   This is in turn making me feel better to great about myself.  
      I also officially started my job hunt once again a few days back.  I will easily admit that any job hunt is worse to me, than any job I have ever held.  I had a really bad job interview today, but find reassurance in the fact that that frees me up to several interviews in the next few days.  That was my one bad one!   Don't laugh at me.   The job was for a really snazzy local, awesome Italian restaurant dishwasher.   And after looking at my resume, the manager kept saying that I really didn't want to be a dishwasher, did I?   I kept trying to assure her that it was a great foot in the door, and any job was better than no job--in better put language.  She did fax the resume to her manager.  So maybe it wasn't all bad.   I was mostly happy that the job would be so close to were I live and that it was advertised on Craigs List, and real!   I have been fooled on that one before.   Who has the time to post fake job offers?   *Note to self--take down those fake job offer ads....*
    In closing I would like to say I am once again in the dog house, deep at home.  I am not toatly sure why this time.  But must say that it is better than being in our cat litter box.  For whatever reason, even the cats will not poo in it right now.   I would also like to say, that I will do whatever it takes to fix it this time, and every time.   I feel in love with the biggest hearted gal around years ago. I can show you a three page list of just a few of the great things she does, all the time.    I feel out of love and was ready to move on.   And than at some point I feel back in love.   Fell even deeper.   During the pause we learned some bad things about each other.  Things that can never be truly fixed.  But one can not completely smoother true love.  No matter how much you wish it could.  I feel in love with the person and there kids, not there actions or afflictions.  And I can't just turn it off.  The past is past, and the future is scary but it's like that for anyone if they linger on changes to much.  The present is what needs worked on by everyone, but mainly myself. 
    I will in no way push any relationship anymore.   But must say that their will be no perfect time for either of us --at the same time, to take it back to the next level.  I am truly sorry.  Not for the past, because it can't be changed, and everyone has a past,probably leaning more toward the bad.  But for what I will do in the future.  I will never purposely try to hurt you.  But I am a man and mere mortal.  I am sorry for whatever I have done to your family, to make them resent me so much.  I will never try to do things to hurt you, your kids, or your family.   And once working again, will continue to support everyone to the best of my ability.
   That said --words hurt.   The world tries to take everyone down, and it is not my fault.   Comparing me to your ex -stings as much as when your mother compares you to him.   I am daily trying my damndest and mostly coming out losing.   True love is give and take.  I have no problem bowing down and slowing things way down.  But if you decide their is truly nothing left --I need to be the second to know.  
    I came here to be a family.   I have supported your family even while four states away.   Now that I am in the same state, all I want to do is be a part of your family.  Not take it over.  Or change  things.   I obviously havn't been showing it latly, but love the crap out of ALL of you.   And have provided what I can since getting here, even without working.  Not being in the family picture should have been my first sign I guess.   You don't need extra pressure at all.  And I am not trying to give it in any way.  
                                                       Love you  forever and a day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

**Mini Rant Number 7**


     I was pre-occupied with packing and than un-packing over the weeksend, so missed my Friday mini rant.   So with nothing more to say about that---here it is.  

    Bellingham has some of the nicest trails in the country.   Well maintained.  Expertly groomed.   And awesome views.   I believe my second favorite hike are was Eugene/Springfield, OR.   But you had to travel to find an ocean hike.   Well worth the trip.   
    I fully understand one needs to share all the trails.   And know that you have to share the trails less, if you hike during the middle of the week or on those trails that go straight up for miles.   One thing I hated in Oregon was very few people you meet on the trail would greet or even acknowledge your passing.  Most hikers here give a slight head nod or bobble at least.   Sharing the trails are what you put up with for living in a bigger town. 
    What I can't stand are the bikers or even joggers, that constantly yell  "Left" as they come behind you.  Unless their is a huge mud puddle, I stay as far to the right as possible all the time.  I don't care if you are passing me.   I don't need to hear each biker announce themselves.   Just keep riding.   More annoying is all the people on the trails that let their dogs roam leash less.   I do not take the trails to get my crotch sniffed.  I would ride the bus more if I enjoyed that.   You know how friendly your mutt is, but I have no clue.   And him running up to me, does not make me instantly want to pet him.  I have not had my rabbies shot this year.   If I wanted to be greeted by a ton of random dogs, as apposed to many dogs I knew, I would roll around on the ground at the local pet park with hot dogs in my pockets!   All of the signs say to keep your dogs on a leash.  Some signs even have pictures for the literally challenged.  
    Most annoying is the dog owners that don't pack out their dogs poo.   I see little bundles of joy all over the trails.  Many wrapped in the bags left at the trail heads.  Wrapped up and tied and than left all over the side of the trails.  The worse are I have seen for this was the trails around Sunset and Barkley Village for some reason.   Lil bags were left everywhere.   I was on a nature walk with a 6 year old and he was ready to take the kool looking bags home with him.   I have this urge to fling the full baggies at anyone I catch ditching thiers. 
                     Their you go.   Short but to the point.   And thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Rambling 2/15/11


     I am now going to make a very rare statement----so read closely----It is almost to quiet in this house!   After a crazy three days of moving, most of our boxes are unpacked.  I am also happy to say that most of our problems have been left at the old house.  Although I am the male, so maybe that is total bull!   Any way you put things -I am the only person in this house until Sunday afternoon.  My girlfriend, her brother, and her three kids, along with three dogs took off early this after noon in her moms new to her van, for the other side of the state.  A mere six hours away.   At one point I was going along on the trip.   But found it safer to stay put and "protect" the new house, and job hunt.   Beyond the tight quarters and such, a new addition to the long trip is my gf helping a great friend of hers out after her surgery.  I am not going to share whom the friend is or what she is having done, but can say that I would not wish the procedure even on my worse friends.   She has kids of her own and my gf is helping her and her kids make it through ruff times.  I can safely say that her and I can be socialble, but left long enough in the same room we might both have b*tch slap marks embedded in our faces.  All of this added to hating the town it is all taking place in, left me feeling the better choice was to opt for being alone and or single.

If you see the above sign---Make a U Turn Now!
Although they have a great slogan......
I got nothing to complete that sentence.
    Although I have been able to help with bills and good times at our house without working so far, my mini vacation needs to come to an end.  I am around the house to much for every ones good and do not sit well.   So my job hunt this time around, officially starts tomorrow.   Wahoo!   Today after the house cleaned out for awhile I had some me time.  I realize many of you, might say my whole time in Wyoming was me  time.  But I had to share that time with sheep.  Because sheep are safe!   Wait!,  shhh!   Although I lived alone, I pretty much lived at work.  Also my parents lived in the same time.  Along with many other relatives, so I spent much time with them.   And seemed to have very little free time the year I lived in the frigid state.  
    I went on a nice jont to the bay.   And roamed around.  Pictures will be up very soon.   keep your shirts on.  Unless you are female, and very attractive...    I tried to hang around long enough to watch the sun set over the bay, but it was way to cloudy for that.  But found a break in the rabid wind long enough to smoke one of my favorite cigars along the beautiful water.  

   I pause to talk about cigars in my past now.   I must first say that I have truly not smoked a cigar for over a year now.   Until today.   I am sure no one cares, am just sayin'
    Soon after the wind picked up more, somehow.  And than got colder.   So I found a nice hid away coffee joint --very abundant in WA and warmed up.   At the same time I learned that Irish creamer ruins a good cup of Jo!   I than found some good beer and wandered home.   After a calming/pain taking away actual bath, I was ready to slack in front of the boob tube.   My legs and feet are still hating me from my nice job yesterday.  It was short, but it has been many months since my last jog.   After sharing with my 2 and a half readers of this blog, I am listing things I need to get accomplished in the next few daze.   How much of this actually gets accomplished is still open for debate.  
    Next I hope to list some of my favorite stolon and quoted quotes of the last few months.   "Write that down."

Cigars-- Seattle trip, spegit coming up nose freaking hurts. Leave in half way dental floss for nose. I can see the commercials now, remove unwanted boogers. Brings us to frozen boogers. Ever had? Freaking hurts even more than the upchucked spegit bits. Course have to live were it is really cold to experience. As in not here. When it drops below 80 people start to panic. 50 and they are digging in their closests for coats. Wyoming, it gets that warm and we break out our shorts. Cord to engine block on car-----

     Back to the Seattle trip.   One night my buddy and  I went to Seattle.  We were used to buying cheap ass cigars and smoking them down.  On this trip we found a great cigar store, and decided to go alllll out and buy snazzy and or expensive cigars!   And we both left with the same large, good smelling cigar.   A short time later we ended up down on the water front and lit them up.  After a quick walk about the coast line, we headed for downtown Seattle by the ball parks.  It wasn't long before we found a very kool bar and were standing in front of it.  Tokin it up, and over all looking toatly kool!   I had little of my large cigar left and was feeling far from kool.   In fact at the moment I was leaning on the outside of the bar, feeling overly tipsy.  
    I figured I was the only one feeling that way, and hid my crappy feelings and stomach turning.  We entered the bar and sat right up front on some high bar stools.  The bar tender was onna the cutest gals I had seen in a long time.  I was not feeling like myself at all.  And my drink order came out in a gargled sentence of words that do not in any way, even to this day form an actual sentence.  It came out something like, I order fire frankin berry dog poo eat crotch dingle berries!  But I was excited about my order.  And thats all that matters.   The very attractive bartender brought me some kind of drink, and I attempted to drink it.    Even though I was sitting down, I was feeling very bad.   I was sweating like crazy, and pretty sure I was going to have  a heartattack.  Even though the bars fans were on full blast, I was sweating bullets.  
    The game let out and the bar started to get very full.  At this point I decided it might be best to see if I could actually get myself out of the bar.   Apprently my face was turning very green.   Great to add to my sweating bullets.   Both of us decided we were feeling very badly and wanted to see if we could get to our truck or should find a motel room for the night.   We made a dash for the exit and I started puking as I walked out.   Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I kept walking.  
    At the next corner a guy asked my buddy if he wanted to buy some pencils.   My buddy mostly told him to F himself and kept walking.   This did not go over well with the penicl pusher.   Next, my sick self came down the street.  As he held a pencil or two up for me to examine.  I pucked all over his shoes.   Now running down the street, with spegiti coming out of my nose and mouth, and an angry pencil seller cussing me out.  
    The secound round of puke, made me fell much better.  And ready for a much longer night.   We found a Mc d's open all night, and cleaned up inside.   I soon found out that my buddy felt overly sick too, he just didn't want to say anything to me.   I was also trying to keep it a secret, until he noticed my face turning a deep frog green.   We later learned that we had purchased all day cigars.  Meaning it should have takin' most of the day to smoke them.  Not the 45 minutes we inhaled them deep.    The lead sherrief on the Dukes of Hazard is always knawing on an all day cigar.  It was at least a few weeks before either of us tried another cigar, of any kind.   I told this story to my mom awhile back, and her disbelief and disgust wasn't in how fastly we chocked down the cigars.  But that I was dumb enough to smoke.  
    Backwoods cigars. Story on back is hrs of fun. Took me twenty minutes to not read out loud what it said. Years ago when men were men and trees with holes and sheep feared manly men they rolled their own cigars…. I spent weeks asking my gf to buy some of the smokes calling them Backdoor cigars hoping she would ask the cashier for a package of those. “I would like to purchase that purple pack of Backdoor cigars sir!” You heard me Backdoor, and no I am not making fun of your rainbow tattoo.
Acid cigars---are my new choice. Hard to find. Some cashiers just look at you like you should be in the shop next door, the one that also sells a huge selection of bongs. Or weed humidifiers, or whatever they are called this week. Smoked two of them before taking a drug test awhile back. Test took way to long to come back. And I was sure that the acid really was something bad. But you can’t ask the new bosses about it. “I was starting to get paranoid, errr worried about my drug test, I did study all night for it!”
   Curly hair in cigar-friend smoked anyway.     One day the same buddy as above and I were enjoying the WA coast.   We had a super cheap back of cigars with us.  Whatever brand we had that day, did not want to light.  After many failed attempts to light, my buddy started to un-wrap his cigar.  Long, curly story short---even though he found a very long very curly hair in the cigar.   He continued to try to light the thing.   Thats all I can say about that story.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day Everybody

    **"Darn it's almost Valentines and I forgot to find me a girlfriend again!"--Fry, Futureramma
   **" Love is giving someone the power to break ur heart... but trusting them that they wont.♥ "
  **""Nah, we don't celebrate it. Don't know who St. Valentine was, don't give a sh*t, and doubt he wants people screwing in his memory."---Sh*t My Dad Says websight
  So if you have read any of my seldom helpful posts, pre Valentines day, you might wander what I did to celebrate.   We actually had a calm day around the house.  I sent our song to her via e-mail.  An enduring heart felt 50 Cents-B*tch get in my car.  Than after downing some coffee, went on a jog.  The jog we will get back too.   We hung around the house un-packing more.   I slacked some more by posting some anti V-times posts online.   I than stayed out of an argument with someone that I have little to no respect for by hiding out in the bedroom.  Soon I braved the big, light flickering wind storm and roamed out on a mission to find kitty litter. 

Wyoming Love card?
    The sweetest gal I know got a single purple flower, her favorite color for some reason.   At least her favorite color isn't gold.  A heart shaped cheesecake.  And hrs of my best in bed.   OK, two out of three isn't bad!  
    Best thing, besides my girl friend I have seen today
PRINCETON, NJ—Contraceptive manufacturer Trojan unveiled its new line of “No One’s Pleasure” condoms Wednesday, the first prophylactic specifically designed to intensify sexual dissatisfaction among bitter and resentful couples.

Me striken' a pose behind the tree??

  Back to today's jog.   I have to say the trails are amazing around here.  Mainly thier is a big difference between walking and jogging.  I am very out of shape is the cliff notes to all of this.  And my feet now hate me.  

It's VD not an STD Your Shopping for.

    **"I told a coworker I saw her at the grocery store today. She said she was shopping for VD. I was really confused. I thought she meant she had a sexually transmitted disease! I was speechless! She had to 'splain it to me. I haven't given much thought to Valentine's Day, I guess. My coworker thinks I'm an airhead, but I'm really just romantically challenged. Right?"**--Rebeca Miller

                 **"There is a fine line between romantic and pathetic."**----Grant Miller

 **Should I title my next blog--"I wish I could ask the sexiest person alive to be my valentine. But it would be pretty weird asking myself OR my gf didn't want to kiss me so bad she grew a wart on top of her new cold sore?**---Me

             **"Sometimes it's very hazy if it's everyone else or me that's crazy"**---Criminal minds

   **"I just don't wanna celebrate a bullshit holiday. I'm plenty romantic. I own a home and have never shit my pants. Two things you can't say."**---Sh*t My Dad Says web sight

    I have posted several blogs now about Valentines day.  Some of the words in each of them, you might find useful.  Since it will be the dreaded day by the time you read this, if you do not have a super grand present by now, nothing I can type will help you.  I can say I hate the "holiday" enough that I have dumped girl friends in  my past, just to avoid having to buy them flowers, or a present equally as useless.  For those men out their that insist that their girlfriends really do not want anything from them at all--I offer this moment of silence!  
     Again I  have been greatly slacking in posting on here.  Mostly because we just did a very quick move.   I have done every kind of move possible.  From renting a U Haul to packing out garbage bags in the middle of the night.  But I am very proud of this move.  We packed down and moved a three bedroom apartment in three daze.   This new pad is a major upgrade in many ways.   Including how close it is to tons of great hikes and trails.  I might even be motivated to start jogging again.  We are about a mile from the bay.  And on lazy days, the bus stop is at the end of the driveway.   A big city park is also very close. 
    Today we went out exploring.   And basically took a great circle tour of Fairhaven.  Every time I walk the town I try to find resemblances to the Fairhaven in the movie Popeye.   Every time I watch that flick, I hear more great lines from Popeye.  His accent is so strong  that many many things are missed when he talks.  Much similar to Kenny on South Park.   Anyways, all and all it was a great day.   Full of coffee, great views, donuts, and staring at the amazing bay.   Best of all, we did not get a drop of rain on us, and even saw some sun!   Fairhaven really is a peaceful little village.   Unfortunately because of the move, I did not have my camera with me during the lil voyage.  But everything is so close at hand I am sure I will have great pictures very soon.  I have to say the worse part of the day was coming out on a great trail right across from our apartment.  And than realizing the nearest cross walk was about four blocks up.   But if that is the worse thing we could complain about, I think I have it pretty darn well off. 
   I also learned today that putting Wyoming Jack in my blog title really erks my big brother.  Possibly why I will now be adding this handle to many more of my Face Book posts for awhile now.  Were he will see them all.  The short version for those of you easily bored--is that because I have/do make fun of Wyoming so much  I should not use it to promote myself and or blog.  Simply in my mind at least, I was given this "code name" by others.   And it is way more suitable for a blog name than most of my code names.    Including Bobble Head, Prick, Steamin Seamin  etc etc. 
    I also learned that doughnuts are evil.  Even if they are "fat free"  Bad Dunkin Donuts!   "Either donuts make you crazy or donut lovers are crazy" This quote was from my sister  who owned a donut shop for many years.   A great donut shop at that.   I can say that because I am a pro donut eater, and apparently crazy.  So as you can read, my relatives are full of great insights this week. 
    In closing I hope that all you males out their put down your extra fat filled donuts long enough to find that perfect gift for your perfect woman.   And that you non males, get a little something for your men.   Or give them what they really want, and forget to wear clothes when you come to bed.   I hope that I can add Wyoming Jack into all of my wall posts for the next two weeks.  And that my brother reads this posting.   And lastly I hope that I can write you tomorrow saying two things.   That I am not suddenly very single.  And that I actually went for a morning jog!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Appologies And Job Hunting Again


 **Ever looked around a room and realized you were the only one laughing?  It happens to me every day!** ---Steven
                               ****New favorite word this week!****------douchebaggery

  First off I am going to do some thing very rare for me and apologize to a few people.  I have a tendency to fly off the handle on people and than be fine.  The confertation somehow is amazingly calming although rarely helpful.   Those that do not know me well do not know this.  This has nothing to do with my blog entries.  But people that know me also should know that what I say is seldom high on facts.  I try to make these posts as entertaining as possible, and most of my best thoughts come to me while I am on the toilet.  I believe that's another reason I liked my last co-workers so much.  I could say pretty much anything to them, theyd glare and or punch me, tell me to F off, and than we all would continue not working.  It was a slow restaurant in the winter time.  That said I would like to offer an apology to two great people.  I hope it helps in some small way.
    First off to onna my best friends.   She has been their through it all for me for the last five years.  And is one of a very few friends left that I would have no trouble loaning money too.  To save me getting un-needly sappy, I owe her the world.   When it comes to matters of the heart, I have little experience and take things way to seriously.   Instead of backing off and letting things happen.  Probably why I am usually more than single.   My last post was harsh on many levels, and for all it helps, I'm sorry.   I was disgruntled about crap, in the grand scheme of things.   Not just with her, but everyone it seems at the same time.   I hope that some day, not to distantly, we both realize thier will never be a perfect time to move back to the next level.  And that we decide that on the same week.   Until than *kiss.
    And second to Player.   As I above said, I was overly disgruntled and it affected my character description of him greatly.  In a very down time of mine, he was noting but helpful to me and an awesome friend while most left me down on the ground, after they repeatedly kicked me.   He is one of those people you can not be mad at.   And I hope the same can be said by him to me some day soon.   If so, the offer still stands Player----spend a few daze in B-Ham, get away from it all, and get free booze from me.    I offer this public apology to you both.  You both deserve a better friend.

   Anyways since my move I have kind of been on retirement of sorts.  I saved up a few bucks at my last job so that I could chill a little, still help with finaces, and be a little bit picky about my next job.   I loved my last job, something I have not been able to say for a long time, and have doubts I will be able to say that about the next job.   Hopefully I can. 
    Part of the problem with lack of motivation is that I am currently living in the middle of no were and by the time I spend two hours on the bus to get to town, I really do not feel like job hunting.  As of this weekend, I will be living in town and my job hunt officially starts again.   I have looked for many a job.  And will have to say that job hunting is way worse than any job I have ever had.  And I can claim eight years with Wally World!   

Someone just told me I had a lot of jobs----- So I tried to put them all down. Think I might have missed some.
List starts about 1997 When I was a senior in High school or right abouts than.
Maybe next I will try to list allllll my moves--- good god lol

* Lawn Jobs --Big Horn, Wyoming 3 years
* B Horn School Maintenance half a summer * Got Fired*
* Perkins- host, server, bus boy-- 3 years Sheridan, Wyoming * Got awsome raise/walked*
* Jb's -Server 6 months or so Sheridan, Wyoming * Moved to Oregon*
* Pizza Hut -Server 6 months -- Eugene, Oregon * Quit on good terms*
* Lawn Ranger--Self employed lawn jobs Eugene, Oregon *Equipment got stolen*
* Denny's -Host 9 months Gleenwood, Oregon *Quit on good terms*
* Small new restaurant -- Server- 4 days! Springfiled, Oregon *forgot to show up 5th day*
* Wall Mart-- Cashier, sales floor, dept manager 8 long years-- Eugene, OR- Springfield, OR- Bellingham, WA-- Flagstaff, AZ-- Queen Creek, AZ *Quit before got fired*
* Flying J-- Server 7 months Kingman, AZ
* Carls Jr Cashier 3 days!! Kingman, AZ
* Home Depot Stock shelves 4 months Kingman, AZ
*Iron Skillet--- Server 2 months Kingman, AZ
* E Bay-Craigs list sales Kingman, AZ
* Everbodys supermarket Gopher 3 months Aberdean, WA *Fired for cashing a pay check!*
* IHOP dish/host 4 months Bellingham, WA
* Childcare/sales Blaine, WA
* Lawn Care---self employed Bellingham, WA
* Trident--- Fish gutting Seasonal Bellingham, WA
* Jb's Server Sheridan, Wyoming to present
   I will try and add some great pointers soon on what not to do during an interview.   As well as other great helpful hints.   It is once again Friday, so I will overly try and post my mini rant this afternoon.  We are nearing 24 hrs till move time, so not positive if this will actually happen.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Assume It's all Good --Makes An Ass Out of You and You This Valintines Day

Before and after pictures

     I have been greatly slacking on posting.  Not because I have nothing to say-that may never happen.   Under very rare occasions, people have made me speechless by their great verbal come backs.  But luckily that is very rare.   I have been slacking because once again I am moving.   Or at best helping relocate.   I had full intentions to overly grumble throughout the rest of this about females and never understanding what they want.  With Valentines day coming up, it's the perfect time to complain about ones mate or lack of air to blow one up right?  I will say that mere months ago, I was very confident in the direction of my life.  Now I can help others pay for family pictures, but certainly do not need to be in them.  I can help in every aspect, but have to wonder were I rank daily.  Hopefully this does not include me greatly helping pack down a three bedroom rental, mostly for the personal experience.   OK above I said this is what I was going to complain about.
    Three things are stopping me from a complete all out b*tch fest.  The people that read these pages, I haven't had coffee yet--and b*tch best after coffee, and that I have talked to several male friends lately--that have no clue what is going on in their relationship either.  5 out of 3 of them are not even sure they still live with the same wife they married.   The other 4 might or might not be single, it greatly depends on what day of the week it is and which way the wind is blowing.  One of my friends, we will call him Player-because I already do.  He is one of those guys that gets slobbering drunk and would take home a pencil sharpener if it would let him, and or, he could un screw it from the wall.  Some how he has moved to Walla Walla, WA.  This has nothing to do with anything, it is just fun to say Walla Walla!   Try it, say it really really fast.   Some how he has been in a relationship *with a gal, not a pencil sharpener*,  for a year now.  Again, some how the skies aligned just right one night, and they are having a baby.   This is were I would usually congratulate them both.  But I do not know her, and he does not read my blogs.  So, I might lead more toward their child is doomed, with a capitol D for duuuh!   Anyways, with them focusing on a baby, getting the house and themselves baby proofed, buying a house full of unisex jumpers you would think his role in the new family would be set.   Heck no!   From the sounds of it, he has no more idea about even things like if she loves him most days, than a Wally World worker knows what good customer service is.   Did I mention he also works at Wally World?
    With Valentines day right around the corner, I do not find all of this comforting at all.  Except in the fact that --whatever sexual, great dinner cookin', and or physical attractions and spoon bending powers the female has-they will still remain the weaker sex.   WAIT<--that wasn't my conclusion at all.  Females will some how tell us the perfect gift they long for.   And they will get it across to us before all the big sales are over at the mall.   I have heard recent "horror" stories of bad gifts on TV lately.  Things like Valentines vacuums and toilet covers.  So I must now say to all you woman out their in cyber land do not be subtle with your hints.   If you do not want your gift to turn you into a lesbian *pauses cause maybe that's what we want... * you have to drop direct ideas.  Not hints hidden in points or long sentences.  Better yet point right at the item at the jewelry store.  Or save the middle man, drop a check and place the new diamond plated teeth right in his pants pocket.   *Please be sure to drop the check first, or you will be spending a lonely Valentines "holiday" with your husband and or lover in jail.  We always check our pants pockets before going to bed, and will surly find the time to wrap the item, even after all of that shopping. 
    I can also say that if you are male *I pause while you check this*and in a relationship--that you would like to stay in.  Buy something great now and later.  Never assume that since you are suddenly sleeping outside.  **In the dog house again, but have no idea why?  You are outside because even the dog now outranks you and his house is inside.  Never assume that  it can not get any worse than residing in the dog house.  It always can.  Buy her an awesome gift.  Tell her and show her you love her.  Repeat directions 1-3 as needed.  And than enjoy sleeping on the couch big boy! 
    Didn't find this article helpful?  Too busy laughing to go shopping?   Looking for a big enough stick to beat me with?   Please add to the comment section!   I posted a past blog about Valentines day.  And will soon, as in before the "holiday" will add several more helpful blogs on the subject. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

2/4/11 Some Notes on Today

       **"What happens if you are scared half to death    Twice???"**---Fire Dept. Sign

    I have noticed that whatever I do, no matter how basic it may seem  becomes a voyage.  Most of the time I am not really ready for the ride.  I think I am going to wash clothes at the local laundry mat and end up putting the quarters in the wrong dryer, only to find super wet clothes an hour later.  I try to eat cereal and find no milk in the house, also to learn that beer and other house hold liquids are just not the same.  I move cross country to get married, and find that I am wrong, mostly because I am the male, last time I checked.  Last time I checked the male is always wrong too.  No matter what, just find a good way to apologize now for whatever you are thinking.  I try to get out of the house and chill in town, while the kids are at school, and find adventure on the bus.
    I have always found that for lack of better verbage, freaks overly enjoy talking to me.  I seem to be like a neon light and attract those that others do not want to socialize with.  Being from work, *it's even stated in my letter of recommendation, much more politletly---or on the bus.  Any type of bus from city to the dreaded Gray Hound.  People are drawn to share and talk to me.   I do not ask for this attention, or usually give back respect for that manner.  So I beleive it is like the highly allergic cat hater, that quickly finds himself under 32 cats and twice as many hairballs while merly attempting to visit his sickly grandma.  AKA the cat lady for some reason.  At many a work place, many find the need to share with me, way more than should be shared even to their shrink.  I find myself in a self made delima, wondering if I should attempt to help, or sink them further into despair with my wisdom, deep thoughts, and or, sarcasm.   I have been told *many a time    that putting down others is a form of self defence.   A very low form-at that and should make me feel even lower than low.   I still can not be convinced of that fact. 
     I know others on the bus have worse hardships.  In fact I used to ride the city bus, mainly to feel better about my own bum luck sob story.  Reverse 3B's story and he gets his dog back, his girl, gets away from the morbid clown/mime, and rebuilds his porch swing.  All in the same week!  Not un-like that country song you played in reverse.  I stopped ridding the bus before, when my story became worse than most of the people talking to me.   It just wasn't as much of a self esteem boost.  I can say that others come away from the bus with bad stories.  But no one I know as much as myself.  
     I would like to use this paragraph to explain someone Else's bad story that I still, years later find amusing.   If you do not find it amusing, read it again when you are drunk, I don't know how to help you.  Maybe you just had to be their.   My now fiance and I were riding the bus home after a bad day of job hunting.   We were not officially dating at that point in time, mind you.  At least in her eyes.  She had just learned, in job finding classes, the importance of networking.  Were the more you get your name, job preferences, skills, etc out their-the supposedly faster you will find yourself working.  Few of us were still on the bus, and she decided to try her new skillz out.  One decent sounding man took the bait.  He might have even taking the same classes, because he had a great sounding story about having work for her etc etc.   They talked for the next twenty miles or so.  Suddenly his job offers went south fast and it was very obvious he wanted things from her that might make a porn star blush.   She had already made it very well known that she was single, so I did not volunteer to "save the day" by being her man.  And became a fly on the wall, listening to every word.   For added fun, I got off the bus a stop after she did, to not look like we were going to the same house.   This story has nothing to do with anything, I just like to share.
   Today I would like to share a little of the "joy" of my long bus ride home today.  I have written before about how long it takes to get home from Bellingham.   Although on the highway it is a 30 minute drive it takes about an hour and a half on the bus to accommodate everyone.   Today somewhat near home we hit a major detour.  At the Birch Bay Market, after drop offs the bus usually crosses the rail road tracks.   Today the cross arms were messed up and one would not go all the way back up.  This made the flashing warning lights stay on.   Although cars were crossing the tracks like it was going out of style, it is HIGHLY illegal for a city buss to cross tracks with any warnings flashing.  This was verified as the driver tried to finger out what to do next.  Apparently only a state patrol officer can officially OK a driver to cross under these conditions.   *Honest, look it up.   We were soon told to backtrack to Bellingham to another crossing and than eventually end up  across the first tracks, without missing any stops.   
    I have to admit the driver tried and succeeded in making every ones now longer day better.  He and the front passengers were  full of actual witty banter about the miss fortune.   Hoping that the small detour would not end us all up in Seattle some how!   The best part was when a regular rider to Birch Bay, whom had been asleep in the back of the bus woke up.   He slowly made his way to the driver as we were detouring, asking where we were going.   
    Some were on the detour the passenger behind me caught my eye and started telling me his sob story.  He was talking to the gal beside him, but she started pretending to be busily on her cell phone until she could make her getaway at her bus stop.   Like the gal, I had never met this person before.  Unlike her, I had previously learned the ill effects of pretending to be on a cell phone call.   I have tried to avoid others while busily talking away on the phone, only to have it start ringing an incoming call in my ear!  He told novels about a girl friend that was slowly turning to crack over him.  Her new love for her crack dealer over him.  And how he was trying to be their for her, but ultimately he had to let her fall.   *I am not making this sh*t up.   I tried to stare at the floor, the celling, and my penis.  But he kept talking.   At most of the right times, I said "uh huh" or something equally as helpful.  It really didn't matter, he kept talking and telling.   At some point he got off the bus, and I have to say I am now sad that I could not help him in some way.   I hope that by me just actually listening helped   just a lil.
    Near home the remainder riders saw a coyote by the rail road tracks.   Although it was kool to see, it also tensed me up.   Mostly because the animal was sooooo close to our home.  A mere mile at most from were the kids played each day.   Two stops down I finely got off the bus.   And entered a new realm of "fun."  Relatives abound that are not quite my relatives yet, but like mine do not always get along perfectly.   Would I change anything if I could?   I would have to say no.   With all the rain filled days this week, I got out, and even saw some sunshine today.   But most importantly I got out.   I have a ton to think about right now, in all aspects of life.   And bus time is thinking time.

*Mini Rant* #6 Can You Hear Me Now!?


                                             **Can you hear me now!??**---Vorizon

                 *Pssssst!  The answer is no-- 80% of the time for one reason or another. 

** Hidden roaming charges—cheese and crackers!- Sprint has f*cking people down to a science-like they practice in a lab with mice first!  **----Sh*t my dad says website

  **No one gives a sh*t about all the things your cell phone does  you didn’t event it   you just bought it, anybody can do that!  **--"Sh*t my dad says" website
  **Verizon--- has the  fewest dropped calls----- cause none of your calls go through. The company can't drop your calls if non are ever made. Thanks for playing!** --April Adams

 **Can resting your cell phone on your junk, give you cancer down there?**
                                           **The phones makin' funny noises again!"**---Coco Rockstar

    For those of you without calendars, it is once again Friday.  Between now not working, and having jobs for years that did not recognize giving weekends off, the main real benefit is that I can sleep in the next two days.  7:30 comes early on school daze.  If you are new here, like myself--I have started a section to grumble.  It appears on Fridays.  As always, I would love your comments on these or any other posting.  Also feel free to add your biggest pet peeve, this weeks anyway.  Heck add them all  I have lots of free time.  I have many topics to gripe about lined up, but I might skip one or two, to write about yours!   Think of the honor!
    I feel I have fully talked about my love/hate relationship with cell phones before.  Please read-- Cell Phones Great Toys or Cancer Sticks?-- for more insight.   I recycled the quotes from that post, so read on, the rest really is different.   Like my other love/hate relationships, through it all I join the masses and take my phone everywhere.  But for the most part, I answer mine.  Although I do sometimes fully love caller ID.
    Today I am angered with people that always have their cell phone -but are annoyed when anyone calls or texts them.  If you get tons of texts per day--there is probably a reason for that.  Like you reply to everyone.  Or you are a drug king pin.  The later probably will not gripe about constant phone calls.  Unless they are from his parole officer.  Some people have a geuniue reason to get a hold of you during the day and it might not mesh with your life at the moment.  Get over it and reply when you can.   People would not be joined at the hip with their cell phone if they did not want to stay connected.   Thats why Facebook and Twitter are making millions a minute.   *Facebook/Google are an upcoming mini rant.  Cliff notes:  I hate Google!~
     And people that call and than instantly forget they are on the phone with someone.  This does not include butt dialing.  With many cell phones, this is beyond your control.  I will listen to the sounds of you driving, or randomly farting for awhile, attempt to tell you your butt is dialing people again, and than turn off my phone.  I am talking about someone that calls from inside a dance club, tunnel or cave.   Some were they know you can not hear them.   Or they are nice enough to go outside the dance club, but talk to the random smokers more than the person they are calling.  You call someone and than forget their is a phone sticking to your ear and start talking or arguing to others in the same room as you.   Why did you call me?  I can easily start my own arguments. 
   Lastly I hate Bluetooth the most!   This is not the nickname for that one Smurf with only one tooth.  Which makes me pause to ask, if you are fortunate enough to choke a smurf, will it's face turn purple?   I can not see how people can stand to wear the ear piece all day.  Or be that connected to anyone.  The above said, I enjoy randomly turning my phone off for a whole day.   And am very bad about not calling anyone -ever.   I know I know the phone works both ways.   Plus one is never sure the Bluetooth user is on the phone.  I have turned around many times, ready to punch someone, and than found they were yelling excuse me to the other person on the phone.   *I'm a lover not a fighter---Many times have turned around ready to hug someone......   I meant.   The rest of the time, I fail to see the ear piece and just feel the people are talking to themselves.   *It is perfectly fine to talk to yourself, you only need to worry when you start answering your own questions!
    Further down the dislike list, is people that forget they are in line and or ordering food because they are so into their phone call.  This has moved way down in the list, because I have long ago given up on fast food or express lines.  And cell phone use is a small fraction of those problems.  **Another mini rant of the future.  
    I am in no way asking any of my friends to give up their phones or stop calling me.  Maybe more the other way, call me please.   Just think about those around you and on the other end of the phone just a lil.  If that's not possible--I am buying an air gun to blast in your ear.