Monday, February 14, 2011

It's VD not an STD Your Shopping for.

    **"I told a coworker I saw her at the grocery store today. She said she was shopping for VD. I was really confused. I thought she meant she had a sexually transmitted disease! I was speechless! She had to 'splain it to me. I haven't given much thought to Valentine's Day, I guess. My coworker thinks I'm an airhead, but I'm really just romantically challenged. Right?"**--Rebeca Miller

                 **"There is a fine line between romantic and pathetic."**----Grant Miller

 **Should I title my next blog--"I wish I could ask the sexiest person alive to be my valentine. But it would be pretty weird asking myself OR my gf didn't want to kiss me so bad she grew a wart on top of her new cold sore?**---Me

             **"Sometimes it's very hazy if it's everyone else or me that's crazy"**---Criminal minds

   **"I just don't wanna celebrate a bullshit holiday. I'm plenty romantic. I own a home and have never shit my pants. Two things you can't say."**---Sh*t My Dad Says web sight

    I have posted several blogs now about Valentines day.  Some of the words in each of them, you might find useful.  Since it will be the dreaded day by the time you read this, if you do not have a super grand present by now, nothing I can type will help you.  I can say I hate the "holiday" enough that I have dumped girl friends in  my past, just to avoid having to buy them flowers, or a present equally as useless.  For those men out their that insist that their girlfriends really do not want anything from them at all--I offer this moment of silence!  
     Again I  have been greatly slacking in posting on here.  Mostly because we just did a very quick move.   I have done every kind of move possible.  From renting a U Haul to packing out garbage bags in the middle of the night.  But I am very proud of this move.  We packed down and moved a three bedroom apartment in three daze.   This new pad is a major upgrade in many ways.   Including how close it is to tons of great hikes and trails.  I might even be motivated to start jogging again.  We are about a mile from the bay.  And on lazy days, the bus stop is at the end of the driveway.   A big city park is also very close. 
    Today we went out exploring.   And basically took a great circle tour of Fairhaven.  Every time I walk the town I try to find resemblances to the Fairhaven in the movie Popeye.   Every time I watch that flick, I hear more great lines from Popeye.  His accent is so strong  that many many things are missed when he talks.  Much similar to Kenny on South Park.   Anyways, all and all it was a great day.   Full of coffee, great views, donuts, and staring at the amazing bay.   Best of all, we did not get a drop of rain on us, and even saw some sun!   Fairhaven really is a peaceful little village.   Unfortunately because of the move, I did not have my camera with me during the lil voyage.  But everything is so close at hand I am sure I will have great pictures very soon.  I have to say the worse part of the day was coming out on a great trail right across from our apartment.  And than realizing the nearest cross walk was about four blocks up.   But if that is the worse thing we could complain about, I think I have it pretty darn well off. 
   I also learned today that putting Wyoming Jack in my blog title really erks my big brother.  Possibly why I will now be adding this handle to many more of my Face Book posts for awhile now.  Were he will see them all.  The short version for those of you easily bored--is that because I have/do make fun of Wyoming so much  I should not use it to promote myself and or blog.  Simply in my mind at least, I was given this "code name" by others.   And it is way more suitable for a blog name than most of my code names.    Including Bobble Head, Prick, Steamin Seamin  etc etc. 
    I also learned that doughnuts are evil.  Even if they are "fat free"  Bad Dunkin Donuts!   "Either donuts make you crazy or donut lovers are crazy" This quote was from my sister  who owned a donut shop for many years.   A great donut shop at that.   I can say that because I am a pro donut eater, and apparently crazy.  So as you can read, my relatives are full of great insights this week. 
    In closing I hope that all you males out their put down your extra fat filled donuts long enough to find that perfect gift for your perfect woman.   And that you non males, get a little something for your men.   Or give them what they really want, and forget to wear clothes when you come to bed.   I hope that I can add Wyoming Jack into all of my wall posts for the next two weeks.  And that my brother reads this posting.   And lastly I hope that I can write you tomorrow saying two things.   That I am not suddenly very single.  And that I actually went for a morning jog!

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