Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Jittery Thumbs Up!

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Your barista for today
    In looking back on my posts I am almost surprised how many deal with coffee.  I say almost surprised, because coffee IS my best friend.  Lately I think it's my only one.  I really am trying to broaden my thought waves to other topics.  But not today.   Because so many past posts have dealt with this same great topic, I am not including any quotes.  If you have read the others, you have already seen them, if not  ---Faaa on you!  Because I am sure I am not the only person around that enjoys a great cup of Joe, or quality environment to enjoy it in, please express your thoughts on all this in my comments section. 

    Before I really get rolling on this topic--I must share a short story.   This time it is even related to the subject even!  Earlier in the week we all relaxed around the house with some mixed drinks.   Short on cups many of the rum and cokes were in our coffee cups, mainly because they have lids.  The drinks were forgotten and we all found beds to stagger too.   The next morning everyone besides me went to town for the day.  I had been drinking my morning coffee out of a metal coffee mug and needed a warm up.  I soon spotted a microwavable cup in the sink.  I was certain that it was coffee left by someone that was now in town.  I added my cold coffee to the mix, nuked it, and than took a huge gulp.   It was a great wake up!   The dark substance was a mixed drink from last night- with some coffee to top off the "great taste."   Needless to say, I did not finish the drink. 
    I would like to share some thoughts on area coffee shops.  As always the opinions are my own, but I like myself, yo!  I am not adding input on drive up joints because I only have a bike.  Other than they usually have very attractive servers who hide well.  The boxes are so small, and you can never see a worker somehow.  The rating system is 1-10 ten being highest.

    I always love a coffee shop on the beach.  I can not think of the name of any I have visited, but they are always homey and awesome some how.  My favorite store is in Eugene, OR.   Their is a large Starbucks right on the Oregon Duck campus.  You can not beat the views of co eds inside and out of the store.  And if your coffee run lasts a bit to long, their is a sandwich shop inside also.  For added fun, wear Oregon Beaver wear on campus, and see how long before you get your as* kicked!  I just lived in Sheridan, Wyoming for the last year so have to add a little input for your coffee consumption their.  No choices are really in the town so the ONE Star Bucks is second on my list for the area.   First is a great little joint called Java Moon.  If you live in Sheridan and have not been their, you are truly missing out.  
   Blaine, Washington is were I call home right now.  This "town" also has few coffee shop selections.  * Rank: 7*  But I really like the caboose on the main drag in Blaine.  What could be kooler than coffee in a converted RR caboose?  Especially if a young train lover is with you.  Free refills--great owners and experience.  Back "deck" seating with great views of the Blaine Bay.  Unfortunately if you go during low tide-you are viewing a mud pit mostly during low tide. 
    On to Bellingham foo's.   Again B-Ham residents please share your views on the best coffee joints around.     In about 2008 I left WA state, when I returned Woods coffee had taken over the area.  They have some of the coolest buildings and my current favorite coffee hang out happens to be a Woods coffee.   Each offers free wi-fi for hours and best of all free reg. coffee refills.   My top coffee hang out right now is the Woods in Boulevard Park. *Rank: 15*  Once upon a time this building was just used for storage.  Now  is the koolest java joint around!  Comfy couches, "fireplace" wood inside look, large windows over the bay, upstairs, outside seating overlooking the magical bay, and jogging trail.  It also has a run up window were walkers or joggers can get their fix without going inside.  Tip: Nothing beats visiting near sunset.  Great coffee gets better with the view.  Guaranteed to beat anything on TV tonight.  I really enjoy the new Woods location downtown.                         
 *Rank:8*  Interesting building inside and out and awesome service.  I have to rank the RR Ave location as a 6 mostly because it took over onna the neatest 50's dinners around. I was majorly disappointed this town lost that to yet another coffee joint.   Two sets of doors make getting caffinated/getting out super easy.  Right across from the Sat. market.  And near campus and great bay hikes.  Bakerview Woods *Rank: 3* Clean well placed store.  Homey decor.  100 times better coffee than the neighboring IHOP.  Con- crappy parking lot to maneuver in, but has a drive thru!

  IHOP  either location *Rank: 2*  Leaves coffee pots on table.  Could be a good thing  if coffee was much much better.  Luckily they have great food and both locations have real coffee shops near by. 
    The Beagerlery *Rank: 8*  Place has been in town forever for a reason.  Large work crew of mostly college kids.  Food prepared while wait in line.  The food and coffee is well worth the little wait.  Hint--Order the breakfast omlette.  Huge wall of local entertainment posted. 

    Backdrop *Rank: 7*  Barista's really know what they are doing, order and stand back.  Also not afraid to tell you off if you are rude.  Free wi/fi.  Very laid back location.    Locked bathrooms are annoying.  Might be surrounded by Trekkies.  Ask about re-fill specials BEFORE ordering.  Great brews! 
    Shell gas stations *Rank: 6* Offers great brew for a gas station.
    Horseshoe Restaurant-   *Rank: 6*  Supposedly longest continually running restaurant in Washington state.  Tip--go in the day time.  Seedy at night.  Constant fights can counter as free dinner show.  Do not drink to much coffee  or hold it.  Bathrooms do not need "for customers only" signs.   Black tile and little lighting lets you not see ALL the blood stains and bad things around you.  If you ever turned a black light on in their you would go instantly blind.  And than want to poke your minds eye out with a spoon.  Everyone should go to the cafe at least once.  Great service though  just don't start crap.  Any waitress can finish it.  Quarter feed "porn box" -Internet from two computers.  Very rare to find both working. 

   North side Fred Myers *Rank: 5*  Easy location to get to.  One stop shopping with coffee.  Good scenery as others shop with a nice eating area.  Cheap snacks because your in a store.  But offers Seattles Best coffee.  Not the best in the world, even though they are supposedly owned by Star Bucks. 

   This brings us to Star Bucks.   They are located everywhere so get lots of attention.  Some locations are extra kool.  But the coffee is more hype than taste.  As anytown USA- multiple locations here.  Possibly to many.  They have finally adapted free wi/fi.  Many locations have locked bathrooms, and high costs on re fills  both tick me off. Friendly baristas, even if it is fake *Wal mart smile?   Seems to all shop at the same store-that sells overly wobbly tables.  RR Ave location                                         

First S Bucks in Seattle

*Rank: 8* Large location.  Huge all windows overlooking down town.  Great view of B ham life which is always way better than TV.  Some sidewalk seating and very central.  Con--very busy spurts all day long.   Cardatta *Rank: 5* Smaller store.  Some outside seating.  No real competition close.  Boring store with few seats.  Most seats with plug ins are jammed in the hallway leading to the bathroom.   Guide store in Boarders *Rank: 8*  Cozy location.  Enjoy books and the browsers while you sip.  No competition close.  Great reads and even better snacks.  Safeway -Lyndon  *Rank: 4* Compact.  enjoy watching grocery shoppers while off your feet or put drink in cup holders on every cart.  Don't want to sit in the store--reg sized S Bucks across the street.   Lakeway Fred Myers *Rank: 6* Puts other Freddies to shame with way better coffee.  Northwest store *Rank: 5* Nice sized store.  Drive through.  Sunset *Rank: 4*  Very small store.  Boring but is right by a huge thrift store, cheap cigars and a movie house.   By campus is also a great location because of all the co eds that come in.  Busy store. 
   Possialby my favorite S Bucks right now is in Barkley Village.  The actual shop not the one in the grocery store.  *Rank: 9*  Nice hike trails close by.  Largish store but has that homie feel.  "fireplace inside.  near shopping.  Watch for snobbish customers though.  Large outside seating area. 
   All of this talk is making me want to brew some coffee.   Cheers Y'all!


  1. Did woods really rank a 15 out of a 1-10 scale? Sweet!

  2. The one in Bolavard Park did--think I should place this blog on some Woods coffee sights for free coffee!? lol

  3. I was roaming around town today and ended up at the mall for whatever reason and relized I forgot about the Buzz Coffee stand in the mall. *Rank: 7* Were can you find a bigger more interesting seating area in town to enjoy your coffee?

  4. Part II coming soon! Any suggestions on local coffee joints to hit?