Sunday, February 20, 2011

2/20/2011 Or Still Havn't Found that Job that Pays me to Blog all Day

     I went on a nice long clearing hike today.  Ok, I am not sure how mind clearing it really was, I am reaching overload very quickly and a possible all systems melt down.  But the hike did ensure that I still do have a mind.   It also allowed my sore mussels to stop screaming quite so much from the first jogs I have taken in way to long.   I will have some pictures up from my roaming very soon.    And want to incorporate many of them into a second blog about how great Whatcom county is.   Full of great hikes, information, pictures, and of course my great insights.   Mainly based on all of the great cheap or free things their are to do in this area.   With my own trail ranking system.    I also want to incorporate new ideas weekly, and acquire local advertising by offering reasonable fee's from being a virgin sight.   If you would find this interesting or would like to hear about adding your business into advertising, please comment below or contact Steven at    Thank you.
      Since I am full time job hunting among other "great fun" the above is on a stand still at the moment.   Some thoughts from today, following for your enjoyment?  First off this kool sight I found.  Actually another Steve Adams sent me.!/group.php?gid=132699353415486

I hope I can meet the one requirement to join the group.   Check it out, cause I'm pretty sure most of you can't!   It actually all started when I noticed that I had been hacked on my Yahoo mail.   I had somehow sent myself an e mail about the joys of Viagra.  Without being logged into Yahoo.   Sadly the same e mails also go to my parents from me.   I was complaing about being hacked on Facebook and another Steve commented on my plight.   Whom I quickly, jokingly blamed for the Yahoo crap.   Even as I am typing this, I realize you had to be their to enjoy this.....
     I had an interview at a grocery store yesterday.  Sadly because their are several of the local branch in this area, I had to travel past three of the stores, and into a different town for the interview.  I must say that the manager interviewing me looked very young to me.   Wich threw me off at first, and than just made me feel very olllld.   At my last job, most nights I was the oldest worker, including the managers.   One exception is our dish washer, who I called Gramps.   He is said to be old enough that he had a pet dinosaur.  And is often angered by his 1812 model computer.   Which I kept telling him really wasn't a computer, but a cardboard box with a light bulb screwed in the top.   Funny but not amusing to him some how.  
    So the other day, I had some free time online and was browsing other blogs on this sight.   I found one gals rather amusing, and later wrote her to tell her -good job  mostly.   More because no one ever seems to leave comments --good or bad on my blogs.  And although the writing is very therapeutic for me, I would love to know what some of my readers think about my mostly random and odd thoughts.   Anyways, at the time I thought it very strange to e mail her out of the blue like that.   And mentioned that to her.   She replied, that it wasn't strange but maybe just a little bit refreshing.   What was strange, were the middle aged me, that look her up to post what corrupt things they would like to do with and or to her.   Every ones strangeness levels are as varied as their looks are.  And apparently moral compasses are broken in a lot of people. 

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