Friday, February 4, 2011

*Mini Rant* #6 Can You Hear Me Now!?


                                             **Can you hear me now!??**---Vorizon

                 *Pssssst!  The answer is no-- 80% of the time for one reason or another. 

** Hidden roaming charges—cheese and crackers!- Sprint has f*cking people down to a science-like they practice in a lab with mice first!  **----Sh*t my dad says website

  **No one gives a sh*t about all the things your cell phone does  you didn’t event it   you just bought it, anybody can do that!  **--"Sh*t my dad says" website
  **Verizon--- has the  fewest dropped calls----- cause none of your calls go through. The company can't drop your calls if non are ever made. Thanks for playing!** --April Adams

 **Can resting your cell phone on your junk, give you cancer down there?**
                                           **The phones makin' funny noises again!"**---Coco Rockstar

    For those of you without calendars, it is once again Friday.  Between now not working, and having jobs for years that did not recognize giving weekends off, the main real benefit is that I can sleep in the next two days.  7:30 comes early on school daze.  If you are new here, like myself--I have started a section to grumble.  It appears on Fridays.  As always, I would love your comments on these or any other posting.  Also feel free to add your biggest pet peeve, this weeks anyway.  Heck add them all  I have lots of free time.  I have many topics to gripe about lined up, but I might skip one or two, to write about yours!   Think of the honor!
    I feel I have fully talked about my love/hate relationship with cell phones before.  Please read-- Cell Phones Great Toys or Cancer Sticks?-- for more insight.   I recycled the quotes from that post, so read on, the rest really is different.   Like my other love/hate relationships, through it all I join the masses and take my phone everywhere.  But for the most part, I answer mine.  Although I do sometimes fully love caller ID.
    Today I am angered with people that always have their cell phone -but are annoyed when anyone calls or texts them.  If you get tons of texts per day--there is probably a reason for that.  Like you reply to everyone.  Or you are a drug king pin.  The later probably will not gripe about constant phone calls.  Unless they are from his parole officer.  Some people have a geuniue reason to get a hold of you during the day and it might not mesh with your life at the moment.  Get over it and reply when you can.   People would not be joined at the hip with their cell phone if they did not want to stay connected.   Thats why Facebook and Twitter are making millions a minute.   *Facebook/Google are an upcoming mini rant.  Cliff notes:  I hate Google!~
     And people that call and than instantly forget they are on the phone with someone.  This does not include butt dialing.  With many cell phones, this is beyond your control.  I will listen to the sounds of you driving, or randomly farting for awhile, attempt to tell you your butt is dialing people again, and than turn off my phone.  I am talking about someone that calls from inside a dance club, tunnel or cave.   Some were they know you can not hear them.   Or they are nice enough to go outside the dance club, but talk to the random smokers more than the person they are calling.  You call someone and than forget their is a phone sticking to your ear and start talking or arguing to others in the same room as you.   Why did you call me?  I can easily start my own arguments. 
   Lastly I hate Bluetooth the most!   This is not the nickname for that one Smurf with only one tooth.  Which makes me pause to ask, if you are fortunate enough to choke a smurf, will it's face turn purple?   I can not see how people can stand to wear the ear piece all day.  Or be that connected to anyone.  The above said, I enjoy randomly turning my phone off for a whole day.   And am very bad about not calling anyone -ever.   I know I know the phone works both ways.   Plus one is never sure the Bluetooth user is on the phone.  I have turned around many times, ready to punch someone, and than found they were yelling excuse me to the other person on the phone.   *I'm a lover not a fighter---Many times have turned around ready to hug someone......   I meant.   The rest of the time, I fail to see the ear piece and just feel the people are talking to themselves.   *It is perfectly fine to talk to yourself, you only need to worry when you start answering your own questions!
    Further down the dislike list, is people that forget they are in line and or ordering food because they are so into their phone call.  This has moved way down in the list, because I have long ago given up on fast food or express lines.  And cell phone use is a small fraction of those problems.  **Another mini rant of the future.  
    I am in no way asking any of my friends to give up their phones or stop calling me.  Maybe more the other way, call me please.   Just think about those around you and on the other end of the phone just a lil.  If that's not possible--I am buying an air gun to blast in your ear.  


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