Wednesday, February 16, 2011

**Mini Rant Number 7**


     I was pre-occupied with packing and than un-packing over the weeksend, so missed my Friday mini rant.   So with nothing more to say about that---here it is.  

    Bellingham has some of the nicest trails in the country.   Well maintained.  Expertly groomed.   And awesome views.   I believe my second favorite hike are was Eugene/Springfield, OR.   But you had to travel to find an ocean hike.   Well worth the trip.   
    I fully understand one needs to share all the trails.   And know that you have to share the trails less, if you hike during the middle of the week or on those trails that go straight up for miles.   One thing I hated in Oregon was very few people you meet on the trail would greet or even acknowledge your passing.  Most hikers here give a slight head nod or bobble at least.   Sharing the trails are what you put up with for living in a bigger town. 
    What I can't stand are the bikers or even joggers, that constantly yell  "Left" as they come behind you.  Unless their is a huge mud puddle, I stay as far to the right as possible all the time.  I don't care if you are passing me.   I don't need to hear each biker announce themselves.   Just keep riding.   More annoying is all the people on the trails that let their dogs roam leash less.   I do not take the trails to get my crotch sniffed.  I would ride the bus more if I enjoyed that.   You know how friendly your mutt is, but I have no clue.   And him running up to me, does not make me instantly want to pet him.  I have not had my rabbies shot this year.   If I wanted to be greeted by a ton of random dogs, as apposed to many dogs I knew, I would roll around on the ground at the local pet park with hot dogs in my pockets!   All of the signs say to keep your dogs on a leash.  Some signs even have pictures for the literally challenged.  
    Most annoying is the dog owners that don't pack out their dogs poo.   I see little bundles of joy all over the trails.  Many wrapped in the bags left at the trail heads.  Wrapped up and tied and than left all over the side of the trails.  The worse are I have seen for this was the trails around Sunset and Barkley Village for some reason.   Lil bags were left everywhere.   I was on a nature walk with a 6 year old and he was ready to take the kool looking bags home with him.   I have this urge to fling the full baggies at anyone I catch ditching thiers. 
                     Their you go.   Short but to the point.   And thanks for reading.

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