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Welcome to Fairhaven--Washington


Now a house 16th street

      **"It takes honey to catch flys but you gotta be extra fly to catch more honey's."**

  Have you ever had to many things started?   I at the moment have a ton of great ideas started, but need to focus like crazy to keep them going.  And minimize a little until things get going.  That said, as soon as I am working again  I am going to start a second blog.   About how great Whatcom county is!   And the many free-cheap things to do and explore.  The following will be a taste of what will be added.  Tomorrow I should have another hike one posted.   We have a ton of items up for bid on Ebay and such sights.   And will be starting an online store very soon.   **Please contact me  if you would like to view some awesome items at low low prices---always!

   Fairhaven so far is a great place to explore.   I am now surrounded by great trails and will be reporting about many of them very soon.   Please check out my hike 101 posting, for my own take on trail ratings.   I keep trying to compare the town to the Fairhaven in Popeye the movie.   Besides being a bay town, their are not many other comparisons.  I used to think that Fairhaven was a richer district full of a little bit snottyier class of residents.   Now I really like the town.  It's smallness and great shopping, coffee shops, trails, and bay access.  
   Downtown is small so you can cross it very quickly.  But I find it more fun to take in all the sights.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.   I have meet some great people just while sipping coffee.  A minute about coffee shops--because coffee is my best friend!!   Am/Pm is not really down town-but has awesome coffee!  They have a whole wall of different blend choices.  Almost to many to choose from early in the morning.  Plus most importantly, you get a punch card  were it only takes three drinks, to receive a free one!  The Haggins, closer to downtown, is great for people watching and such but the coffee really isn't that good.  Although the re fills are full and the seating area is nice.  The toy store downtown is one of the best I have seen.  Just down from the fish and chips bus *Awesome food* is a Gelleto store, highly recommended.   Two huge book stores occupy downtown.  The courtyard pictured below is behind one of them.   In the summer time they play free movies on there.   Great place to wander on a rare sunny winter day. 

Best Fish & chips around!


Smoke shop amazing lobby

Fairhaven Park

   Fairhaven park is one of my favorite local parks.  Just starting to raise up into the Chuck a Nut mountains, the surrounding views are great!   A small river wanders by the park.   Followed by trails on all sides.   And in the summer time you can enjoy the water park section.    Follow the trails into the woods, up into the mountains, to downtown, or to the always beautiful bay.  Up from the park the many trails are amazing.   The best are in the Chuck a Nut area.  I have not had a chance since I been back in the area to enjoy them much.  But do know the views are amazing.   Although the trail signs are confusing.  I will have some great pictures and thoughts on those trails up soon.       

Even the signs have umbrella's in WA!!
    Towards the bay is a nice dog park.  Complete with a great sledding hill.  For those few times it does snow around here.  These trails wrap there way down to the bay.  Always a great view, but my favorite time to go that direction is around sunset.  Just wrap up, the winds off the water are extra cold.  Fairhaven terminal is one of the nicest Grayhound stations I have seen in my travels.  The stop also has a great little coffee shop.  Just down from there in the terminals is another decent coffee shop.   The coffee is not the best, but you cant beat the views!   Huge windows face the bay.   

Right to Broadwalk

Left to Teddy Bear Cove
  Down from these buildings, is a little park.   To the left if you follow the RR tracks  *don't tell* and keep on your toes, the walk along the bay can continue.  Teddy Bear Cove is close.   NONE of the local travel guides warn you to watch going here in the summer.  It is a very popular spot for men to skinny dip for some reason.     By pass the terminals and follow a thin trail behind the bookstore and you hit the boardwalk to Blvd Park.   My current favorite coffee shop in in the park overlooking the bay.   You can branch all over town, but my favorite walk or run follows behind the Hub and puts you in the middle of Bellingham near the Saturday Market. 

Snow meets ocean

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