Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3/1/11 or I Need 34 Hour Days!

   I must again admit that I hate job hunting more than any job I have ever had.  This includes my looong stretch at Wally World.  Through all the crap I talk about the company, I do miss getting paid well to do very little in a shift.  I miss the easy transfers, there is a store every were--Always, and the brilliant customers.  I don't miss ALOT of things, including explaining things to dept. managers, as a pion and meetings with management.  OK  I do miss those a little bit.   My record was nine in a month.  That all said, my girl friend has permission to shoot me in the foot, if I ever go back to the huge box store. 
    In walking all over the city I have noticed a few things.   This is a very walkable town.   It's extremely hard to get a good waiter job in a college town.   The managers would never admit to this, but they don't give a hoot about experience when they have tons of college co-eds competing for the same jobs.   And you only seem to run into the people you don't want too!   This applys to any city.   I will avoid names at all costs at this point.  Because I am really never sure whom reads my blog.  You never run into the gal you secretly had a crush on ever since the city bus stopped short to miss that squirrel, and you secretly smelled her hair.   Or that coffee barista that forgot to charge you for your coffee-a-la-sugar.   You run into the people that haunt your dreams.  The ones that you secretly wish you had a pause button for.  I am sure most of you wish you had a pause button for me.   It's also a beautiful town.   Surrounded by woods, water, and mountains.  Even walking around Western College is fun.     I also noticed that the Starbucks in Seahome now has a bar of seating with benches, and computer plug ins for all.  Very nice.   I will be updating my coffee house blog for the area very soon.   But have to note, that the Seahome S Bucks rocks, plus it is very near campus.  Unfortunately it is near the high school also.   So watch what members of the opposite sex you are ogling.
    I also noted that it rains a lot!   But I already knew that.  I have lived here before, and had already acquired my webbed feet from living in Oregon so long.  For how much it rains no one seems to be used to the rain.  Unless you are a melting witch, water will not hurt you.  With possibly the exception of holy water. If you are strong in your faiths, just watch out for tainted holy water I guess.  This brings me to cart pushers at stores like Wally World.   If it is pouring rain outside and you stop a cart pusher while he is bringing in dripping wet carts, and than ask them were the dry carts are located.  Do not be surprised if he laughs in your face and than walks away.  Quickly swimming back out to the parking lot before he says something back to you that would make him the funniest person in the unemployment line. 
    So after applying at a few 7-11 type, get in get out stores lately, I just watched on the news about criminals that are taking this convenience concept to extremes.  They are basically flash mobbing the stores with 50-60 robbers and over whelming the poor workers.   Basically running out with what they can grab.   In one family friendly word, that is crazy!   Maybe I just need to find a job were I never have to leave the house.  And than find a way to report about my weekend hikes, and get paid for that also.  With the cliffs and water and bears, it is much safer on most of my hikes I fear. 
   I also just saw a whole commercial about jeans that show off ladies ankles.   In my time these were hand me downs or high waters.   Whatever you called them, it was not in any way labeled as sexy.  Which is what this ad was trying to portray.  This proves two things, I am old and I watch to much television.  Although these jeans might be perfect for here in Washington--after weeks of rain, you do not have to roll your pants legs up to cross the flooded streets!  
     If you happen to live in the Bellingham area, Wed and Thursday is free bus day on the city bus.   No charge for any  rides.   The bus system will pay for all of your rides, if you can get hit by a city bus, that's moving, and make it look like a total accident.  Not recommending doing this, just saying.   Doing so might not be covered by your HMO. 
    Heres a new one in closing today.  I wrote earlier in the week about Jb's restaurants closing seven stores across the country.  It's a shame because they have good food, AND you get a lot of food for your money.  I love Denny's --but the food size shrinks every time you go there.  You get more empty plate to enjoy!   Anyways, the one I was working at is now closed until Saturday, because they ran out of food!   Theres a new one.  I guess what I used to say, when things went wrong was true---"This very spot would be a great place to open up a restaurant!"  Some mumbo jumbo about the other area restaurants closing and the food supplier not offering discount group rates anymore.  But I find this highly amusing.  Possibly because I no longer work at the restaurant.  The restaurant across the street is probably having a hay day.   I will not mention the name, because I have also worked there and do not want to give the owner or restaurant any form of praise.  I can say the place very well make you feel like Pukins is the only answer!   *Possibly not there name or slogan*   I would love to watch the sad customers, mostly elderly walk up to Jb's doors, ready for good service and or food, and than read the sign explaining why the doors wont open.  No food, alas!   I would love even more to stand inside the restaurant being the explainer.   ".......We are out of food, thanks for playing!"

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