Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Free Bus is A Full Bus

    So the last few days the city bus was free to riders.  Something about customer appreciation or saving your feet from sores week, I'm not sure on the specifics, I just enjoyed it being free.  And took full advantage of not paying.  Riding the bus all over town a few times.   I at one point was thinking about taking the bus to a neighboring town, just because it was free.  If you do it right, and have lots of time to kill, you can cross this great state on city buses.   And it really doesn't take much out of your wallet to do so. 
    A few of the buses I took went around campus, they are always full.  So I really can't say people were really using the free days.   But I was, and still am for sure.   It, sadly enough, was the highlight of my week so far.   But it has been an extra crappy week. 
    Except a few minor ills I have already discussed in a past blog, the bus service in this town is very good.   And a major up-grade from the no city buses in Wyoming.  Eugene OR could learn from our system here.   The buses don't always make the route.  Not meaning they are running a little late, but there might not be one at all one hour.   Don't worry that crazy man under the newspaper and the rain will keep you company.  They seem to always have brand new drivers, who forget where stops are, or to even stop if you pull the chain.   They often do not see riders standing by the bus stops either.  Asking you to wave your hands or a flashlight, so they should know to stop.  Apparently the bus stop sign/and or enclosure with all the people standing around staring at the street, and getting soaked by passing cars, is not enough for many a bus driver.  My last major gripe with the buses in Oregon are how early they stop running at night.   The whole state is going toward 0 tolerance for drunk driving.  So even if you get a beer spilled on you, and drive home, you could potentially fail a sobriety test.  They are very strict in the state.  And taking a bus home after about 8 pm is not an option.   The cops in general are very strict in that state.  I still do not have a drivers licence, from when I lived in Oregon a short eight years ago.  
    They are starting to test talking buses there though.  As the bus turns, speakers outside the  bus, tell people that the bus is turning.  Pretty kool, until you learn that months before this idea came out, an Oregon bus driver ran over six walkers.   Speed bumps it seems.   Oregon did have day passes for the bus.   One low fee--and you could ride the bus all day.    Bellingham no longer offers free transfers.  So trips can add up.  But they do offer month passes for only $25.00 bucks.    That's about enough gas money to get my friends conversion van across the local huge Wally World parking lot.  
   I honestly forgot were I was going with this whole blog.  The free bus did provide me with another job interview tomorrow.  And I have a back plan for the rest of the day if this interview goes south as they have been lately.  I need something, anything at this point that pays actual cash wages.  The landlord and grocery store do not take Monopoly money any more.  

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