Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Downtown Bellingham-A Great Place to Start Exploring


Sheridan Wyoming
       The downtown area in most cities is usually great to explore.  It can quickly tell you a lot about a city.  In my travels I have seen a lot of deserted downtown's.  I will not blame big box stores, for quickly turning Mom & Pop stores into tumble weed filled stores, but let you judge for yourself.  Sheridan, Wyoming has an awesome downtown.  Filled with interesting tourist traps and unique statues on most street corners.  Tired of walking?  In the summer time you can cheaply catch a renovated trolley with wheels and book it all around town. 

    Bellingham, Washington is again were I reside, and happen to have lots of pictures of, so I will ramble about it's great downtown area now.  Take some time to take it all in.  The above old court house allows for a great picture from almost every angle in town.  Day or night.  Although I sat on a cell phone in front of this building at three in the morning, and am pretty convinced the great building is haunted.  Inside houses what I have heard is a great museum, but I never seem to be in the area when it is actually open.  Several overly interesting museums can be found within blocks of this building.   The large courtyard leads right to the bay if you keep roaming.  There are also some great shops to explore along the way.  Already thirsty?   The newish Chuckanut Brewery has some great selections to choose from. 

    Just up from the old courthouse you run into woods and some nice trails.  Explore down by the water.   Hit the right time of year and you can see the massive Salmon in the fish ladders.  Or pause to watch someone land one right out of the river.  Find the statues or just sit on a bench for awhile and take it all in.  The public Library is also just steps away.

Behind the library

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Part of the Chip A Hoy Tribe?

     A few great coffee shops can be found near the area also.  I think it is amazing how fast the water gets deep.   This ship is docked right off of downtown. 
Bar to stay away from
Under the large bridge you can view one of the areas largest homeless camps.   To the bay you can see the remains of buildings being torn down to make room for more condos.  If you hit it right, you can watch them demolish a building or two. 

The Bagerly
    Railroad Avenue has some of the best places to eat, booze it up, or get caffinated in my eyes.  All of the bars downtown are clustered in a large square area.   Making it easy to hit them all if you get a night out on the town.   RR has a Starbucks and Woods coffee.  Great pizza joint, The Bagerly---  I recommend the farmers bagel, Mallard ice cream--- can't find a better summer stop, unless you get gellito in Fairhaven.  

Boundary Bay Brewery

Farmers Market

Wild Buffalo
    In the spring and summer you can enjoy the farmers market on Saturdays at the end of RR street.  Or sit in the Woods coffee across the street and enjoy.  Stroll a little farther and you can follow a walking path to the bay and beyond.  Offers some great views of the bay and than empties out into the park.   The Horseshoe Cafe is supposed to be the longest continually running restaurant in the state.  Just past that is the Wild Buffalo bar.  They have a homey feel and have many nights of entertainment.   Including open mike nights, which seem to get better the drunker you are.  Actually this area offers many very talented people. 

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