Monday, March 21, 2011


    I had a very good weeksend for a change.   They have been very relaxing, with a nice hike thrown in.  No hike this week, but still relaxing.   Not that days of not working stresses you out a ton.  O.K.  that's not true, it is very stressful.  We were all going to go swimming, but that did not happen.  I tried to land a day job, helping people move for twelve dollars an hour, but never heard anything.  Jugding by past experiences 88 people probably applied. I defiantly have the experience moving.  Although it  is kind of a hard thing to prove. 
    My friends brother showed up and we had a very chill evening, recalling how bad we were at playing quarters.   The table is great for bouncing, but all of our skills seemed to be lacking.  To make up for it, we kept adding new rules.   These usually just benefited the rule maker but made it continually more interesting.   Soon we moved on to playing cards.   I am not sure I have ever seen my dad lose at cards, so one would at least think when not playing with him, my gaming would be very good to great.   This does not seem to be true if I am sober or not.   Well rested or tired.  Angry or hungry.   That night I came in a close fourth out of three players!   Although it was a late night, morning seems to always come very early at our house.   The kids have not figured out the joys of sleeping in at all yet.  So Sunday turned into an extra non productive day some how.  
    I would like to aid that while I was out and about on Friday I saw a man holding the first dooms day sign I have seen in a long time.  Off of Sunset Drive.   Anyways, by his calculations we are all going to die on May 21st of this year.   Amazingly punctual and soon.   This is months before the end of times per the movie 2012 and the Aztecs.   On Saturday I found myself down Sunset again.   No sign holder.  But I did see a man desperate to find his wife's wedding ring.   She had worn it to the store that morning, and did not return with it.  Sounds like the ring was worth 12,000 bucks.   Which means a few things---to me anyway.    He should have saved a few dollars to get the ring sized also, maybe she really doesn't want to get hitched and doesn't have the heart to tell him, Someone left Rite Aid with an awesome prize, and I should have woken up earlier cause that someone could have been me!   One of my purches that day was beer.   I am really curious about Wal Greens new beer.   A six pack costs something like 2.99   so you know it must be good!   I tend to think it will taste more like cat pee than booze, but for that cheap, it all tastes like good sh*t if you drink enough of it.  Even cat pee I suppose.   Anyways, I was bringing home beer on the bus, and quickly noticed how many riders were eyeing my beer.   Maybe because they could tell that the case was breaking.   On the short walk home the handle pulled out, and beers rolled down the sidewalk.   I suppose if this were to happen on the bus, each can would be fair game.   And the bus riders all knew this.  
    When you are ridding on Grayhound they tell you so many times that you are not allowed to drink on the bus, that it makes you really really want to drink.   If for no other reason than to drown out the warnings about drinking on the bus.   I think being overly  drunk on the bus would make it much much more enjoyable.   Which would still rank it just above getting a tetanus shot in your eye after you allegedly got bitten by a stray hooker.   *On a side note--did you know that you can get herpes in your eye?   Did you want to know?   I didn't.   Know or want to know.  I was reading the safety and side affects of a medication.   Usually a super long list full of much worse possible side effects than what the medicine is supposed to treat.     My favorite warnings are on the birth control devices on T.V.  Were they have to warn everyone that the pills will not protect you from STD's.   Really, they need to warn people of this?   Wich just makes me wander what itiotic lawsuit accured that they have to post this on each commercial.   Some of you might also know that I just had to have a tetanus shot.  Thankfully it was not in the eye, and although it was a very crummy night, it was much more thrilling than any ride on the Grayhound I have had so far. 
    At the last place I officially worked, we had a large salad bar.   Since customers persisted on eating the contents, we had to keep filling it.   I was doing the dreaded pudding, and it comes in huge metal cans.   Some how I managed to slice a big chunk out of my finger on the can.   No huge deal, but the bleeding would not stop.   Once we neared an hour of no stop bleeding, the manager decided we should take a field trip to the hospital.    I think she was fine till I "jokingly" said I could see four of her at the same time!   Anyways the manager became the "ambulance driver"   and she was more than a little worried about blood getting in her car.   It was great fun explaining to the nurse, how the evil can of puddin' attacked me.   The manager still has a picture of me, with a very large finger, under a no cell phone sign, she took with her cell phone.   Hours later, the doctor brought out what most of us call super glue, but had a much fancier-expensive ring to it.    And than since they could tell I was lying about my last tetanus shot, I got to have one.   That hurt way more than the wrangled finger.   Total trip cost $800.00 bucks, but I got out of helping them close down the restaurant that night. 
    I also wrangled a temporary job over the weeksend, which I officially start tomorrow.   Nothing glorious most weed pulling and lawn up keep.   But the lady seems very awesome, and it pays very well.  Plus there is enough work to keep me busy for quite awhile.   These jobs are always nice to because you go home with the cash.   Instead of a paycheck every few weeks, complete with the governments cuts already takin' out.  

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