Monday, March 7, 2011

Explore WWU Campus **Free--Cheap**


    First I would like to mention how much I like Craigs List right now.  I kind of knocked the sight in a past blog.  But sitting still with no job, I can list items for free.  And in the last week, have got some very good responses.   It's defiantly not enough cash to break the bank, but it helps pay the bills and keep me fed.
    I need to go back to college some day.  But keep moving to much, to become a resident anywhere.  And out of state tuition's are amazingly high.  Western campus is beautiful.   And worth roaming around for at least half a day.  I recommend a Saturday.  Much fewer students are around, everything is still open, and the buses are running.  A good portion of the city buses serve the campus, so if you are like me, it's easy to catch a bus to campus.   It is also very centraly located, so walking home is not to much of a chore from many locations.  I found a nice trail, through some great wetlands that eventually landed me back in Fairhaven.  And let me view this great bus.                                            

   What to do when you get there?    Hang out at Viking Union.  Lots of food choices, and beverages.  Great views of the students for people watching while you pretend to be studying.   Also off the backside you can enjoy all the bay has to offer from the hill top campus.   Go to the third level and visit the Underground coffee house.   Or stroll through campus and enjoy Starbucks Coffee from the food vendors a little further down.  

 The entire campus rambles through the woods.   And has many trails.  Most go to campus buildings, but you can also find the old tunnel or the lookout tower.   Paved road goes most of the way up the hill for the less adventurous or forge a trail through the woods.   Well worth going up allll the stairs to see the view!  
On the road to the tower

    Observe some great old growth trees.             

 Observe some great old buildings.   Many are under repair at the moment.  But are being beautifully restored.   Many have stained glass windows and endless arches.   In the summer you can make a wish in the large water fountain.  

   Read the window writing on the dorm buildings.  

  Stand at the corner of Indian and High streets just for fun.   OK  I thought it was entertaining. 

   Roam through the huge library.   Jog on the outside track.    Catch an outside sport event, if your lucky.   Check out some artwork.   Scattered through the entire campus.     Some are even functional.

Swing on this sculpture

Think this ones called Squeal Like a Pig?


Stairs to no were
    If you have some cash, take an actual class or two.   So many are offered that you could find that perfect new past time at any age.   While I was on campus I learned that the Viking gals were playing Alaska that night in basketball.   So I brought my friends two boys up to the game.   As much for a fun night, as to get her house empty for even a few hours.   The boys were at first upset that it was girls playing, but soon got into the spirit and fun of a good college rivalry.   They were yelling "Defence" and stomping there feet with the best of them.   It was a great game, except for the local gals losing by one point!   And I have to say the food stand was much cheaper than I imagined.  Prices all around were not bad at all for four hours of fun.  The game was televised, but they kept station breaks very short.  They seemed shorter with entertainment of some kind each break.   I have to admit that a man in his 40's painted in blue, with a viking hat  I will call him the mascot, was most entertaining all night.   Even more so than the cheerleaders, who all seemed very new and not real full of cheer.   He had plenty of cheer for everyone.  Although the students kind of eyed him each time they passed, as the older creepy guy that never really leaves college, maybe lives on  someones couch, and wears his Letterman's jacket that says "towel boy" still.  At one point he got so angered by the refs calls, he tore his shirt off and damaged his horny hat.   At half time anyone that wished, could shoot baskets on the floor.  

   I think the worse part of the night, was realizing how young the college players looked to me.  I guess 32 really is old.   

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