Wednesday, March 2, 2011

E-bay, Craigs List-and Other Time Wasters

    I pause in my job hunting this blustery day, after chasing my hat down the road.  The winds are coming off the bay in full force today.  Actually I am not sure were they are coming from, because the wind seems to be going in a very circular motion.  Which is what aided in my hat taking off.  It was a short chase that almost ended in a passing truck driving over my hat.  Luckily so far the rain has stayed away.   I am sure I just jinked myself with that sentence.   Our new place is very sheltered with trees and such.   But you walk out of the woods, and the force is a surprise every time.  With a capitol S! 
    The real fun starts when it is also raining.  Because the wind manages to blow rain on every part of your body.  Covered or not.  I recall a few extra wind filled days in Oregon were we rushed to the coast to see how far we could dared walk down the rock jetties.  Huge waves splashing on all sides.  This was all the more fun for me, because I swim like a rock in calm, non churning waters.  We would usually get bored quickly, and retire mostly dry to one of the many great ocean side breweries.  Oregon has a ton of these for whatever reason, most give free samples, and most are even worth paying for.
    On the last such voyage we took, wave chasing if you will--we had my buddies two large dogs with us.  The storm moved on and we were bored on the coast at low tide.   Exploring the tide pools and such soon grew boring, even for the dogs.   We found a duck flopping around in the low water, who appeared to be un-able to fly.  The dogs soon decided this was a new toy.  They never got very close to the bird, but close enough to annoy it.   We were all very engrossed in the new sport.   Suddenly I saw a blur rush past me.   It was my buddy.   He never ran anywhere, unless police were involved.   As he was jumping onto the nearby rock jetty, I glanced behind us to see a massive wave barreling towards shore!   As now, I than swam about as well as a dry rock.   And took off in a full sprint for the distant jetty.   Luckily I got away with one very soaked leg.   The two dogs were not so lucky.   They were now quite a ways out in the deep water.   The duck slowly swimming around them,  laughing his bill off I swear.   This was the day we learned what sneaker waves were, and why to watch out for them!  We got to test our new knowledge out a few times after this day.
    Later we decided it was past time for dinner.  Just down the road was a great seafood joint.  Imagine that good seafood along the ocean.   **While we lived in Arizona a van used to pull up and park in the middle of the desert and sell "fresh seafood"  I wish I had a picture of that, and still ponder the freshness factor.   Maybe the van owner had the a/c cranked all the way up and a freezer plugged into his cigarette lighter as he yelled "got crabs?" to those driving by.  Anyways the restaurant was very slow and after we ordered our food, the back doors opened and most of the crew walked inside.   Followed by a very strong smell of weed.   I do not condone use --but must say that was the best food, cooked by the happiest cooks, I have probably ever had!
    Sooo, today's blog is taking a little longer to type than many because I have started playing around with E-Bay again.   Most of my current listings end today, and it is great fun to watch auction items.  Especially when you have something that keeps getting bid up.   At one time, I used E bay full time.  And made some decent cash on the side.  Although sometimes I had to just go through the house and put random things up for sale.   "Were is our table lamp?" my girlfriend would come home saying.   "I sold it online!"  Made $22.00!"   "Thats great, except we payed $300.00 for it." she would respond.  Those prices are completely made up, as is the conversation, to protect the innocent.   All of our furniture combined is not worth $300.00.   Mainly because most of it came off of Craigs list.   I have to warn you , that these sights are addicting.   And until you get sales down, and are making money, they can become another huge waste of time.  
    Craigs List is completely free to list items.  And you can get a lot of items for free of the sight, if you watch the sight.  Their are many other types of postings on the sight, although it's probably best known for the questionable singles ads.   You can even attempt to find a job from the sight.  These postings are also entertaining, because people visiting the sight, respond to the job offers, telling how crummy the boss is.  I find people on this sight are very flighty though.  They will commit to buying your items, and than disappear.  Poof!  Never to respond again.  The sight also gains you a lot of spam mail.  And readers with to much time on their hands, will e mail you just to pick a fight about spelling or something equally as trivial.   But it is a free sight, and you get what you pay for. 
   After using Facebook and the likes for so long, I really can not say much about time wasting sights.  As yet, Facebook has not paid me to use the sight.   I recently saw an application that will tell you how many hours you have used on Facebook--lifetime.   I really do not think I want to know.  I think the worse part about that sight right now is that they are highly merging with Google.   I think Google is pure evil.  And will expand on those thoughts very soon.  But not in today's blog.   
   That all said, I have some great pictures and sometimes thoughts on Facebook.  If any readers would like to take a look.   Also we will be starting an online store very soon with new great product offerings weekly.   No prices are set in stone, so if you like a great deal, and to haggle it's a win win.   I will be posting those links as soon as the store is fully open.   Because if nothing else, this blog is free advertising for me! 

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