Thursday, March 17, 2011

Up Early and Pinching Non Green Wearers!

                                       **"I'm not Irish, but you can kiss me anyway. ;)
                                                              ---Clark Griswold**

    As you are reading this, think back through the day, have you been getting pinched all day?  If this is a normal thing---carry on and more power to you.  If it's not normal, but you rather enjoy it, don't get used to it.   Now take a look at your clothing choices today.   If nothing you are wearing somewhat matches this print --that is why you are getting pinched.   Let me pause while you find a calender.   If you read this early enough in the day, and it "saves" you   your welcome.   If you read this at 11 58 pm--- better luck next year.  
     I got up way to early today to be awake AND functional.  Those around me should pick one.  Wait, everyone else is still asleep!  I kind of had forgot there was a five a.m.   And go by the theory that it isn't really morning, no matter what the clock says, till I actually get out of bed and have started on my first pot of coffee.  I must caution at this point that I am typing this later at night and on very little sleep.  I apologize ahead of time if today's contents only make sense to myself.  I am almost debating not going to sleep tonight, because things quickly become funnier the more sleep deprived you are.  Watch a movie at 3 A.M. and it is soooo funny.   Watch the same movie at 3 P.M. and it ends up as horribly bad as Napoleon Dynamite! 
    I answered an ad on Craig's List the other day that turned out to be just as it said---stick picking for $9.00 an hour.   Big upgrade from the $0.00 an hour I have been making.  We were in a newly plowed field picking up branches and twigs and sticks.  O my.  Before I explain more, I again must show how great the economy is --at least in Washington state.  As in greatly bad.  The "boss" put up an ad for 3 or 4 workers --and received 55 replies.   He said he considered just hiring illegals, but worked for the boarder patrol,  and thought his boss might frown on that.   At one point he talked about doing a few month stint on the AZ boarder.   That must be a huge culture shock from someone used to protecting us from those evil Canadians, Aye.  Filled with all the fun we do not see much of at the Washington/Canadian boarder.  We do have a whole park for the peace arch ---between the two great countries.  
    Apparently the ad poster, randomly picked people to call, and if no one answered, they did not work for him that day.  So just getting the job was a huge jackpot for me.   It was easy but tedious work.  And I am sure I have not bent over that many times ----lifetime total.  Around lunch time he even brought us pizza.   Bonus!   At one point a helicopter kept flying over the field, and we kept joking about it being the boarder patrol making sure we were not Mexicans. 
    It felt really good to be working, and to receive cash at the end of the day.  Free of taxes and such.   And I can not wait till I am part of the real work force again full time.   Tomorrow some thoughts and pictures from Falls Park in town of Lakeway Road.

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