Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/15/11 More Rambling Who'd of Thunk?

    Hello all!    I use that word in the plural sense, even though I know I am my blogs only real reader.   I think the page even put me to sleep the other day.   So, tonight I decided to take a jog at about 8 30.   Because I have extra energy to kill for some reason tonight, and because I still have thoughts of doing a few local 5K's before the summer is over.  Even after my couch potato legs said "No" very clearly.   I was going to catch the bus up to the college, and run on there very nice, extra padded, lighted track *track itself is not lighted* but have trouble taking a bus to my exercise starting spot for some reason.  Anyways, I was feeling good as I went through Fairhaven in the dark and slight rain, it is Washington after all.   For whatever reason I was drawn to the bay, and ended up on the wooden boardwalk that takes you over the water and to an awesome coffee joint and park.  The wind and rain instantly picked up and than before I knew it---the hail hit.  Not big drops, but they really did not feel good.   I waited out the worse of it under the Woods Coffee joint roof.   But was overly water logged and am fairly sure I came home weighing ten pounds more.   I guess that's fine when it's all water weight right? 
    Last night we watched the movie Social Network about Facebook.   Sorry if that spoiled the whole thing for you.  I really enjoyed the movie.   Although now I feel like even more of an underachiever.   While all of us spend way to much time on sights like Facebook, reading blogs, writing blogs, this young -highly intelligent dude, was making the sight millions use.   With the help of the Napster developer, another sight once used by many.   He was also making himself mucho bucks and lots of enemies along with all of his followers.   He was not influenced by the money at all.   My point in all this, is that MY time could be much better spent.  It could easily be argued if his sight is or was for the better ment of man kind, but it has forever changed net sights.
    I have spent a lot of time on the bus lately and for the most part have to say it has been very interesting.  If nothing else, it is way better than walking across town and back.  Interesting people always seem to enjoy sitting by me.  Although I am pretty sure the harder it rains, the more of these types are on the bus.  I want to start playin' a game a friend of mine recently told me about.   You might want to try it too.  Although it will be much more enjoyable if you also ride the bus, not as much if you travel mostly in a family sedan.   Anyways if you have a cell phone with a camera by chance you too can play!   The goal is to see how many pictures you can take of other riders---without them noticing.  The stranger the person--the more points you get.   The longer you can snap pictures, without angering anyone --the more points you get.   Luckily most buses stop a lot, and have a back and front door, so a quick escape can be made.  If the person is large and or does not like having his picture takin'.
    You also hear some great stories while riding on the bus.  Some conversations are just annoying.  I wanted to slap the gal on the bus yesterday because in between saying "like" continually --which is only boarder line annoying, she kept saying "right"   I get that.....  right."   Most of the time I was not sure if it was a comment, quote, or question.  This girl was in college.   And although my writing usually comes out as if I was a third grader, but a smart third grader!  I usually talk good.   Although the movie last night, proved there are still smart people out there, I believe we as a nation are getting dumberer very quickly.   Guess it's easiest to control masses of people the more un-smart they are.  That goes into a whoooooole nother thought line I am not prepared to start at 10 30 ish at night. 
     Maybe it is because a lot of the buses I take cross a college campus, or because I live in the great north west, but many of the bus conversations I over hear seem to deal with weed.   Yesterday two younger people, no not everyone is younger than me, were talking about how they used to be in track.   But they now smoke so much weed, that they do not have the lung capacity anymore.  Plus it mainly makes them want to chill and eat---both non effective for an Olympic bound track star.  Soon it turned to the swimmer Michal Phellps losing his gold medal for testing high.   They decided he should get 3 times the medals for being able to toke it AND finish those long races.   Today the conversation behind me soon also turned to pot.   It was not near as interesting, so I will not repeat it.   I am not sure how any of this applies ---Interesting people on the bus are made more interesting the more they smoke?   And weed helps stupefy the masses faster.   I didn't say rambling in today's blog for nothing foo's.

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