Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/31/11--Forget Presidents day April 1st Should Be a Holiday!

        **" Red M & M, blue M & M--they all end up the same color in the end!"** ---Homer Simpson

                        **" I haven't seen a spider around the house in days.  What are they planning?"**
                                                  **"Don't follow the trend----set it!"**
                              **" Washington state can breathe a lil easier very soon."**
  **"In Three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:  It goes on."**---Robert Frost.

                  **"Adventures are delightful, and friends are treasures, but home is best of all."**

    I have rambled in the past about some of my favorite and least favorite places to live.   One past blog even has pictures, so if you see anything resembling the picture, make a quick U turn!  Many locations on my dislike list-seem to be in Arizona.  Self named, land of the sweating sun.  At one point in my travels I lived in a terrible town called Kingman, Arizona.  My buddy came to visit me there and greatly extended his trip home, to not have to drive back through the town.  We lovingly called the town "The Devils Crotch."   Kingman is straight on in the valley and not really close to anything.  Maybe Laughlin--everyone seems to know that town.  It is somewhat between Vegas and Phoenix.   While we lived in the area Phoenix got voted as the sweatiest city in America with Viva Las Vegas a close second.   Such a selling point to put on the travel packets!~    Before I rant about Arizona any more, I will get to my point. 
    Last night on the news they listed the three worst ranked city's to live in.   Ranked by all factors, pollution, driving, etc   And number one worse was Phoenix.   Than Portland, OR--- I like a lot of city's in Oregon, but would have to agree.  I hated going to Portland.   And number three was Seattle, WA.   I love spending time in Seattle.  And unlike the other two towns, I could gladly spend hours or even days roaming around seeing the sights and such.    I do suppose I would never want to live there though.  I grew up in a very small town, and in contrast Seattle is just to big for my tastes.  
 ** Please read Groovy Places Vs't Google These  in my past blogs and let me know if you have been or lived in better and or worse places. 
    I must pause for a second and pander how it is already almost April?   Wow times ten!

 **"Adventures are delightful, and friends are treasures, but home is best of all."**   I am not sure were I got this quote, but I like it.  And I had it posted on my Facebook page the other day.  I am looking at retreating back to my hometown once again for the summer.  But after many many moves, and somewhat establishing a home in Washington, were my heart is happiest, were can someone actually claim home is?   I realize my parents and such live in Sheridan and it is were I grew up, for the most part.  I also realize that at the moment my best options are back in the town.  I followed my heart once again instead of my head, and although I have so far avoided the train wreck, I have in turn buried myself quite well.  
   After posting the above quote my sister replied with "Yes, so true, Dorothy."    My answer was "I click my heels together and they don't know were the hell to take me."   But I guess after piles of moves, one can't expect much else.   The final decisions in the end can only be made by me.  And posting the entire background would take months.   I do know as much as I hate being in Sheridan once again, I hate feeling like the move, even though temporary, will be like giving up on those that I love in Washington.  But maybe those have already given up on me?   I some how think that no matter how helpful the move might prove to my pocket book, and fine reducing that it will be the end of any type of relationship with the family that I have here.   Each made even harder when the ones that brought you to a new place   now seem not to care in the least.   About you or what is above discussed.    If I move how will I deal with things.....

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