Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Owe I Owe!

                           **"I wish my money would have sex in my wallet and multiply!"**

  Not a surprise to anyone, I owe a lot of people a little bit of money.  I might even owe you money.  If this is true, the check is in the mail!   I am actually trying to start paying my debits and fines in the attempt to be able to hold a drivers licence once again.  And maybe someday have a credit rating better than -872.   I think when they punch in my numbers now, it just says TILT! on the computer screen.  This is hard when the outflow is much higher than my inflow of cash.  And more fun when most everything has went to collections.  If you have not dealt with a collections agency, you should be very happy.  
   A few weeks ago I found two items that had went to collections, but created a low total amount.  And than found out that company was just getting a "new" item from me and the total owed was almost $600.00.   Of course I would have to set up some kind of payment plan with them, to get off the phone, and they now had my home address.   I put new in quotes, because the collection came from "06".  Anyways I paid the first two off, and never got a paid statement from the company. 
    Last week I called the company and tried to explain that I did not want to offer more money to them, if I had no proof the last two bills were paid in full.  I wasn't into donating money at this time.  It soon turned into a large argument.  The operator told me that you had to request those notices because they had thousands of clients and were trying to go as paper free as possible.  I said that that did not work if they sent me out 22 notices saying I owed them money.   About an hour later, I was told I wasn't being realistic or serious, and the operator actually hung up on me.  But I got my paid in full notices in the mail yesterday!   
    So I think I have now learned that anything I post as a positive, and this is rare, were my parents can read it  soon goes to heck!  I don't know if I'm being punished for unnecessary bragging or what.  I had just posted a few days ago that I had snagged a nice temp job, which I saw lasting at least a week, with good pay.  Afterwards I would be back to unemployed, but have a nice chunk of cash in my pocket.  Somehow it ended up being a one day job.  I realize people on Craigs List, at least the  buyers, are very flighty, but I really have no idea what happened.   When the "boss" came out to pay me for the days fun, I asked what time to show up tomorrow.   A full  six hours of work barley put a dent in all the work to be done.  When she paid me off, she said she had ran out of money-and was sorry.   Really? 
    This has happened many times--not getting fired, but things going south soon after I tell about them.   From getting a great job to an awesome raise.   From getting a new car to getting married.  I guess the last example is a good thing that it is on pause.  My main reason for coming back here was to get married and enjoy that life.   And at the moment, I can't even support myself.  Maybe I should just post things I really really do not want to happen.  That way it will look like the bragging, and whatever force is working against me, will make sure it does not happen! 

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