Saturday, March 12, 2011

**Mini Rant #8**


                            **Were does the one legged waitress work?   IHOP!**
   Again my mini rant is not on Friday somehow, so sue me.  All I have is debit and IOU's baby!  I will have thoughts and sights up from our rambling around town this weekend up tomorrow after lots of coffee!   Today's mini rant, I have touched on before.  And deals with fast and express being oxymoron in everyday life.   The fast food restaurant, is never fast.  Due to short staffing, dingle-berry workers, double dingle-berry customers.  More often than not its the customer ahead of you that acts like they have never been to a burger joint before.  Even though the Mc menu is the same no matter were you live.   "Tell me again what comes on the cheeseburger?"   Lines do not move and tempers flare.   With that goes the people that go to a sit down family restaurant, and are angered when the food takes more than 30 minutes to cook.  Extra spit in your food, if  you ordered a well done steak or are complaining about your food taking to long, as you see a line out the door of customers waiting for an open booth.   As we used to say when I worked at IHOP ---- "If you want the food done your way--go to Burger King, since you came here, it's our way or the highway!"
    Express lines are never express any more.  Stores seem to love training newbies on express lanes.   One word/thought from me----Why??   At the Wally World in Sheridan, one of the regular express lane workers is 88 give or take 20 years, has braces on both arms, and I believe forgot how to check four years ago.  Beyond being a slow checker, she encourages people with 282 items in three shopping carts to come to her so called express check out lane.   If I get to Wally World by myself, I grab my few items and run for the check outs to get out of the store.  Not to stand behind someone doing there monthly shopping.   And no the 20 items or less, doesn't mean you and your friends can split up all the items in your jammed full cart giving about 20 to each.  
    When I was a checker, I would try to make these type of shoppers feel bad about stopping the line.   This usually did not work.  But was fun.   What you can't stop, is shoppers that insist on paying by check.   Checks are the single worse form of payment in the world.  I would rather pay by chickens than by check.   After the check writer finds there check book and pen they fumble through filling it out.   The check never goes through the scanner.   Than the buyer never has any id.   They drove to the store, but have no id.   Than when the store worker hands them back there canceled check, the writer has no idea what to do with the check.  Here's an idea, burn your check book.  
   If the above shopper is not ahead of me, it is someone that can not use there credit/debit card.   Really?  How hard is it to swipe your card?   And here's a clue, if you have no money in your account, swiping your card 22 times will not add money to the account.   These card symptoms are not saved for the elderly, every age and shape of customer ahead of me seems to have a lower IQ than there debit cards.  
     Most of the time, all of these problems occur with the same person in front of me.  Resulting in backed up lines that are far from express.   How does one remedy having to stare over the Mc Taco menu, ordering ALL the tacos, being out of checks and breaking your debit card from scanning it so many times?  You break out the huge jar of pennies in your back pocket!    If any of this sounds like you, I greatly encourage looking into online shopping. 

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