Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Down By The Bay--Take 202

    So somewhat surprisingly my friends youngest child asked me to go exploring with him every day this weekend.  Somehow we never saw much rain.  Just lots of angry looking clouds.  All though I was sure while down by the boardwalk off and over the Bellingham Bay that we were going to get dumped on by heavy rain at best.  Possibly the rain dance before the hike was a bad idea?  We did not have to swim back to the house, and managed to stay dry.  Maybe Seattle got all the rain. 

    On Friday we were going to go down by the bay, but somehow ended up on WWU campus.  He had a skateboard with him.   And the campus is full of paved areas and hills.  Hours of fun for sure.  I never have mastered a skateboard in the least.  Maybe because I tryed to pick it up to late in life.  Or because I grew up living on mostly gravel roads.   Youngsters pick things like this up way quicker, the same way there bones heal eight times faster than ours, luckily.   Unless you are still an advad milk drinker maybe.    He was soon zooming around me in circles, with his hands in his pockets.  Scaring the crap outta me, and oddly enough making me tired, just by observing. 

    The skies were dark and gloomy, but it was nice enough out for short sleeves.  A very friendly lady, walking her dog, talked with us for awhile.   She happened to have a Great Perinishe.  I think I just murdered the spelling.  My roomie many moons ago, had two of the dogs.  They are huge overly friendly hairballs for the most part.   His weighed 150 and 120 pounds.   And I recall waking up on his living room floor with a bad hangover and a furry pillow on both sides of me.  But they were very warm!  
     Saturday sent us wandering through the Fairhaven Park and than trails to the bay.   During a long stretching, gravely hill, my companion almost ate dirt--stomach planted on the skateboard.  Darting headfirst before I had a chance to utter what a bad idea that might be.   Somehow most of him stayed on the board.   But it was not an enjoyable enough ride to be tried again.  We took to the streets, easier riding access, down by the bus depo and to the bay.   Were some hungry seagulls helped us eat freshly decorated early Easter cookies.  

   Sunday kept threatening rain, but again not enough to mostion the whole walk at a time ever presented itself.  He kept asking about an outdoor adventure, but I kept pushing it back to let the clouds move on.   After getting snagged into some house hold cleaning, it was soon decided that it was time to brave the outdoors!  
    No skate board this time.  So we wandered the streets of Fairhaven and ended up on the wooden boardwalks.   The tide was way out so we crossed the first boardwalk and explored the rocks and tide pools.   Not finding to much past the norm.   We did catch and release some small crabs.   And I got some more groovy pictures.   The clouds quickly became very black and fierce looking.  And I was expecting to be very soaked before hitting home.                   

   A quick stop at the store for pie --the way I cook it, already made.   A great chocolate with chocolate mix.   Get some more non-winning games pieces and V line for home.  

Dirty Dan Harris

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