Thursday, December 29, 2016

Almost A New Year--- Wahoooo!


                                                                                            Hello all!   I am about to wrap up an amazing and relaxing day off work, for a change.  Change in during the holidaze I don't get much time off, and when I do it is usually far from relaxing.  I woke up late to it raining, and about canceled my plans for my youngest and I to roam around Tombstone, but when my wife asked if the rain would make me melt--I decided we could go out in it--it was the town to tough to die after all.   I love Tombstone and have many many pictures from our trips there.  Now we live about 15 minutes from the amazing town.  I got some new pictures today of course, but not to many --because although the rain did go away, it was still cloudy all day.   I even got some shots of things I have never seen in the town before.  It was kind of surprising how many things were closed down--I guess the town really is a summer tourist trap.  In fact both of the cheaper restaurants we had planned on eating in , were closed.   But it was still a great --short trip.   I of course will post more pictures soon in my Exploring blog page.   Or feel free to check out all our trips to Tombstone and beyond    do it now!


   We also woke up to no power this morning---maybe early afternoon,   hey my wife is sick--the kiddos are all on winter break, and I never get to sleep in.   And we did not have a way to make coffee this morning, or warm up what was in the coffee pot from the morning before---boooo   so the first stop in Tombstone was sadly--to get coffee---well for me, our youngest is almost 13 and does not really need more energy.  I always say that if I had even half his energy I could keep up three full time jobs.  ;)
                                                                      I might have mentioned this before  but I like coffee!   And Tombstone has some great coffee shops for sure.   Living in Washington and Oregon for so long, were it is always grey skies outside, you can find great to amazing coffee on almost every street corner.   So I got more than spoiled.  And then we moved here.  Were you can find a lizard on every street corner but even decent coffee is very hard to find.  BUT at least my coffee seldom ever goes cold here in the desert!
Speaking of tough enough   two of streets near the mine in Tombstone!

                                                              I might have also mentioned before that I am more than ready for this year to be over with!   And it seems that many of us are in that same boat.   Don't get me wrong--some great things happened this year.   My wife and I are basically back together and living together again, I won the first court case with my ghetto apartments- in like five minutes,  Trump some how became president   , we got an almost brand new car  etc   but for the most part this was a bad year all around.   I also realize you optimists out there are going to tell me that one can be happy anywhere and in any surroundings, and I often use this when I get annoyed with desert life and or at work.  BUT  Dam this constant struggle to not get ahead at all has been ruff this year.  Optimist, acholic or Trump lover.  
Hike partner today   did not know I was taking this picture till it was too late.
Damp day---he was still in shorts   cause he hates long pants lol

More pictures and thoughts and Exploring coming very soon!

New hike partner?
Christmas puppy   "Shadow"

Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26th 2016-- Return Day!

            Hello all this day after Christmas!   I hope that you all had an amazing and family filled Christmas.  Today is the first huge day of returns at all retail stores, while 1000 of us attempt to return gifts for what we really wanted, or now need, cash.  The news is saying that this was a huge Christmas in sales across the country  largest in years.   With sales only growing today while people buy discounted items after they get done returning all of there items.  I even went to the local Wally World, to join the masses and see what was on sale.  Mainly to buy a fake Christmas tree for next year.  We went by with a small tree and a decorated outside tree and of course lights all over.  Because we have more pets than normal around the house right now.  And we thought trying to keep the tree safe from the cats mostly  would be to much of a challenge.  I did find a new fake tree for us  today at half off!   Price wise    not that half of it was missing, thus cheaper.  And in the picture--there is already presents under the  tree---so think of all that time saved for next year too...     We have mixed thoughts about fake and real trees---my family would go hunt one out -saw it down and bring it home-many a year.   We tried to get a real tree two years ago here---and it was such a pain in the butt, and they were so expensive--that we gave up and got a live tree from the dreaded Wally World store.  We again got a fake tree a few years back, but found many of the pieces were missing when we found the Christmas supplies this year.  Patrick Neil Harries ---Doogie Howzer of all people, might have publicly said it best this year---pleading for people to get live/real trees  because a fake tree stays in the landfills for 1000 years.   And for every Christmas tree they cut down, it is mandatory government and business wise to plant three new tress.   Yes you can use your fake tree again and again and maybe pass it down to the next generation, maybe  -but you wont use it for a 1000 years.     Plus it just wont have that new car pine smell.   Although I think that would turn our stupid cats on.   OK enough being deep for this post for sure.  ;)
             This Christmas like most of 2016 was kind of disappointing for me.  Although I was with my amazing family, until work time.  Even the tips, just didn't live up to most big holidaze   by a far shot.   Although the extra pay rate did help.  I hope everyone reading this, especially my mom and dad   had a n amazing day.   When I slow down enough  I will call them--but for now  We-as usual made sure the kiddos had an amazing morning.  And did not do to much for each other, especially after just buying our new car   we really could not do much for each other.  We did wake up to snow visible very low in the surrounding mountains which was nice.  I just really never got in the spirit this year, the customers kept being angry--my wife and I always fight before holidays it seems, and I have been trying not to be sick for like two weeks now.   I hope your Christmas was amazing!   
                                                                                                         **        If you ever find yourself at a party or such in an awkward silence try yelling out "did you forget your lines!?" I'm going to try this at work at a table **                                                                                                                                                                                                                            **" I hope everyone enjoys the air guitars I got them for Christmas! Our living room looks like a toys r us store just threw up!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                           **"364 days until Christmas and already so many people have there decorations up!"**
**"I found I wrap presents like a blind chimp on meth."**
**"I feel sorry for kids with lesbian parents--they get caught in the endless loop of go ask your mother!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Its good to learn this early boys and girls but here's the cliff notes. Its not about being good or bad but rich kiddos get more from Santa than poor kids do.

Killer winds on I 10. Big storms a brewin this Christmas Eve :-) maybe five feet if snow? Lol that would shut Arizona down for a week----Posted this online on Christmas eve after driving up to work.  Very strong winds.  In fact I was kind of mesmerized by the travel trailer ahead of me, weaving all over the road in the high winds.  
Us real men start shopping tonight!---;) of course also posted on Christmas Eve.

          ** Religion is not a fad it will not help you get your dream guy/gal or dream life. Posting about how wonderful God is, is great, but if you post things like this and than continue with an obviously sinful life, you are actually hurting the cause. Going to church does not make you any more of a Christian than standing in your garage makes you a car! That said Merry Christmas to you Christians Happy Hanukkah to the Jews and good luck if you are an Atheist!   And if your religion makes you hate anyone, you are doing it wrong!    Just sayin' **
                                                                                                                                                                                     Classic flashback to last years Christmas Eve at work----This was easily the best night of entertainment there   thus far....
                                    So earlier in the main lobby of the casino where I work some drunk lady was yelling at the door security guards. Calling them lil b*tches among other things. The real police were called in when she would not leave. And she tried to make a run for it, staggering further into the casino. She got tackled and than tazzered several times, when she would not let the cops hand cuff her. Dinner show for our guest for sure! Some one should have takin' a picture or two for her Christmas cards      True story! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           **"Think about what last call would look like if Wal Mart had a bar!"**
Speaking of returns--this goes back soon.  But the lines were tooooooo long today.    Got for the ugly sweater contest at work   too many customers said it was cute----long story short I lost the contest and was just leasing the sweater it seems.  But in my defense it was a 20 dollar sweater.   Above being guarded by one of our cats   

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dec. 22 2016 Dun Dun Dun!

     So the other night when I posted I was at the local laundry mat---I really do enjoy it late at night, because no one is in the building.  And even though I have always worked around people, I really do not like people.  ;)  Many daze coffee almost makes me nice.  Anyways I was going to return there last night--but bed beside my beautiful wife was more appealing.  I really only needed to wash my work shirts --and have done them in the tub and the sink before, but the other day I became the dinner show--and spilled a full bowl of oatmeal first fully on myself and down my whole front and than everything hit the ground and broke.  Luckily for whatever reason the oatmeal was not incredibly hot.  This was a few days back, and I am pretty sure I still have the warm breakfast cereal in my under shorts.  Also luckily the cooks were not really paying attention, because usually when something is broke they start clapping which starts the customers in the restaurant applauding.  Although while I was yelling for a clean up, and not finding one, I am pretty sure I started clapping.  I don't really mind cleaning up my own messes  but it was busy --of course, and we have people to do that.  When I finally caught up with my other tables and explained to that one, that I decided to throw there breakfast--not like they had not seen it all---I returned to clean up my own Dam mess.  Just as I started, the busier--- one of the people for that---walked up and started staring at me.  I started yelling "Don't worry I got this!" repeatably at him until he walked away.   Anyways, I did not feel the oatmeal would come off of my work shirt by using our home sink, tub, and or potty.  And our washer is down for the count at the time being.   Devistating news with a family of five if you hate laundry mats.  So if any readers out there want to get us a great Christmas gift....    So I got up way to early this morning -found coffee-of course and came to the laundry mat.  While here I thought I would type out some drivel and call it a blog, drink more coffee, and watch it rain.  A rare treat in the desert.  More fun when everyone walking out in the rain acts like they are going to melt if any rain water actually hits them.   It also just means that my commute to work is going to be twice as long, because no one in the desert can drive in the rain.  Or ANY weather condition besides full on sunshine, although that is even highly questionable.  
         At least with the rain it is feeling a little more like Christmas time, it really is right around the corner and I am not feeling it at all this year.  Maybe because I have to work so much.  I am greatly slacking at present buying, not new for me, but maybe even more so than any other year.  I have shared a lot of my shopping methods and holidaze ideas in past blogs, but I believe my favorite shopping method is still to hit 7-11 on Christmas Eve and fill up my basket with 40's of beer, Twinkies, and condoms!   If your on my shopping list  you know what to look forward too!   Sorry about ruining the surprise.  
                     All the kiddos are on winter break until next year dun dun dun!      Wait that's not the Jaws music.... 
                                                                                                                 **"Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am awake."**
Rv on fire on I 10 about Rita Road. Highway is a parking lot Good thing I have me coffee--This was a few daze back on my way to work.  I heard about the fire, but was not able to get off the highway in time.  Being in gridlock made me wonder, if it counts as texting and driving   when you are not really moving?   Anyways, the fire was out by the time I finally neared the accident.  But it was a newer -very nice full sized RV that was 90 percent gutted by the flames.   
              **What are you doing reading this blog---shouldn't you be out shopping for my Christmas presents!??**
                                                                                                                                                                                                  No   keep reading, I am always fully surprised at how many views this very page gets.  And thank you for each and every one of them!    My newest Exploring blog page also needs tons of views.   Please take a look around and help me get the word out.  It really is  a great page, if I do say so myself.
         I am tired of sitting here, and my laundry appears to be done, AND I am currently out of coffee --so I am going to cut this post short and leave you all with a warm wish for an amazing and family filled Christmas!    I will return soon with many pictures and jokes like most of the posts.   Sorry.  

Sunday, December 18, 2016

12/18/2016 O Wow--Should Start Shopping Soon

              Greetings this fine but chilly evening!    Yes it does get cold in the desert--although every summer I forget, while it is 120 in the shade every Dam day.  But again compared to most of the country, we are still in a heat wave.  Although I did wake up to frost on our car windows.  I luckily did not have to be at work at all today, so just rolled back in bed until the sun decided to work it's magic--even for a short amount of time.  I grew up in Wyoming and always had all the winter gear, but here am slowly misplacing most of it.   We do not have an ice scrapper anymore  so if I had had to appear at work this morning I would of had to use a credit card to scrape the ice off my windows.  Or at scrape enough of a hole in my wind shield to see out.  Than be thankful that this is a newer rig, and the defrost actually defrosts the window instead of kicking snow in the front vents making it seem like you were driving a snow globe down the road!  And than laugh at the 80 cars in the ditch I would pass --because no one in the desert can stay on the road unless it is full on sunshine outside, and even than it is deeply questionable.  I am writing this tonight from the Benson laundry mat---a class less joint for sure.   It has been a long while since we have needed a laundry mat, but our washer has done gave up for the time being ---family of fives clothes and all  it is no longer a washer but an errrrr.   ;)     I am glad that my computer is working here, the Internet is basically useless at our house at the moment.  I am most glad that no one else is in the laundry mat.  Judging my make shift office.    *Fake it till you make it! *    Something I exclaim a lot at work --because apparently even after almost three years, I have not yet fully made it.  Some day I will click my heels together and be a real server---but that day is not today! 
                                                                                                               Above is the only cold weather picture I can get behind right now~!                                                                                                                                                                                                               
                                                                                      **"I what I want, until my wife enters the room."**---- I often refer to the first part of this at work, especially when my bosses are out of ear shot. Mainly because my official head boss, *my beautiful wife does not work with me.   I added the whole sentence recently to my Facebook profile   when you first load up my page.       My wife ---who sadly spends to much time in and out of hospitals   and has been air vacked by helicopter to many times in the last few years added the following to her profile.   And it makes me laugh each time I see it, but also makes me deeply sad at the same time.     .... *"I enjoy expensive helicopter rides to near by hospitals."**
                                                                                                                                                                                       **"I have road rage---the end."**---Now that I am back on the road again, I can safely state this    although my "road rage seems to be the worse while trying to shop or get around big uns at Wally World who seem to think they should take up the entire isle to shop and talk  and maybe sample half of the bag of chips while they are at it.  It seems if they can not take up the entire isle   they turn there carts fully sideways in the isle  to make sure and take up any walking space.   As far as actual road rage      I guess its a good thing I only drive 60 miles one way to work.  ;)
                                                      So I consider Mc Donald's an enema of sorts for me. Exactly 10 minutes after eating there I have to I have to take an enormous #2! Why is there no commercials for this?? **Picture a bathroom stall, you can just see someones shoes swaying as he/she sings "da da da da da da I'm Loving it!!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If you suddenly wake up and finally find everything coming your way. Your probably driving in the wrong lane
                                                                                                                                                                                                **"In case I ever get in an accident, my blood type is coffee!"**
                                                                                                                        **" What do you call under cover cops??
Pigs in a blanket!!"**
Possibly the best gift I am giving this holiday season.   Jesus soap on a rope.  Merry Christmas Professor Getty~!
                                                                   To all y all in Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Boston and beyond freezing your butts off. I am currently stuck in a construction zone with my A/C running full - blast :-) just sayin---I just posted this online a few daze back.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                      If no one ever comes from the future to stop you from doing something, it cant be that bad of an idea to try

The other day I posted a few pictures from sun rise.   A very rare posting in allllllll the pictures I take .    Here are a few of sunset last week on the way to our daughters Christmas choir concert.
Of course it was wonderful---the concert not the sunset.    I have more pictures of course.   Will appear in an Exploring page very very soon.    I think I was most happy that the concert actually had Christmas music.   So many schools are steering away from such music or even concerts because they might offend someone.  If Merry Christmas or Jesus offends you---you should not be reading this blog page for sure.   Just sayin'
Have you checked out my Exploring Arizona blog page?   Full of pictures and Exploring from across amazing Arizona!    Please check it out and share the links with your friends.

Guess where I was Exploring on this day?   
Where are you Exploring today???
Just a shot of the wonderous place I work, just before leaving the sun and going to work. 
New buddy just outside work. While I was deciding if I should clock in or call out sick from the parking lot

Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12th---O My!

                                       Guess where this picture was takin'?   Lol

           Hello all!   As the might holidaze approach  you see the sights and sounds of all of the holiday shoppers -gradually getting more hectic and frantic as they forget all together what the season is really about.  This year seems to have started out bad for most and is only getting worse as time quickly ticks on.  Maybe it is just me, but what little time I have spent out with the shopping masses, away from work--I see highly aggressive and angry people that did not have any spirit at all to loose in the long freakin' check out lines.  I ventured to Wally World the other afternoon before work, to pay my cell phone, and the whole place was a virtual and physical mad house.  Just from that short trip, I am no not sure at all how I worked eight years in retail in the mist of this "fun."  I guess it's different when you are working and not shopping.   At least were I work now in the casino-- the eaters have the chance to be winning big money--so they are much calmer --although they for the most part seem to have all magically spent all of there tip $ on Christmas gifts!  Although they had just enough money to order three meals for each of there overly hungry guests at the table.  Five guests, $120 ticket---$2 dollar tip  seemed to be the norm the other day.   I guess my kiddos and I do not need Christmas gifts as much as you needed to grow your belly and than go gamble away more than we will be spending total for the next four Christmas mornings.  I should relish and read my own advice, in this very post and in holiday blog posts from my past, and celebrate what this season is really about, and be glad that --like most servers I am actually independently wealthy and do not really need any ones tips!  ;)    What did I mostly gain from all of this---that my wife and my late night, after midnight trips to Wally World, really are the best---by far.  Pretty much no shoppers and such.   Or that all of my shopping is going to be done online this year. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This very blog page keeps many of you coming back---although I am never certain why!?   And I thank each and every one of you for that.  Especially my mother--easily my biggest fan.  Although I am sure she cringes a lot over spelling and such while reading each and every blog post.  Sorry.  ;)    My Exploring Arizona sight needs more readers----Many  more posts and pictures in the works for that amazing sight.   But also many current posts to check out and enjoy while you are waiting for new Exploring.     Check it Where are you Exploring? With purchasing OUR new vehicle-  and my beautiful wife fixing my favorite camera  I have finally started taking pictures and getting out more.  When work allows of course.   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                **"I would enjoy mornings MUCH more if they started MUCH later in the day!"**-- A few daze back I snagged an early in the morning start at work, pain in my butt, because I am used to afternoon and night starts.   But it allowed me to leave work early in the day --get my tips and run!    Anyways, long story boring, that morning, I posted this thought full status online.  
                                                                                                                                       Stole this but it's great for the Facebook numbers crap that's been going around the sight **FACEBOOK GAME** Inbox me your Bank Account or Credit Card number (be sure to give me expiration date and 3 digit security code) and I will post in my status which bill I paid with it, or which Xmas gift I purchased. Just like the Q&A and Numbers Game...Let the messages begin!!! ~Thank you               
                                                                                                                                                                                                 **"Pimpin' ain't easy---that's why I became a server!"**
                                                                                                                     **"I am only 103% addicted to coffee!"**         
                                                                                                                                                                                              Call me stupid---,many have but I believe if you have kids and you can't afford to pay your rent. Most purchases are not essential.   ---        Just sayin'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              More deep thoughts and quotes in every blog post o mine!   Collect them all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                                                                     Moby's   where I work all decked out for the holidaze.   With stockings for each of us workers hung.  A rare shot with no customers in the joint.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Took forever but got the tree up........

        Lil Charlie Brown tree I found --now up on our seating area on the front porch.  Real tree goes up this week!   Pictures and thoughts to come of course. 

                                                                                                                                                                                         Out Exploring way to early yesterday morning. 
In fact I saw a very rare sight---the sun rise!   Pictures and Exploring blog in the works!
Sun pretty much up ---Found a neat reflection in the new car windows.  Every sun rise and sun set in Arizona has different colors and tones and is equally as amazing.  More pictures to come, this one was mainly posted to show of our new rig.  ;)
So work has an ugly sweater contest coming up, and this is my bet to win---guarded by one our cats.