Thursday, December 29, 2016

Almost A New Year--- Wahoooo!


                                                                                            Hello all!   I am about to wrap up an amazing and relaxing day off work, for a change.  Change in during the holidaze I don't get much time off, and when I do it is usually far from relaxing.  I woke up late to it raining, and about canceled my plans for my youngest and I to roam around Tombstone, but when my wife asked if the rain would make me melt--I decided we could go out in it--it was the town to tough to die after all.   I love Tombstone and have many many pictures from our trips there.  Now we live about 15 minutes from the amazing town.  I got some new pictures today of course, but not to many --because although the rain did go away, it was still cloudy all day.   I even got some shots of things I have never seen in the town before.  It was kind of surprising how many things were closed down--I guess the town really is a summer tourist trap.  In fact both of the cheaper restaurants we had planned on eating in , were closed.   But it was still a great --short trip.   I of course will post more pictures soon in my Exploring blog page.   Or feel free to check out all our trips to Tombstone and beyond    do it now!


   We also woke up to no power this morning---maybe early afternoon,   hey my wife is sick--the kiddos are all on winter break, and I never get to sleep in.   And we did not have a way to make coffee this morning, or warm up what was in the coffee pot from the morning before---boooo   so the first stop in Tombstone was sadly--to get coffee---well for me, our youngest is almost 13 and does not really need more energy.  I always say that if I had even half his energy I could keep up three full time jobs.  ;)
                                                                      I might have mentioned this before  but I like coffee!   And Tombstone has some great coffee shops for sure.   Living in Washington and Oregon for so long, were it is always grey skies outside, you can find great to amazing coffee on almost every street corner.   So I got more than spoiled.  And then we moved here.  Were you can find a lizard on every street corner but even decent coffee is very hard to find.  BUT at least my coffee seldom ever goes cold here in the desert!
Speaking of tough enough   two of streets near the mine in Tombstone!

                                                              I might have also mentioned before that I am more than ready for this year to be over with!   And it seems that many of us are in that same boat.   Don't get me wrong--some great things happened this year.   My wife and I are basically back together and living together again, I won the first court case with my ghetto apartments- in like five minutes,  Trump some how became president   , we got an almost brand new car  etc   but for the most part this was a bad year all around.   I also realize you optimists out there are going to tell me that one can be happy anywhere and in any surroundings, and I often use this when I get annoyed with desert life and or at work.  BUT  Dam this constant struggle to not get ahead at all has been ruff this year.  Optimist, acholic or Trump lover.  
Hike partner today   did not know I was taking this picture till it was too late.
Damp day---he was still in shorts   cause he hates long pants lol

More pictures and thoughts and Exploring coming very soon!

New hike partner?
Christmas puppy   "Shadow"

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