Monday, January 2, 2017

If Monday Was A Month It Would Be Named January

Where are you Exploring today?? Exploring Amazing Arizona tons of pictures and posts in the works.
            Welcome to a month and year---same crummy blog page!   I ain't changing nothing about this page or myself for the new year.  ;)   Well see.  I am sure my bosses and or wife have other plans in that department.  I am changing working so much---because I need more time off  me time and family time for sure.   With losing more workers again at work, we will see how much time off they actually approve me.  I feel blessed with this job, and love it for the most part  especially the tips, so am always surprised at how much worker turn over we have   casino wide.  Love my job, just been there to much in the last few months and am nearing burn out   just to clarify.  While many of y' all were out having fun ringing in the new year, I spent 21 hrs at work in two daze.  With very little gap in between shifts.  Don't get me wrong --its always entertaining at work--especially on big holidaze.  And the tips were amazing--I almost made enough to make our car payment in those two daze---don't tell my wife.  And we got to watch one of the new servers have three complete melt downs from the pressure and the volume of customers.  While the newest manager tried to calm down the server, and get her back to serving all the waiting, extra hungry because they were extra drunk customers.  But work is work, no matter how fun your job may be---  and it was definitely busy  busy is busy  but busy with drunk customers can be very tiring  quickly.  Luckily this year---at least to me the customers were happy drunks and I dont even think security had to visit our restaurant once that night.  They came through A LOT last year --waking up drunks, kicking out drunks, arresting drunks stopping fights   all that fun.   
       We splurged a little bit on all that tip money last night and went out to eat.  Going out to eat in Benson is usually a huge miss   I am more picky any time we go out to eat, because I have been a server for so long, but most workers in this town really don't care   they are just trying to collect a paycheck so they can buy more drugs, because there is nothing left loose on porches and such to steal to sell for drugs.  We went to the local Denny's   usually a bad idea.  I have written about this before.   We love Denny's   eat there in our travels across the country all the time, because if nothing else   the food sizes and taste are consistent.  This one here usually sucks, food wise--service wise  etc.    This time they went above and beyond---the whole night   although it started out bad--they had turned off the waffle maker, and could not make me a waffle combo.   Not  a huge deal, but when you have your mind set on a certain food all day----it kind of is.   From than on---they were amazing.  The manager stopped by several times, and even eventually brought out a free waffle they cooked while we were eating.  Freaking bonus!   I will write more about this -in my Exploring blog page---because good service any were is so rare, especially in Benson!   My buddy and I have done decided that no one actually knows how to do there job--in the "professional service industry"   This night the server even got a 25 percent tip from us   VERY RARE for me indeed.   
                                                                         **"Coffee   making Monday's  bearable--no possible!"**
                                                                                                **"If swimming is so good for you  than how do you explain whales?"**
                                                                             **Our kiddos can be pretty great when they choose to be, same with my wife. 
                                                                                                                                                                                   WOOOOO! Happy new year. WOOOOOO! And stuff. WOOOOOOO. sorry just preparing for every customer allll night long as im about to clock in at the casino. BUT tomorrow I can yell at them bright and early and mess with there hangovers :-) back at the fun of work at 8 AM tomorrow morning----My online post before starting work on New Years eve


                                             Lil bit of rain turns Tucson drivers into dee dee dee s. Drive safe AND sober my ---friends----If you have ever seen my page before  you know how I feel about Arizona drivers and the rain   or any kind of weather  ro driving here in general  

**Ok, who's guilty here?
A wife wakes up from a dream yelling ........"hurry my husband's home".....
...the husband wakes up and jumps out the window....

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