Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/29/2017 Sheep Are Safe But NOT Sheeple

         Hello readers this afternoon-and I know by looking at my views on this here blog sight  that there are many of you out there.  I am never sure why--but thankful just the same.  ;)  Because although I take great comfort and joy out of reading my old posts -it's much like a journal for me, where I try to keep the bad stuff out  and entertain myself first -I am my best reader- and than in hopes entertain the pants off of many of you.  I did a really rare thing for me today--and slept in.  Not really on purpose, but it was nice.   Although I don't really enjoy not down time much.   So as I type this in the afternoon I am also still enjoying a nice pot of coffee or three!  The later I leave work in the last few weeks, the more I have to decide what kind of beverage will keep me awake on the long commute home.  It has been chilly at nights, so I have been drinking coffee more nights than not.--- those nights I drink a distant 2nd place drink---Rum and Coke---joking, Cherry Pepsi.  The later I leave work the key is to buy a large enough caffeine filled beverage to keep me awake all the way home but not keep me awake the rest of the night once I finally do return home.  Something I got rather good at while working the dreaded grave yard shifts in my past.  Although than I was far more likely to fall asleep on the long drive home.  Than I also really did want to just sleep after I got home.  The sun usually made this very hard for me, but once one becomes tired enough it's not so much of a factor.  
      The other day on the way to work, I started getting phone calls from my boss.   The message was asking if I was coming to work on that day.   I had read my schedule wrong  --in fact I had takin' a picture of the posted schedule   and still read it wrong somehow.   After assuring my boss that I was on the way, I had until than thought I was running early, and stating I was about 20 minutes from work, I attempted to look at the tiny picture of my schedule on my phone.  To tiny to to achieve this--I than tried to kick myself for being late, a hard task as you are driving---and tried to just get to work.    Because of traffic   another hard task it turned out.  I was hitting EVERY street light on red.  Including the one in front of the casino where I work, A light that I basically never-ever hit red.  By than I was throwing things and maybe uttering some adult words.  I got to work, just 40 minutes late---but many daze they are just happy I even show up.  We have had a lot of vehicles go dead on the side of the road through the years. Next post I really will talk about my last road trip--a road trip that had very little actual road in it.  Unless I have succeeded in fully blocking the day out of my memory.  ;)  Of course I got some good pictures in along the way.   

                                        Unless perhaps you hike with me!  
                                                                                                                                    Another fine blog page of mine--at least in my book, a very boring book indeed-is my Exploring Arizona page-----full of my pictures and our Exploring across this amazing state.  I have been trying to update much more on this page, but there are still a ton of posts to roam through while you wait for me to stop slacking.     Please check it out and share the links if you enjoy!

Forget the plane -Road trip!!

   **" If poor people had more money they would just blow it on buying things"**--- The Onion.

                             **"What came first?    The taco......or the Tuesday?"**

  **"I found out that saying "there, there little girl" to a pissed off grown man, only makes things worse."**

                                                                                                                                                                                   **"I'm pretty sure if they took all porn off the Internet, there would be one web sight left---and it would be called "Bring back the porn sights!"** -----Scrubs

                                     **"Woman are made to love not to understand."**
... But sheep are safe!

                      So earlier in the week I put a post up on Facebook asking for someone to please epxlain the recent woman's march to me.  I have done some actual research and such  but keep coming out more confuggled.  I get that lots of people may not like Trump as president, Trump as anything---although I think a main reason I do like him is that he also does not really think before he speaks---or does he...    Maybe there is a lot of thought put into what he says, and he really does know what he is talking about, sometimes.  But I can't for the life of me connect this hate for him to fighting for woman's rights.   More on all of this very soon.   I got some good responses-just no actual answers to my pondering.  Maybe someone here was at one of the marches or knows someone that was--and they could enlighten me a little more.....    I was mostly happy that I got the word "sheeple" into my thoughts.   actually sheep  le-because my phones spell check did not like the "word."

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