Monday, January 30, 2017

Good Day For Some Coffee!

    Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy coffee?  O-- every blog post on this here page --you say?  OK  I might type and talk about it a little to much.  ;)  At the moment I am downing some coffee trying to get motivated enough to actually get some things done.  It is Monday--for the most part I like Monday's -maybe because I am usually off work.  The only time I really do not enjoy having Sunday and Monday off of work---is when Monday houses a holiday.  And that happens a good deal.  And when I am working on Monday's because- they give out tons of early bird specials at work, and figuring out the discounts hurts my head.  I have now typed Monday to many times I do believe.  Especially for those of you, like Garfield the cat  whom hate the day.   He believes that Monday the 13th could easily be the worse day in the world to ever leave bed, and even staying in bed on that day is highly questionable for your own safety.  Anyways we do not have a branch of our bank in this little village of a town, so I must venture down the road to a "real" city.  I spend so much time in Tucson for work, that I am not going there.  If I get motivated soon, I am sneaking a little Exploring hike into the works today also.  

So many trails   So little time!

That's funny right there--I don't care whom you are!

       Come on kick in coffee!!  If so, of course those pictures will be up very soon.   Speaking of new pictures----please check out my favorite -personal Exploring blog sight.  All around amazing Arizona     Beautiful Arizona! All local pictures and Exploring. New page looking for more readers and support. MANY new posts, pictures, and ideas in the works! Please come Explore with us.

Next Exploring blog post takes us to Red Rock and beyond. 
Picture filled of course!

                 **"Beer helps me tolerate your stupid face!"** ---After a few gallons of coffee each morning, about afternoon I like to switch to some Cherry Pepsi-and than on a really good day--like perhaps today, being off work and all   this caffeine keeps me awake enough to enjoy a few brews.  

  **" If poor people had more money they would just blow it on buying things"**--- The Onion.
        With tax season right around the corner---I had to share this one again.  Of course our taxes are going to be stalled once again this year.  On at least two aspects it seems.  Not the best news when we are attempting to get at least one more vehicle around here .  So it does not seem like I am leaving my beautiful wife and kiddos stranded here -while I am always at work and such.  I am   but with another rig going at least they can do there thing also.   Taxes stalled from this end---someone high up in the chain ---the chain that seems to get dumber the higher up one goes, and the further from actual customer interactions one becomes.  They suddenly do not think we are claiming the right amount to the IRS, as servers---they probably are not claiming even close to enough as rich people.  At any rate, we get to wait for a 2nd W-2 form before filing.  With any luck at all --this does not cause the IRS workers to audit us.  A big reason we are going to a professional tax preparer this year, if I get audited, we are covered.  AND on top of it all---the IRS just announced that people filling early this year git to wait an additional 3+ week wait for returns on anyone that files early.  WTF?   We always file early to avoid this wait.  I did not bother to read the actual report, so have no idea what the extra wait time is for.  Maybe they need all of there tax workers to look into Trumps back taxes or something equally as important for sure.  

I believe I took this picture in Benson....   lol  No but they do like there meth.  

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  1. I love coffee. I had to drastically cut back because of my insomnia and diabetes. I like a little coffee with my sugar, lol.