Friday, January 20, 2017

            Cheers this fine evening everyone!    I might or might not be drinking a few brews this fine but chilly night.  But in my defence, I earned them.  I just finished working ten daze in a row at work.  Ten very busy nights at that.  Partly because we have no coverage as far as workers and partly because at the end of all of this fun, I earned a beer or three.  NO  I earned four days off work in a row.  If I refuse to answer my phone, that is.  ;)  Our youngest turns 13 tomorrow and I had attempted to be here for his big party--on a Saturday, not the easiest of tasks when you work in customer service.  To get me Friday -today and his birthday off, the manager pulled some strings, and than also rotated me back to my usual Sunday and Monday off work.  But to get all this I got to work ten daze in a row.  I might have mentioned that part before.  And how by about day eight I was ready to call out sick from my works parking lot.   Some where along the way my beautiful wife ended up back in the hospital and birthday boy ended up coming down with strep throat  ---first diagnosed as tonsillitis, by a crazy person--but I will tell that story another day.  He is betterer now, but we thought it best to push his party back until next weeksend.  Especially after I heard ten 13 year olds were going to be here for a sleep over.  That's also about the time I asked my boss to keep me later at work that night---I joke.  ;)    So tomorrow him and I are going to find some were kool to Explore.  I wanted to go up the big mountain here --and check out the recent snow, but as of this morning the road was closed due to even more recent snow.  It is sticking to tons of rain here in the valley so far, per the forecast for a change.  But the forecast called for an amazing 100 percent chance of rain tonight.  I do not really like to Explore on weeksends---because everyone is doing the same.  But I think the rain will keep the masses away for the most part.   Anyways we will have new pictures and stories to tell   where ever we end up tomorrow.  If nothing else random rambling about how old we feel, having a 13 year old...    
So many trails   So little time!

        Part of my daze off is catching up on everything---- from sleep to family time.  And blog posts is on the list  on this very page and my Exploring page.   PLEASE roam around that page and tell me what you think
 All my pictures ----all our Exploring   Please check out the blog sight and share with your friends if you enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
                                           From coffee to Pepsi to beer on a great day!                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                                                      I am also having a few brews tonight---because it really does seem to help with my writing process.  And because my wife hates the smell of beer, but she is not here tonight.   She is on a very rare night out with the ladies.  I got her a gift card for the casino I work at, and the card can be used almost anywhere in the joint from massages to food.  I really do not expect to see her tonight.   But this gives me leeway to take a road trip on Sunday---just me and my Christmas puppy to ----to who knows where.  I have no real plan.  If the puppy travels well, we might just spend the night in a lil motel and I will attempt to get more blogs and such done.  I will also have even more pictures where ever the road takes me.  
Shadow and I being lazy while the kiddos were still at school. 
Part of my extended weeksend from work is getting things done-- Blog posts, house stuff, new pictures, hangin' with the family, etc. Also on the list is to really start to take down Park View Apartments Living there was a joy for about two weeks. Anyways I just got my final move out bill from them, and I have to say I have not laughed that hard in a long while. $1400 worth of crap in fact ;) Including paying for carpet cleaning on carpet I know they tore out and replaced, Full move in costs, because I broke the lease--Nope and easily most comical they are charging me court fees after THEY took me to court and lost I don't think it works that way. More fuel for the fire, only now I have time to deal with it.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dam you IRS. Delayed file for me yet again. I have been a server off and in for years, but someone up there decided I don't know what to claim to the IRS. I'm super bad at math but I can still figure 10 percent of my food sales, in my head even! Do I make more than that you ask? NEVER!

                                                                                     **Our neighbor asked of she could borrow our vacuum cleaner. I said yeah as long as you don't take it out of the house.**. 
                                                                                                                                                                             ** Why do vending machines have to be soooo homophobic, I'm sorry my dollar bill isn't straight enough for you!**.      

                                    **"It's never to late to go back to bed!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                **" I am NOT racist I hate everyone equally!"**---Posted this online on Martin Luther King day, after calling it a fake holiday several times.  Luckily work saw it as a real day and we got extra pay all day long.  Yes the banks were closed and such, but our garbage man showed up, and they NEVER come on real holidaze.  Just sayin'  :)   In fact we heard him down the road, and had to race the garbage out to the curbs.  Fake curbs because we live in the middle of no where on dirt roads.  Online I was not brave enough to tell people that if they were celebrating the day by eating fried chicken and waffles and washing it down with some grape Kool Aid    they were my kind of people/readers.   But on here--anything goes~!
                                          **" If you smoke after sex, you are doing it to fast!"**
   As we go back to rain and more rain here in the greater Tucson area   I believe I over heard this in a conversation just the other day....     **"Water makes me wet!"**

                       **"Calm is a super power!"**
     More deep quotes and thoughts in each of my blog posts Check It 
                                                                                                                                                                                   OK   quickly and lastly   for now---I voted for Trump---Trump somehow won--Trump got sworn into office today and sworn at ---as riots across this morbid country arose.  As in most things from being gay to being a Hillary supporter---as long as you don't push your beliefs or thoughts on me, I couldn't care less.   He is OUR president    build a bridge and git over it!   

      Unless you are Mexican    than you might be building bridges for other reasons......

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