Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cats Every Where

     Hello all this chilly morning!  The desert was on a freeze watch last night, at least near Tucson.   The surrounding mountain like structures have been getting a good deal of snow this year, although the roads up seem to be closed every time I have a day off work.  I type mountain like structures because I grew up in the heart of Wyoming --with the Rockies Mountains in my back yard.  Here does not compare in size, feel, or snow amounts, heck mountain is even in the name of the mountains back home.  But we also trade 9 months of snow, cold, and ecck for -not that.  Almost to much not that--when it hits 110 in the shade a few months from now.   Flagstaff Arizona has been getting pounded with snow this year also.  I would love to go up that way and get some pictures and great hikes in, but it is a longer trip than I really want right now, heck -last week I couldn't even make it out of Tucson without issues---more on that fun minus the fun in my next blog post.  And another thing stopping me from making the trip to Flagstaff right now, is that I know I can drive in snow, but many people -especially desert people-can not.  Even if they are snowbirds here fleeing a snowy state, when they get to the desert they forget how to drive in any type of weather conditions. And Flagstaff is full of Sedona residents --checking out the snow.  Enough said if you have ever been to the area, or lived in either area.  Although it is fair turn about when residents of Flagstaff get to cold and venture just down the hill to Sedona to warm up.

` So for whatever reason we have four cats roaming around our house.   Every time you open the front door it is a revolving door of animals wanting in or out.  I do not like cats.  They started out as kittens, which is probably how they got snuck in the house.  Kittens are not cats yet, so not stupid.....   Like many things I do not think I can explain my logic here to cat lovers or anyone that might be reading this --so I will stop that sentence.  Anyways at the moment I have an "office" on our kitchen table and as soon as I open my laptop up--the  cats all swarm----ooooh something new, the blinky mouse icon is fun to chase, bright lights---shiny, -whatever cats think interests them.  Although most of these same things--attract me.   I must stray a great deal here from talking about annoying cats here--- and tell a story from years ago.   My wife and I were travailing home, across Arizona in the middle of the night.   We blew a car tire---vehicle tire, I have no idea what we were driving than.   We had no flashlight of course.  So as we were attempting the change the tire my wife kept hitting the button on our cell phones, that let the light shine up---this bright, strangely glowing lights attracted all of the insects in the area to me---crawling under the vehicle.  I do not know if you have been to the desert or have lived here---but everything is sharp, and wants to eat you.   So being swarmed by hundreds of bugs is never an ideal situation, but especially annoying and maybe dangerous in the desert.  Although our cats wont harm us --much  and I don't think they wish to eat us, maybe if they were to go to many daze with out cat food down---they are still annoying.  Every time I get up from my chair---at least one cat takes the chair and the warm spot.   They keep walking across my keyboard ----and most of the time I don't need help making my posts harder to read or understand.   The list could go on forever, but I am typing with one hand, while the other is tossing cats away from my work station.  And I am already bored with this conversation.   I will sit back, keep typing, keep guzzling coffee and wait for angry cat ladies to write me.   Them or my boss---who is beyond a lover of cats.  A few lonely years from now he might very well be the male version of the famed cat lady that lives down your street.   I will keep you posted on his fame and any negative comments I may get this week.  Right after I stop laughing from reading them.   ;)
                                                                                So we live in an amazing little town-in the middle of no where with some land---great! We have that one neighbor right across the street--that makes this place less enjoyable --His whole family is annoying, but luckily we can be more annoying-Always. The main issues is the step dad--whom happens to be African American. On our computers and such --we can always see when there Wi-Fi is on, but not use it-----so we know they can see ours----How wrong is it/or not wrong that last night I changed my view able Wi-Fi name to Chicken & Waffles??   

        **"When you mentioned friends with benefits, I thought you owned a coffee shop."**

                          **"Fortune favors the bold!"**--Professor Getty. 

                   **"I can't believe it's 2017 and it still takes 9 months to download a baby."**

    **" If you can't recall my name, just yell coffee and I will turn around!"**

  **"I will post this stuff to entertain you.  If it offends you, well..   Than it entertains me!"**

    **"Coffee. Mother nature's all natural laxative 😉it helps you go poo!"**

                   **"Did I say that out loud!?"**

          I try to keep deep quotes and thoughts in each and every one of my blog posts.  Check out past ones for much more. Among 22 projects that I have been starting and not finishing and work and family life and such I have been trying to post more on all my blog sights--finally.  Hope you enjoy!   I am even posting again -slowly on my Exploring Arizona blog page.   Full of our Exploring and my personal pictures along the way.  Please check it out----

       And lastly for today---your welcome!  :   
So with my recent tire troubles I'd like to thank the couple that drove me all the way to Motel Six that night and wouldn't take any gas $. And Waldo for getting me back to the vehicle that next day I paid your kindness forward helping push a truck that ran out of gas just before the station to the pumps---More on all this, as I said in my next blog post.   

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