Saturday, January 21, 2017

Birthdays And Thoughts Of Being Old

     Hello everyone this fine afternoon.  I had big plans to wake up early-ish, it is my daze of work-and bust out another blog post while guzzling coffee    and than our baby--who is turning 13   Today-so not a youngster anymore --would go find an adventure, some free birthday cake and of course some pictures would be took.    Hopefully enough to do an Exploring Arizona blog page update later tonight.   I will be updating that page a lot in the next few daze, because am very behind in updates.  Anyways -bed felt to good this morning and I am behind in my own made up schedule.  With three kiddos -we gave up actually planning anything years ago.  Very hard for me, because I like planning everything to the last detail well before it happens--except for the words coming out of my mouth---or that I type on here---I enjoy being as surprised as y'all and those around me when I speak.  ;)   We were going to go up the big mountain-for here, and Explore the new snow and such---but power is out up there today and the road up is closed, so I am still not sure were we are heading.   Birthday surprise is a surprise to me also at the moment.   
     Through all this I am trying not to ponder on the fact that our youngest is now 13.  It really does not bug me at all, except that I am not yet 40 and have almost a full head of grey hair.   To soon.  As I get older, I would be fully fine with just skipping my birthdays each year.  Although my family KL;ALALALKDKDDUIEUEUEUEU----*sorry one of our cats just felt the urge to walk across my keyboard. ;)    ...Although my family won't usually let me skip my birthday some how.  I usually find myself at work---and most work places don't let you skip either.   My wife has been getting younger for the past few birthdays and  is now stuck at age 28 I believe it is.  When your younger you can't wait for your birthday  in fact you start the countdown like 4 months before the actual date.  I'm not sure when this changes, but probably around 21 for most.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Billings MT airport Happy Life is Good guy!
   Anyone know what a tax W2-C form is?   I "git" to file one this year---and I am afraid to Google it to find out what it means.   In short my tax return is going to take even longer again this year.   I already received my regular W2 forms  but have to wait for the other forms to be mailed out before I can do any filling. I made ---as far at the government knows , over $26,000 last year as a part time server.   A few quick thoughts right here---before I go off on a longer rambling about all the people that say that being a server is not a real job.  Most of these same people could not ever handle being a server--just think of your last dining out experience in a real sit down restaurant  could you deal with yourself -AND be nice ----Many of these same people- work full time -and make less cash.   This is also not as much as I really made----unless you work for the government---    Although I often wonder were all my cash goes.  ;)  More on this  when I am more awake and more angry.   
Just sayin'
I won't be truly happy until there is a disorder named after me!
I am going to keep this post short   because we are ready to hit the road!   Ill have many actual new pictures up soon.  From today and beyond.    Please check out my newest Exploring Arizona blog page and spread the word.

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