Friday, January 27, 2017

1-26-2017 Don't Say Happy Friday To Cust. Service Workers

          Hello everyone this fine morning!   Yes I did type morning.   I very rarely makes new posts lately and when I do it is even more rare to be in the morning.  And to type fine morning in the same sentence---not sure ever been in one of my blogs before---* I would like mornings much better if they started around noon!  I do have coffee and am starting to thaw out, just a lil bit.  Although I am far from being able to claim to be awake.  Several large events are in the Tucson area, and yesterday was another beyond busy day at work, with a short handed staff.  I think today will be about the same, at least hope so tip wise.  

    **" Yesterday was super busy at work again. Hopefully today follows suit--- Big tips * Big tips * NO wammies!"**

      Today is Friday--the day on the calender, not an actual Friday for me.  I would not know what to do with an actual work week.  I do not want one for the most part.  Weekends usually bring in bigger tips, and I don't like crowds while on hikes and Exploring and such, so enjoy being able to take most of my day trips while most of y'all are slaving away at work.  And you might think we would have more of a crew on, but at the moment we have four servers total on my crew.  Great for tips   not so great if you fall behind making desserts or some other thrill with you many tables.  Before I complain any more---I truly do love this job, it could easily be the best job, work wise-tip wise-boss wise-and benefit wise I have ever had.  And I have had a lot of jobs in the past.  I think I have posted them all on here before, and will refrain from doing so again today-because it would fill up the rest of my writing space.   One of the events right now is the gem show--- I was going to put this in quotes--as a fake event, but the town fills up for this show  and it is two weeks long.  Plus I have never been before, so I guess I can not fully judge.   Maybe I will use one of my upcoming daze off work to sneak to the show and stare at rocks and purdy gems.   Probably not.  ;)  I am glad that I took my mini road trip last week though--because motel rates at least triple across the board during this event---if you can even find a motel room.  More, as promised about my last road trip--with very little road--soon  but not this fine morning.  I don't feel like typing about all that today.  

   I have also been trying to update and promote my Exploring Arizona page.   I got two brand new posts up earlier in the week.  And have loads more coming!   Full of my personal pictures and our local Exploring.    Please check out the page: 

        Gonna start having a weekly roll call, to make sure we're good for when we dominate the galaxy. Comment if you're alive and ready to start planning the end of the world ----   So recently I have found it rather amusing to add people with the same name as me on my Facebook page.  I now have like 50 some and they are a good chunk of my friends list.  Plus I find it funny when a Steven Adams or 12 likes a status I post.  Anyways the above status was published by another fine gentleman with the same name--followed by MANY replies  mostly from others with the same name.  Confused yet?  Just think how confusing it will git when we take over.....  ;)

Maybe we need a flag to plant near were we each reside!?

   **"My coffees powers better activate soon. Sneaking into work early. Just another day in paradise!"**---I posted this yesterday---well before my coffee was helping me function.  Usually by the time I get to work, I have a long commute for those of you that did not get the memo, I have so much caffeine in me that I scare the new workers.  The others just go with the thoughts that I suffer from turetes syndrome.  Wait!  We never have new workers....  And in many cases I look around and find I am the only one laughing at my jokes.  Kind of like on this very page!   But that is OK--because at least I am amused.   And possibly many of the other Steven Adams--because we have many of the same mind waves.   Right now I am mainly trying to use my cups of coffee to keep me warm.   My fingers are exposed and not enjoying all of this here typing.  Going into work early once again also amuses me, because I work full time hours, for sure-but on paper am still a part timer.   I once again really think this is about to change, but not going to jink myself this time, by saying any more than that about all that.   All that work time does not really help my paycheck, because I make server wages.  But the tips are nothing to laugh at.  Although I often wonder were all the $ goes.  
I love Lego's in fact we have been to Lego Land in CA--
But I do not think I have seen this set in stores yet. 
Maybe they should build this wall around Lego Land.
I STILL think an electric fence on the boarder would be way more effective and fun.
But what do I know

  **"I do dangerous stunts and tricks in front of homeless people because I know they can not try them at home..."**

                           **"Don't have phone sex, you might get hearing aids!"**

And now your moment of Zen....

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