Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coffee Makes Me Awesome!

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Birthday boy up by the big "T" Tombstone, Arizona                                                                                           
         Hello all this cloudy morning!  It is back to rain in the desert, and I couldn't be happier.  I love a good soaking, especially in the desert where the weather usually goes from partly sunny-to fully sunny to hot, to dark.  As in night time.  Our baby is turning 13 this weeksend, and I had asked work for the day before and his birthday off, weekend days--so not my normal for sure.  To pull this off they did give me Friday and Saturday off, and than put me back on my normal Sunday Monday off--four daze in a row--I am not answering my phone for anything!   But to git this block of no work -I must survive working ten daze in a row, without hurting anyone.  A feat indeed.  ;)  Today marks day 6.  To add to all of this--the birthday boy recently came down with strep throat-so we are pushing his actual party back a week.  Almost glad I will not be off--ten teenagers on a sleep over-although I will be home long before the party is over.  And hopefully before mommy crashes from all the birthday fun.  I see some birthday fun indeed--since I am off work--some chores around the house for me, and hopefully a mind clearing road trip for me before returning to work.  In the mix also this ten day stretch at work--the managers have finally decided maybe I should be a trainer for the newbie servers.  If they can find anyone that can pass the background checks the casino hiring puts you through.  I have trained servers and such before at other jobs, but my managers are overly nervous about me training here.  In short --they really don't have anyone else that wishes to do so, and they know that my methods are often far from by the book---but I have been doing this for a long time---both not going by the book and playing server---so I make great tips and have a lot to teach.  My main issue with training servers, is that I can read customers pretty quickly--as I am walking up to the table and as we are meeting each other.  That said I do not approach or handle any two tables the same.  This kind of thing is not teachable---and does not provide the consistency at each table -my training program --yes I have paper work to kind of go by while training.  I will approach this like pretty much every day at work and  *Fake it till I make it!  In many's eyes, after almost three years --I still have not made it.   ;)

     **I wonder if midgets ever start out there stories with when I was little...??**
                                                                                                               **Studies have shown that drinking coffee every day makes you awesome!"**---Back to the *Fake it till you make it quote for me I guess.  But I do love a great cup of coffee  or three in the AM.
                                                                                                                                                       **"Coffee fuels my sarcasm, what fuels you're stupidity??"**                  
                                                                                                             **"  I seriously thought about doing stand up comedy, but I like to sit down to much."**    
                                                                                                                                               **" Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!"**---      I am not sure where I came across this quote---but I LOVE IT!   Makes me want to call out from work and take a long winding dirt road to no where.   To see some of our Exploring around Arizona and lots of my personal pictures please check out my blog sight    More pictures and blog posts in the works.                        
                                                                                                                                                                                                         **"I want to git chocolate wasted!"*---Grownups the movie. 
                                                                                                          I isn't a blonde moment when it lasts 18 years...
                                                                                                       **      I may be crazy, but crazy is better than stupid!!  **   
                                                                                                              I used to do a section each Friday called mini rants---were I got up on my soap box and rambled about something that was really annoying me that week.  I think I am going to bring those back, starting with some talking about how many view being a server as not a real job.   Type in mini rants on this blog page---and some golden ones will pop up for you to read---I would not classify the following as a mini rant   but close    --posted online a few daze back after more issues with idiots talkin' crap about me---don't they know that all that coffee I intake makes me awesome?....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It pains / more annoys me how much family, supposed friends, and strangers talk smack about me. April and I came a looking way in the last year. We got a new car, we went from almost fully divorced to living together and being one again, I passed my management certification classes, and I'm nearing three years at an amazing job. A job most of the crap talkers could never land. Yeah when were angry we talk crap about our spouses,but those little angry sentences tell you nothing about the big picture. If I lived fully off my wife, why the hell would I work so much? I know asking these jealous idiots to use logic is a stretch. Like I said we talk crap, but to all the little boys out there, no matter where April and I s roads lead in the day time. We are happy and fully in love and our roads always lead to us together at night      Cliff notes:. After 11 years, I might know what I'm doing. So y all keep pulling your facts about me out of your asses and spewing them, cause no one important is listening. Thanks for playing
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Next post -some thoughts on one of my favorite holidaze---Friday the 13th-which we just had.  And the upcoming fake holiday--Martin Luther King day.   :)   Plus much more random rambling and coffee love of course.  Thanks for being a reader!!           I will also feature more pictures and or jokes next time around, I just got tired today of waiting for the pictures to load.                                                                                                  
                                                                              Bring on the coffee IV and big tips,another crazy day starts now                                

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