Monday, January 23, 2017

1/23/2017 Still Lazy Still Stranded

            Hello this morning Y'all!!   I find myself still stranded today because of the tire blow.  I have kind of set up office here in this big ol lonely bed.  Waiting for the tire shop to open--actually it is open, but enjoying the late check out time just a lil bit.  Plus the tire place is like 20 miles from were I seem to be, and my few friends with vehicles do not wake up the earliest most daze.  I am checking the news, depressing--my bank account-also depressing.  And hoping the tire place in the middle of no where has my tire, or at least something that will get me to Wally World---to wait even more.  We really need two back tires, but that is not happening today   because beyond everything else cash wise, I just had four daze off work--am near the end of those days in fact.  And a car payment comes at the end of the month.   And they and my wife seem to think we should make the car payments on time.  I am also depressed by the small size of coffee cups at this motel.  I had to carry several at a time to get any caffeine in me.  I was figuring on staying at a Motel Six, so brought a big coffee cup of ours to fill-and save the juggling of little cups down the hall ways, because coffee is important, but it is also hot!  In case you did not get that memo.   But the cup is still in our vehicle.  I need lots of cups to warrant the kind of expensive night stay--especially for a Motel Six.   At least I did this fun this week, before the big local gem fest hits, and all the room rates triple, if you can even find a room.  I would have been sleeping with the car, and not needing a ride back to it.  I find myself----and us in Motel Six quite a bit.  For the most part they are reasonable, not really this room--they are the same where ever you may travel  and many of them have free Wi-Fi.   I had figured on staying at this particular motel chain no matter where my travels took me.  I just had also figured on more road in my road trip, and to be further from home when I stayed.  But heck what's an adventure without hardships?   I wouldn't know it any other way.    I also have pictures reflected back from many a mirror in these motels   Almost as many shots as I have of vehicles  by the side of the road, with there hoods up.   And here's one more.....

                                                     In my white and nerdy hoodie.
                                           I am surprised that couple gave me a ride last night ;)

                Through it all  we have been getting some great Exploring in --with  lots of new pictures to share.   Please check out my Exploring Arizona blog page---with updates finally after all my down time last night.      And share the page if you enjoy what you see.
   If you wish to save your clicking finger---to look at more posts on this very entertaining page right here----here are a few of my most recent pictures for your viewing enjoyment.  

Shadow on the look out at home.
I was hopping to bring her on this outage
but she is still very young, and with the issues I am now extra glad she stayed at home.  
Hopefully soon, my next hike partner. 
Not to many people are crazy enough to go on a 2nd hike with me.  
Plus we just got her a snake toy--to devour and realize that snakes are bad--at least in my book.  

With storms through the whole area--some including snow
the clouds over the last week have been amazing.  

So many trails   So little time.

I really thought there would be more here to Explore   
but I still got some great pictures yesterday.
More on this in a soon Exploring blog post. 

Arizona really is beautiful!
I was hoping to stay in this area through sunset-but really needed to get my tire fixed.
More pictures and Exploring from across Arizona coming your way

          **"Ever blown on your ice cream before you ate it, to make sure it's not hot?"**

    **"Have you ever waved good bye while hanging up your phone?"**

  **"Friends are God's way of apologizing for your relatives."**---To bad for the most part no one else can see my friends-because they are invisible and or do not exist.  

   **you know you live in a small town when you put the wrong address on your mail. And still receive your mail.**

   I enjoy a good argument or conversation---but if you can't back up any of your comments--and surrender to name calling and being rude to be rude--you are wasting my time. Anyone can be mean --not everyone can have opions --all are equally valued--no matter how far from your interpretation on matters I may be. Also I reflect what I get from people in a conversation--- "stupid is as stupid does" Just sayin'---Unless it is with my beautiful wife, because I never win those.  Never. 

    **"I am all for alternative power, in fact I am a big fan!"**

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