Friday, February 27, 2015

2/27/2015 As Another Month Is About To Bite The Dust

       Hello all!   After putting out so many blog posts at the beginning of this very month, I have been again been slacking at posts it seems.  Blah blah blah---this is nothing new---Thank you for sticking around as a reader!  For MANY more updates, jokes, coffee love, and just plain random rambling   please check out MY Facebook page on Facebook.   If you scroll down quite a ways, you can also see some thoughts on VD day this year.  A day greatly altered in our minds forever by attending a funeral on that day.  As always my views are not shared by everyone.  Not even by everyone in my house hold.  ;)  Next month is my wife and my 3rd wedding anniversary.  This seems amazing to me.  Not as much that we have been married that long, but that she has not just smothered me with a pillow while I sleep by now.  Maybe it is because I rarely sleep well, and am a very light sleeper that hears everything.  So next month we will be sneaking off for a well deserved night on the town.  Not in this town of course.  A night out here, I believe involves cow tipping, much booze, and a police record.  But in nearby Tucson. 
I am heading there this morning for a dr's appointment and than some Exploring    so I am sure to have some more new pictures to display.   Some day I will have them all organized for my benefit, but not some day soon.    For much more local Exploring please check out and share my newest blog page  at:     A really amazing sight if I do say so myself!

    So while my wife was visiting a dying family member several months ago---her puppy got out of the house, and we have yet to find her.  It seems locally in the last few months LOTS of pets are disappearing, so we are not sure how much of it was actually by accident.  I was at work when it happened, so really had no control over it all.  Anyways, even with my usually better judgement --I found and took my wife to visit a six week old pit bull puppy yesterday.  Amazingly she feel in love with it, and I called the new member to our family --an early anniversary present.   Possibly the best gift I have gotten her in a long while.  

Mr Butch is trying to figure out what the small black good smelling object is.
And why we would bring another pet into the house. 

Us sneaking away as a couple is hard with pets and three kiddos. 
So we usually attempt to do day activities we all can enjoy. 
I believe the above explains it all in a nut shell  or egg shell.
Do you recall the similar terrible TV adds about drugs  and your brain on drugs 
using eggs??

And NO I am not old because I recall the ads!
I don't believe we will have any trouble finding pet watchers for the new puppy though.

More on the above very soon.  

Arn't the things you can learn on the Discovery channel amazing!!

They say you can learn lots of new things by listing to the President speak to
like new words --if its President Bush
but I have not yet tried it. 

So as MANY of you have to deal with snow and snow related issues
this is what we have to deal with in the desert. 

I would say in Arizona, but near Flagstaff just days ago, saw a good deal of snow. 
Even what I would call a lot of snow. 
I grew up in Wyoming---so it takes a lot of snow to impress me.
Either was a school group had to be rescued from the evil white stuff.
Yes here in Arizona, last week. 
But so not an issue in this part of the state

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Greetings Everyone.

                        Greetings everyone!  I have another rare day off work on a Saturday and got to sleep in--some what.  I don't know how much one can call it sleeping in, if you stay up increadalby late.  But it felt good either way.  Now I am drinking lots of coffee and thinking of all the things I should be doing with my time off.  I actually thought I was sneaking into work today--wanting the tips much more than the actual work.  But boss said that would put me over on my part time hours and would not allow it.  I am not sure how that registers since I am about to take many hours off work.    I still get paid for the time off, but it is at my wages---my low wages, meaning I lose out on tips each of those daze.  Anyways we are about to attend a funeral in Salem Oregon.  Actually a celebration of life--- not sure what that means exactly, but we were told we could not wear black to the funeral.  The most interesting part of it all is that this celebration is on Valentines Day.  So much for anyone attending doing anything remotely romantic during the rest of there Valtimes Day.  I am really not looking forward to the long drive---only about 1200 miles one way, but I really am looking forward to the time off work.  Things have become mostly annoying at work over the past few weeks.  And I really need some time off.   Although I am not sure how clear a head I can get while attending a funeral. 

            There are several reasons --mainly the current and ex wife, that I do not see everything for this celebration going smoothly.   I will provide video if it goes south fast for sure though!

How did they know I was going to be on a hike here......
More Exploring at

Ready to Explore!!?

**"This one time at band camp my flute tasted like Ben Gay"**
O the things you over hear at work.....
OK  maybe I am the one that stated this---but still I am sure someone over heard it.
Kind of sort of goes with the deep saying...
"Snap into a Slim Jim has a whole new meaning in a gay bar!"
**"Have you ever gotten into a pillow fight with memory foam pillows? Believe me that is something you will remember."**
**"Want to have some real fun?? Call in sick to places you do not work!"**
More deep quotes and thoughts in every blog post

Mmmmmmm bacon!

Exploring in Sierra Vista still not sure what this blimp is actually used for. Although I have had lots of people try and tell me there version of what it is for. None of the many answers match.

So for those of you that have not heard---many cases of the measles are breaking out.
Most of the cases are now confirmed to have started in Disney parks. 

A few daze back I rambled about how disappointed the Patriots where when they returned home to tons and tons of snow.   Well here is there parade!


Look!   I see another Exploring blog post coming your way in the near future!

As always

**Happy Trails!!**

Friday, February 6, 2015

Some Snow Lingering In Sierra Vista, AZ

            Hello all!   I started this page awhile back in hopes of sharing lots of local adventures and pictures.  I have tons of pictures, features, Exploring, and thoughts in the works.  Across this amazing state I call the land of the sweating sun, but most of you call Arizona!  I am working on a sight to attempt to sell some of my Exploring pictures from across the country.  And to promote this very page.  If you like what you see---PLEASE share the links   so that people that live in Arizona, or whose heart remains in Arizona can view and comment.  Your comments help me make this page better for sure.  For even more pictures and Exploring please check out my Washington state site   at   And my first page   full of Exploring, pictures, random rambling, and lots of coffee love    Please note   this sight is not for those that are not easily amused...    You know  YOU want to check it out  

      A few days back our youngest got suspended from school for reasons the school found much more serious than his mother and I.  I happened to have the day off work and he and I disappeared set to find some adventure.  On this super sunny day, even for February, we had no shortage in full on sunshine.   And ended up in Sierra Vista.   I had intended on ending the day with some museum tours on the army base, but alas all of the museums were closed for maintaince.  


I was very surprised to see so much snow in the mountains still.

Nothing like I grew up with in Wyoming
but for the desert   wow.

Mostly wow, because this was the last forecast out of Tucson for the week. 
Yes the good ol ground hog saw his shadow, 
dooming us to more weeks of this...
ummmmmm OK!

Today we ended up just past this sign.
And learned the hard way not to park in the trail head parking lot. 
We also learned a little bit more how much our youngest really is like his mom, just look at this picture.   ;)

At first from the parking lot we took off up the paved road. 
This soon became boring but I did manage to snap some good pictures before turning back.

Running water in Arizona is so rare  I always get pictures when I find it.

Near the water   deciding if we should pass into private property or not. 
For once, we did not. 

Some extra large magical shrooms  fed by the stream.  

From this point we took off cross country  mostly straight up hill.
It seems that the best views and Exploring is always up hill.
And I really thought we would hook into a trail from the top.
You can just make out parts of Sierra Vista from here. 

The view and the climbing up soon became boring and we ventured down to the road again.
On the way back to the parking lot and our car   we found this great parked car forever parked. 

Now that it was much warmer, we dropped off our coats in the car  
and ventured down the real trail.

Soon spotting another car that was not moving any time soon.

Down a very boring trail we soon came to the end.
We did see several deer  making the trip a little more exciting. 

At this point we realized, if we where to return here, to 
drive down the dirt road to the farm house and than start our Exploring.
The trails from here looked amazing.

How did they know, I was old and would  be Exploring here...?

Around the old ranch.   
I am always a sucker for old windmills.

Near the large pond and reserve for frogs. 

The only frogs we witnessed on this day. 

Time to check out another trail!

More snow in the distance. 

Bad picture   but pretty sure the distant hills where running water
as water falls. 

Just after this we found ourselves on the huge army base.
And might or might not have been lost for a little while.
I have heard that one of the first McDonald's drive through was near base to cater to the hungry soldiers.  

Sadly on this day the museums were closed for maintenance. 
The base is still amazing to Explore and in tip top shape for sure. 
Even picture perfect   one might say. 

As always