Friday, August 30, 2013

It Is Always Fun At The Adams Family Home *Snap Snap

      I had several ideas for this very blog post.  And than last night happened.   ;)   My wife has a huge heart, and loves to help others.   This is something I love about her, and I try to follow suit.  But I do not like people and defiantly am not very trusting.   It seems every time we live in Arizona, we run into people that greatly bite the hand that feeds them.   Even though this town is full of great people, we seem to be drawn to the bottom feeders.  Or they are drawn to us.  I keep mentioning food in this paragraph, because it makes for great comparisons, and because the wife in this story is a very large woman. 
      Again I must pause to write about how much I enjoy my blog pages when someone ticks us off.  For one thing, I can vent --and for another  I can pretty much say whatever I wish on here.   In attempts to keep from more issues with harassment and slander issues, I keep my posts vague on Facebook.   On here I could even post the family's names.  People have to physically click on my blog pages to read my views, rambling, and vents.   So if they do not enjoy what they see, they can simply stop clicking on the page.   At the moment I still have freedom of speech and will now share about the newest DURP's to add to my ever growing list.   Please scan my older posts if you do not know what a DURP is.   Although I probably will refrain from using names, because the police were involved in all of this fun.  I will keep this post shorter than my police report.   Although I was very annoyed that the great cop never actually took our police reports.   Mine quickly turned very long, and was longer than many books I have read recently. 
     Several quick thoughts before I tell the tale and or vent.    When my wife and I get angered at others, it is never a pretty sight.   And we defiantly know how to finish things others have started.   The officer that contacted my wife and I was a true joy to talk to and great man.  Although I sadly did not catch his name.   Thank you Benson police department.   And lastly I  am not nice to large individuals in this posting.   The "lady" weighs a lot and she overly ticked me off.  She is one of those that blames her body weight on child birth and hasn't had a kid in 12 years.   I like to eat, and have a beer gut for sure.   But there is a huge difference from some extra flab, to waking up one day, weighing more than you and your husbands cars.  I am always surprised at how many larger people live in Arizona.  Well because it is so hot  every day.    I weigh nothing, and am always dripping in the sun.   So these people must be making there own gravy in the heat.      But I digress here, and am surly making even less fans, if that is even possible.   As always if you do not like my deep thoughts or you are this family, or you actually like what is on my mind please comment and roam around my Facebook page!:  

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

                                                          Last nights Facebook post:

    **"Always fun at the Adams house!: We just talked to the local police after watching a local white trash family's kids full time for a month---they decided they didn't actually want to pay us. Big un--punched me several times, while in my house. I than slammed her body with our door---informing her that if she wasn't such a wide load, the door wouldn't have hit her. Than I went to her car---as her army husband was running away in his car--and asked her for our cash again--while attempting to take her car door as our payment. To avoid harassment or slandering charges----I mention no names on here.... but will share a ton more on this "great" family in my next blog post!"**

      So about a month ago, I had helped this family move and it was brought up that they really needed child care.   My wife is disabled and stays at home a lot, so we thought this would be a great way for her to keep a little busy and earn some extra cash.  It was supposed to be a part time job.   We quickly learned that the family had five kids, and never seemed to actually be around them.   Or really knew how to take care of there kids.  When we could not baby sit in the afternoons, the oldest two kids, played day care.   Oldest meaning they were eight and nine.   We have a nine year old, and he defiantly is not old enough to watch other kids.   So we tried to watch the kids as much as possible.   Soon even though the mother had a part time job, we were watching the kids full time. She would drop the kiddos off three hours before work, and than it took her three hours to drive the 45 minute drive after work. If she even picked them up.  Somehow chores like getting coffee, were more important than being with her kids.  And usually the husband picked them up after his long day playing soldier at the near by army base.  I must say--and I have stated this in a lovely letter to the army base, that if this POS of a man is what our army promotes and trains to protect our great country, I am very scared!  We defiantly were not making enough cash to keep up this job.   I doubt the white trash "parents" make enough to compensate my wife actually.   Yesterday was supposed to be her first pay day.  And I was the negotiator for higher pay from the family starting with the next month.    After learning that they were wanting my wife to watch the kids more, although I am not sure how this would even be possible without the kids staying the night at our house.  Or the use of a machine that magically put more than 24 hours in a day.   I quickly told the parents that, we were out-- no pay amount was worth playing parents to these great kids.   **A note**   Stop having kids if you are more interested in playing guns and cheeseburgers than your kids.   ---Just sayin'

        This greatly annoyed the mother---who was starting a new job this week.   She told me that I needed to give her notice of not being baby sitter.   I stated, that we had no contract, and could dismiss the mess and walk away from it at any time.   We had to focus on our own kids, and could not watch other kids, all day every day, while the parents ran errands and did whatever else one does in fantasy land.    People never seem to like when I talk--and the conversation soon went south very quickly.   In hindsight, I should have got payment for services before I opened my mouth.   But I really did not think it would go so bad so fast.   Or at all really, aren't army men supposed to be trust worthy and honorable and all that jazz?  Or is that just for Boy Scouts?  
     At one point the woman, lunged off of our couch--ran up to me---and inches from my face started yelling at me.   The proud army man, was smart enough to stay out of everything, and never actually said a word.  I was not worried about her hitting me or anything, I was in our own home.  But I believe her running at me was a lot like being in Africa and having a wild Rhino charge at you.   I am sure her breath was equally as bad as the Rhino's would be!   Soon after she was again calm enough to return to her seat.   Who knew rhino's could sit on couches!  
     I than continued to explain more why we could not watch the kids anymore.   Greatly enforcing the parents lack of skills of being actual parents.   I NEVER have claimed to be a great or even good dad, but I give it the ol' army try and give it more and more every day.  
     On  this day the two of the three kiddos were sick----my wife has almost no immune system, and bringing sick kids into the house is beyond a lack of respect.   I was pointing out that no day care would take sick kids, or a four year old that still crapped his own pants.   The mother went instantly angry again----yelling that her child had a condition and I could not knock that.   Complete with the head bobble that makes you wanna b*tch slap the bobbler.   My wife has a condition that is going to kill her, mind you, but she was playing mother at the moment, and acting like her kids mattered to her.   The mother jumped up and again charged me, and than slugged me in the arm twice.   I yelled at my wife, who was cooking dinner, and told her she needed to get in the living room, if she wanted to actually get paid.     The mother refused to pay us, and continued her morbid rant.    The husband collected his kids, and ran out the door to his car.   
     My wife and I kept telling the mother to get out of our house, as we ushered her to the door.   Still refusing to leave or pay us.  I was disrespecting her, so she didn't need to pay for the amazing amount of hours my wife had worked in just 13 daze.   At our door, the woman would still not leave-pausing to gather all of her belongings, I slammed our door ---mostly hitting her.   She threw our door back open, and attempted to punch me in the face.   My wife and I made sure the great person was outside our door-as she tried to grab her car keys that hit the ground.    I than informed her--that if she was not such a wide load, and would have moved faster, the door would not have hit her at all.   She moved amazingly fast to her car, as her husband bolted out of the driveway.    **Another note**  It is amazingly mesmerizing to watch very large pure fat move.   
      We still were left with no cash---so I rushed to the car---throwing open her car door.   I was greatly surprised that she had not locked the door.   She was equally surprised that I had thrown open the door.   And I was greeted by bulging eyes of pure surprise, as I repeatably asked for our cash.   Than because all I was holding was the car door, I started slamming the door the wrong way, as it popped on it's hinges-asking if her car door was worth the $300 bucks she owed.  She wished to keep the door attached to the crappy car, and punched the gas, flying out of our driveway.  
     At some point--- the lady's hand supposedly got broken---probably while she was punching me.   So she had to go to the hospital last night----*tear*  More of a sympathy attempt for the police that we soon involved, and for her new job.   Such a traumatic experience--- involves sitting on your as* and eating Cheesy Poofs for at least two days, instead of going to work.   We do not yet have the final out come from the police.  Obviously I did some things wrong---two wrongs do not make a right.  But we were assured that we would get paid, complete with a police stand by--- and possibly even a police inspired apology from the broken handed dead beat.   At one point the police officer told me that I did almost every thing right.  And had an amazing level of restraint.   He also said that my stress level was obviously much higher than the angry ladies.   I than told him that I had worked for Wally World for 8 long years, and it was now almost imposable to stress me out.   Although not paying me, was a good way to do it.   We had borrowed the payment early---to pay our bills on time, so really really needed to actually get paid.  I have been in a lot of arguments/confrontations and defiantly know how to not be stupid during the process.   I also know never to hit a "ladie" no matter how much they may deserve it.
     As I said, we are still waiting on the final outcome.  But that was our fun for the evening.  Please contact me, if you would like the names of the family--- for any reason.   And I apologize if all of this ---is making you think about charging rhinos or Cheesy Poofs!    My next blog will be back to jokes and Exploring.    Thank you for reading!       

Monday, August 19, 2013

Today Is A Day

Looking back  I have a lot of pictures of this amazing structure. 
This is one of my favorites. 
Although I would never want to live in Seattle, I have many fond memories of the town. 
Our home now is in the heart of Arizona.
And the Exploring and memories made, will show in future blog posts for sure.  

      I have several Exploring posts for the near future.  Including a trip just down the road that took much longer than we had planned on.  One of our truck tires blew out on the highway.  Because I have been using the truck to haul things, our spare tire was not in the truck.   While we were waiting to get rescued, I managed to snap some kool cloud/sunset pictures.   Post number two was a few daze back when all three of our kids were extras in a movie being filmed in Tombstone.   Although it was a low budget film -and the process took up 80% of the day, it was a very interesting and thrilling day for sure.   Of course I snapped lots of pictures that day also.   I also still have the large Exploring post coming, which will showcase and index all of my past Exploring posts.   For my and my readers reference.   This has turned into a larger task than I had envisioned, but is still in the works for sure.   As is my 3rd blog series.   To open this week!    All about Exploring Arizona and all that is wonderful here!    As always please roam around MY Facebook page -----my updates,  pictures, and rambling go on the page before they make any of my blogs   at:  
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head


My coffee cup this morning!

 Still deciding if it is satisfying seeing the coffee as happy as I am after drinking the warm brew. 
Or traumatizing. 
I will go with a mutant mixture of both finds and drink some more!


Straight out of Exercising for Dummies, perhaps?

Lots and lots of jokes can be found about all of this spying. 
But deep down  it really is not funny at all.  
Many people have already found charges on there phone bills, for government taps.  
Big Brother is very real and growing all of the time. 

But please recall the same people spying on us are the same individuals that made and
placed  this road sign...

Since worrying about it all or wearing an aluminium foil hat---to block the government from reading your brain waves---is really not going to help any of us, I choose to make jokes    while it is  still legal to joke about.     

What are my real thoughts on Big Brother ....?

Spy on this   and see how long it takes blond government spies to figure this maze out....

Everything gets ruined when one grows up and enters the real world. 

Last one for tonight

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday--Y'all!

F yeah! 
I set my own schedules and work for myself right now. 
So am not really sure what the big deal about Fridays is.  
When I worked at the casino for tips, I begged and idolized working the weekends, for the much bigger tips!

                     I know that you know that I know that we know that you should have known that I still know, you should read these blogs!!   Better yet go to MY Facebook page    
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head
  It's funner than being hit with sliced bread.  And with the cost of bread, it is defiantly cheaper!   Have you ever been stuck in a conversation or argument like the one above?   If yes, you too graduated from high school congrats!   Now go stare at your diploma all night wondering were things went wrong, and than stand in the welfare line tomorrow.  If you have been in a conversation like the above one, and high school was a long time ago.  First, I am sorry, 2 stop your job at Wally World!   And next, tell the people in the lame, never ending argument, to grow up.   At which point they will either turn on you, or they will say they are sorry.   I have written about this phrase before.   In fact an entire blog about how useless the words "I am sorry" really are.   They may sound great, but without some form of plan, to attempt to show you really are sorry for whatever you may have done, you are just saying a useless phrase, that is way to over used.  In this logic I would say--"I am sorry your sorry that I am NOT sorry, thanks for playing!    If you missed the blog post going way deeper into all of this than anyone really should here's a link...

    **" Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails!"**----Mark Twain

                        In honor of the hemp fest going on in Seattle WA  right now!

      A couple of days back I landed a job helping a family move.   It was over 100 outside, welcome to Arizona!   And probably even hotter in the moving van.  Later in the day, as I was spending my hard earned cash, it started to pour outside.   Beyond pour, it was dumping rain sideways.  I have many stories of being one of the only fools outside in the cool Arizona rain.  Or any rain for that matter, I did live in Washington and Oregon for years.   But never in both states at the same time.   The parking lots and roads fill up fast when it rains here, causing flash floods very quickly because the super dry desert can not even begin to soak up all of this rain.   But it is also headline news every time it rains here.   I think the cold rain feels amazingly good after it is so hot out.   But most residents do not.   As I was trying to leave Target, I paused to see all of the customers with bags full, ready to leave but not brave enough to venture outside in the down pour.   They were overly amazed at the rain.   And one older gentle man was taking tons of pictures of the rain slamming down.   I am sure one made it in the next days issue of the paper, under a big story on page one about how it rained!   Each time a customer did venture out the stores sliding doors, they made a mad running sprint for there cars  pausing each time lightning hit, no matter how many miles away the actual lighting was.  And each time someone did make a break for it, the old gent took pictures, probably as he was crossing his fingers that some sprinter soon would be a gal in a white T shirt.   Everyone in the growing crowd by the door, would cheer on the runner.   I am sure all of this happened when I walked to our truck very soon after.   Enjoying the amazement of the crowd huddled in the dry space, and really enjoying how great the rain felt on my skin.   
     This reminds me of an equally enjoyable experience  one I have written about before.   And this is shower beer.   There really is no other name for it, or few things betterer.  Although I have not enjoyed one in a long while.   After a really crummy day, you set the shower perfect, strip down, crack own a cold brew, and jump in the shower.   This is not recommended for anyone with a large family.   The entire experience is to magical to explain here.  And you will just have to try it yourself to believe it.   Please feel free to tell me about your experiences, they are different for everyone.   At a certain point, your beer keeps refilling itself, and you or your water heater can determine how long you will stay in the glorious shower.  If you share your thoughts on the shower beer, please do not linger descriptions of when you stripped down, or how pruney you were after finally getting out of the shower.  
    I have just read about a new beer, that you just add water to, so is supposed to be perfect to take along on hikes.   Maybe not hikes up tall mountains, if you plan on coming back down the mountains the same day.   I have not tried this, but highly doubt the beer would be that good.   Very watered down it seems, kind of like your shower beer, after about the third hour.   I imagine it would actually taste just like a Coors Light!  

Never a dull moment at Wally World

                                                      Mmmmmmm   you eat it!

                                                             Good times!!

                                                               It's a date!

         So my wife and I were going through all of the boxes still left unpacked in our bedroom, and I stumbled across a big pile of our love letters to each other.  Not really love letters, although they were sap filled.   These were notes we used to leave to each other.   Around work when we worked together, or just around the house.   We did a lot of that.  And they mainly made me want to gag or punch my old self.   But than the more I thought about it, the more I miss those days.   I am romantically challenged for sure.   Yes I randomly bring home roses or a small prize for my wife.   And we still leave notes for each other, but not nearly as much.   Yes we have been together for almost eight years now, some of that happily!   But how does one keep the little things going and special?    A big question for such an important concept.   I really did find my soul mate and can not dream of someone more perfect for me.   But trying to show her that daily, is amazingly harder the longer we are together.   Throw in three kids, a mother in law that never leaves, a challenged dog, money problems, and running out of hot water from to many shower beers, and the love is still there, it just moves further down.   

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's That Bright Light In The Sky??

       **"It was so hot I dumped Mcdonald's coffee in my lap to kool off!"**

    I used to almost think global warming was really kicking in, and than I lived in Wyoming for another year.  It was soooo cold.   -Damn global warming!   But do not fear, Al Gore will save us all one book or Tweet at a time!

               **"At least my coffee will not go cold in Hell, or Arizona!"**

      HellllooooO!     With my open work schedule and lots of doctoring, sometimes even my doctoring, I have been finding myself in Tuscon a lot lately.   Compared to were we live, Tuscon is a very big city.   And the driving is never enjoyable for me, although I have noticed most people in Tuscon actually know how to use there turn signals.  Something Benson residents do not ever use.  Maybe they are just all running low on blinker fluid in there cars?   Yesterday was another very hot day.  I do not call this state, the land of the sweating sun for no reason.  I quickly also noticed yesterday, that I was one of the only fools running around the town and possibly the state with no air conditioning in my vehicle.   You notice this more as you are hanging out your window desperately trying to catch some kind of cool breeze.   The cars around you notice your deep discomfort and turn up there own AC just a little higher.   So you can just notice ice cycles forming under there nose, while you are stopped at the same stop sign waiting for it to turn green.   Or for the glorious rain to hit, and make the heat go away for awhile.  I have never owned a vehicle while living in Arizona that actually had a working air conditioner. And have actually had races with my wife and friends, while the highway was a virtual parking lot, to see whose ice cubes would melt faster in there own drinks.   Cliff notes, it does not cool one off, and they melt fast!  

     At the moment I do odd jobs for work, many involving our pickup.   And it has been paying very well.   Plus best of all I can make my own hours, deny crummy customers, and it keeps me from returning to a "real job."  Such as going back to Wally World.    Among other things, I find free or cheap items, mostly furniture, mark them up, and re sell them.  Yesterday I was some what lost in Tuscon, roaming for free stuff.   I have never seen so much stuff out on the streets, that was in such bad shape.   It was beyond sh*t with an emphasis on the IT.  I did manage to find a few small things to take home and add to my hoarding obsession.  Is it hoarding, if one only keeps it for awhile and than adds it to someone Else's steaming collection of junk?  I did snag a nice desk--and than while repositioning it at the gas station, sold it for $50.00.   Thank you to that nice couple!  To give you an idea of the quality of items I was finding this day, at one point the garbage truck was following me, and I do not believe it was even picking most of the piles along the street.  

    I also noticed while roaming around, a first--- large Saquawa cactus with graffiti all over them.  A new low for sure, I will be sure and write about this in my journal tonight.  There are so many parks and sights I wish to see around this area.  And I really hope that the Seguawa National Park is not full of spray painted cactus.  

    I have written about smart phone's before.  Cliff notes---I am against them.   And enjoy my very low tech---does this make it a dumb phone?  I do not wish to have a phone that is even a little bit smarter than myself.  Recently my wife and I did some work with many members of the PTA in another town.   To describe these woman best, I would have to call them Yuppies.  Whatever you call them, they were annoying.   Anyways, at one point they all pulled out there brand new phones.   They were the exact same phone, down to being the newest model I phone XX1 and having the same colored face plates.  My wife and I have three kids, and live in the real world, so our phones are only a few steps above the Fisher Price phones, that dial up Elmo and Cookie Monster.   I had to fight back the urge to pull out a pocket calculator and try and program our schedule into it.  Maybe I could have convinced the mothers that it was the latest and greatest Rolodex/Casio merge pocket programmer.   Maybe they would have believed it until. they say our 1812 model T car in the parking lot.   

My next office motivational poster??

Were did the road take you last weeksend?

I am happy to say that I snagged a deliver job that will take me to San Diego this week.  
The job will cover my trip, so I will not make anything. 
But I have never been to San Diego
And a buddy of mine lives that way, and part of the trip is finding him. 
Of course I will take lots of pictures and get at least two Exploring posts out of the trip!

Our daughter has a "date" coming up.  
So by the looks of it I have a week to find a shirt like this.
Actually this will not be her first.  Her first in this town.
And mom and I will be out of town on the big day, so 
both youngsters will be mostly free of embarrassment.
I say mostly because Nanna and the other two kids, will be along for the fun.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Exploring Bellingham, Washington

       Just in time for the heat level to bust the top of the thermometer again here, we got our last electric bill.   Wowzers!    So we are attempting to rely on fans and the breeze outside, and to bottle our own sweat to maybe sell and make extra money from.  Don't smirk at me, I am sure you have squirted worse things on yourself in the name of cologne.   If only you knew the real ingredients in any of those===especially the dreaded Axe spray's!   When I worked at a fish processing plant, I needed buckets of good smelly stuff, or at least better smelling stuff.  It was great money, but long hours and by the end of the day you found yourself knee deep in fish parts.  My wife hates the smell of fish, to the point were she almost vomits, so while working there I needed to take three showers just to enter our house.   A few more showers got me in our bed!   I do have to say, that even with that awful smell, Axe probably smells worse!   I do enjoy most of there TV ads though.   But I am easily amused.

Although I also like a good Geico ad also

  I blame that fact or statement, being easily amused,  on growing up in Wyoming.   But almost everyone just associates that with a great love for sheep.   Which in almost all cases, of growing up in Wyoming is true!   Wait, that's baaaaaaad!    I have tried, usually in vain many times to explain this whole woolly fascination to my readers, but for the most part I seem to make it as clear as mud.   If you are not also from the thrilling but square state, in more ways than one, you will not fully understand how "funny" all of this "joking" really is.   Two thoughts----   We had it soooo easy in elementary school, when our teachers asked us to draw our state on paper.   And "Sheep are safe!"    Go ahead and add a .com to that I am sure some great web sights will pop up!   

      And now in the interest of fully wasting time----on with what some might views as jokes!
For more wastes of time and or to comment on any of my attempts at jokes, rambling, or to defend yourself, if I have called you a DURP    the list does keep getting longer, please visit MY Facebook page:

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

                                 Although this is more likely what you will do. ;(

True story!

**"The cops never think it's as funny as you do!"**----O the story's I could tell!
I have reveled a few of the best ones in blog's past.

Snap this picture and run!!
Unless the store also sells doughnuts

Sad but true.
The more you know!

And the section that seems to show up in most of my posts. 
Coffee love time!!

Lots of coffee love pictures and thoughts on MY Facebook page also

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

This works with beer also!