Saturday, August 10, 2013


Exploring Bellingham, Washington

       Just in time for the heat level to bust the top of the thermometer again here, we got our last electric bill.   Wowzers!    So we are attempting to rely on fans and the breeze outside, and to bottle our own sweat to maybe sell and make extra money from.  Don't smirk at me, I am sure you have squirted worse things on yourself in the name of cologne.   If only you knew the real ingredients in any of those===especially the dreaded Axe spray's!   When I worked at a fish processing plant, I needed buckets of good smelly stuff, or at least better smelling stuff.  It was great money, but long hours and by the end of the day you found yourself knee deep in fish parts.  My wife hates the smell of fish, to the point were she almost vomits, so while working there I needed to take three showers just to enter our house.   A few more showers got me in our bed!   I do have to say, that even with that awful smell, Axe probably smells worse!   I do enjoy most of there TV ads though.   But I am easily amused.

Although I also like a good Geico ad also

  I blame that fact or statement, being easily amused,  on growing up in Wyoming.   But almost everyone just associates that with a great love for sheep.   Which in almost all cases, of growing up in Wyoming is true!   Wait, that's baaaaaaad!    I have tried, usually in vain many times to explain this whole woolly fascination to my readers, but for the most part I seem to make it as clear as mud.   If you are not also from the thrilling but square state, in more ways than one, you will not fully understand how "funny" all of this "joking" really is.   Two thoughts----   We had it soooo easy in elementary school, when our teachers asked us to draw our state on paper.   And "Sheep are safe!"    Go ahead and add a .com to that I am sure some great web sights will pop up!   

      And now in the interest of fully wasting time----on with what some might views as jokes!
For more wastes of time and or to comment on any of my attempts at jokes, rambling, or to defend yourself, if I have called you a DURP    the list does keep getting longer, please visit MY Facebook page:

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

                                 Although this is more likely what you will do. ;(

True story!

**"The cops never think it's as funny as you do!"**----O the story's I could tell!
I have reveled a few of the best ones in blog's past.

Snap this picture and run!!
Unless the store also sells doughnuts

Sad but true.
The more you know!

And the section that seems to show up in most of my posts. 
Coffee love time!!

Lots of coffee love pictures and thoughts on MY Facebook page also

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

This works with beer also!

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