Friday, August 9, 2013

Free Membership If You Bring Me Coffee

                      We went to Costco yesterday.   It has been a long time since I have had a membership to the great store, or since I have been to one.  Thursday is free sample day, so that is always a plus.  Especially when it is lunch time.  Although they were not giving away any samples of booze on this day.  I love the muffins from this store!   You should try some.  And if you do not have an entry card, you can borrow mine.  We than spent enough at another grocery store, that we now have 80 cents per gallon discounts on gas purchases.  We also got a small tree as a receipt, easily as tall as myself.  We have a freezer to fill with food, and a small eating army with three kiddos.  Plus at the moment we are baby sitting three more kids.  But we were in Tuscon, and find it much easier to do bulk shopping out of our town.  For one thing, we do not have a Costco here.  Plus the shopping choices and service here is terrible!   There are two main shopping choices Wally World and Safeway.  Each is filled with that small town charm and worker knowledge that shoppers have to drive many miles to shop else were, so they do not really have to give customer service.  My wife and I were looking for a worker in electronics last week, and found him--down by the bikes, checking and fixing his hair in a near by mirror.  Although I am sure he could tell us were all of the mirrors in the store were, he was not much help in electronics.   

         The worse part of have with all of this, is that a few months ago, I almost landed a job at the local Wally World.   The hiring manager realized I had worked with the company in the past for eight years, but still gave me a huge speech about how this was a small town store, and customer service was number one at this store.  After this great, but long winded speech, I should have started clapping.   Instead it makes me look for and seek this service every time we enter the local store.   I have yet to receive it!   And have a great speech ready for a manager type person the very next time I have to return something to this store.   Maybe it will be the same manager that gave me the pep talk!   Much more on all of this, and almost getting punched inside our local retail giant in an up-coming blog post.  But the cliff notes here are, shop in bigger towns and or at Costco on free sample day!


I am still trying to figure out what the new symbol stands for.
Although I have some great theories
None seem as possible the more sober I get.  

                             I need a buddy like this when roaming around stores.  
                                  If nothing else to protect me from my mouth!
 This is in Seattle, WA were I am enjoying the coffee as much as Big Foot's "Package" size. 

Stupid inspirational walls are every were!

                     This keeps happening at our house also, except it is a beer crisper.  

I'm out!

                                                             Mmmmmm coffee!

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  1. Have I mentioned I like coffee, in the last few minutes??