Monday, August 19, 2013

Today Is A Day

Looking back  I have a lot of pictures of this amazing structure. 
This is one of my favorites. 
Although I would never want to live in Seattle, I have many fond memories of the town. 
Our home now is in the heart of Arizona.
And the Exploring and memories made, will show in future blog posts for sure.  

      I have several Exploring posts for the near future.  Including a trip just down the road that took much longer than we had planned on.  One of our truck tires blew out on the highway.  Because I have been using the truck to haul things, our spare tire was not in the truck.   While we were waiting to get rescued, I managed to snap some kool cloud/sunset pictures.   Post number two was a few daze back when all three of our kids were extras in a movie being filmed in Tombstone.   Although it was a low budget film -and the process took up 80% of the day, it was a very interesting and thrilling day for sure.   Of course I snapped lots of pictures that day also.   I also still have the large Exploring post coming, which will showcase and index all of my past Exploring posts.   For my and my readers reference.   This has turned into a larger task than I had envisioned, but is still in the works for sure.   As is my 3rd blog series.   To open this week!    All about Exploring Arizona and all that is wonderful here!    As always please roam around MY Facebook page -----my updates,  pictures, and rambling go on the page before they make any of my blogs   at:  
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head


My coffee cup this morning!

 Still deciding if it is satisfying seeing the coffee as happy as I am after drinking the warm brew. 
Or traumatizing. 
I will go with a mutant mixture of both finds and drink some more!


Straight out of Exercising for Dummies, perhaps?

Lots and lots of jokes can be found about all of this spying. 
But deep down  it really is not funny at all.  
Many people have already found charges on there phone bills, for government taps.  
Big Brother is very real and growing all of the time. 

But please recall the same people spying on us are the same individuals that made and
placed  this road sign...

Since worrying about it all or wearing an aluminium foil hat---to block the government from reading your brain waves---is really not going to help any of us, I choose to make jokes    while it is  still legal to joke about.     

What are my real thoughts on Big Brother ....?

Spy on this   and see how long it takes blond government spies to figure this maze out....

Everything gets ruined when one grows up and enters the real world. 

Last one for tonight

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