Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday--Y'all!

F yeah! 
I set my own schedules and work for myself right now. 
So am not really sure what the big deal about Fridays is.  
When I worked at the casino for tips, I begged and idolized working the weekends, for the much bigger tips!

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Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head
  It's funner than being hit with sliced bread.  And with the cost of bread, it is defiantly cheaper!   Have you ever been stuck in a conversation or argument like the one above?   If yes, you too graduated from high school congrats!   Now go stare at your diploma all night wondering were things went wrong, and than stand in the welfare line tomorrow.  If you have been in a conversation like the above one, and high school was a long time ago.  First, I am sorry, 2 stop your job at Wally World!   And next, tell the people in the lame, never ending argument, to grow up.   At which point they will either turn on you, or they will say they are sorry.   I have written about this phrase before.   In fact an entire blog about how useless the words "I am sorry" really are.   They may sound great, but without some form of plan, to attempt to show you really are sorry for whatever you may have done, you are just saying a useless phrase, that is way to over used.  In this logic I would say--"I am sorry your sorry that I am NOT sorry, thanks for playing!    If you missed the blog post going way deeper into all of this than anyone really should here's a link...

    **" Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails!"**----Mark Twain

                        In honor of the hemp fest going on in Seattle WA  right now!

      A couple of days back I landed a job helping a family move.   It was over 100 outside, welcome to Arizona!   And probably even hotter in the moving van.  Later in the day, as I was spending my hard earned cash, it started to pour outside.   Beyond pour, it was dumping rain sideways.  I have many stories of being one of the only fools outside in the cool Arizona rain.  Or any rain for that matter, I did live in Washington and Oregon for years.   But never in both states at the same time.   The parking lots and roads fill up fast when it rains here, causing flash floods very quickly because the super dry desert can not even begin to soak up all of this rain.   But it is also headline news every time it rains here.   I think the cold rain feels amazingly good after it is so hot out.   But most residents do not.   As I was trying to leave Target, I paused to see all of the customers with bags full, ready to leave but not brave enough to venture outside in the down pour.   They were overly amazed at the rain.   And one older gentle man was taking tons of pictures of the rain slamming down.   I am sure one made it in the next days issue of the paper, under a big story on page one about how it rained!   Each time a customer did venture out the stores sliding doors, they made a mad running sprint for there cars  pausing each time lightning hit, no matter how many miles away the actual lighting was.  And each time someone did make a break for it, the old gent took pictures, probably as he was crossing his fingers that some sprinter soon would be a gal in a white T shirt.   Everyone in the growing crowd by the door, would cheer on the runner.   I am sure all of this happened when I walked to our truck very soon after.   Enjoying the amazement of the crowd huddled in the dry space, and really enjoying how great the rain felt on my skin.   
     This reminds me of an equally enjoyable experience  one I have written about before.   And this is shower beer.   There really is no other name for it, or few things betterer.  Although I have not enjoyed one in a long while.   After a really crummy day, you set the shower perfect, strip down, crack own a cold brew, and jump in the shower.   This is not recommended for anyone with a large family.   The entire experience is to magical to explain here.  And you will just have to try it yourself to believe it.   Please feel free to tell me about your experiences, they are different for everyone.   At a certain point, your beer keeps refilling itself, and you or your water heater can determine how long you will stay in the glorious shower.  If you share your thoughts on the shower beer, please do not linger descriptions of when you stripped down, or how pruney you were after finally getting out of the shower.  
    I have just read about a new beer, that you just add water to, so is supposed to be perfect to take along on hikes.   Maybe not hikes up tall mountains, if you plan on coming back down the mountains the same day.   I have not tried this, but highly doubt the beer would be that good.   Very watered down it seems, kind of like your shower beer, after about the third hour.   I imagine it would actually taste just like a Coors Light!  

Never a dull moment at Wally World

                                                      Mmmmmmm   you eat it!

                                                             Good times!!

                                                               It's a date!

         So my wife and I were going through all of the boxes still left unpacked in our bedroom, and I stumbled across a big pile of our love letters to each other.  Not really love letters, although they were sap filled.   These were notes we used to leave to each other.   Around work when we worked together, or just around the house.   We did a lot of that.  And they mainly made me want to gag or punch my old self.   But than the more I thought about it, the more I miss those days.   I am romantically challenged for sure.   Yes I randomly bring home roses or a small prize for my wife.   And we still leave notes for each other, but not nearly as much.   Yes we have been together for almost eight years now, some of that happily!   But how does one keep the little things going and special?    A big question for such an important concept.   I really did find my soul mate and can not dream of someone more perfect for me.   But trying to show her that daily, is amazingly harder the longer we are together.   Throw in three kids, a mother in law that never leaves, a challenged dog, money problems, and running out of hot water from to many shower beers, and the love is still there, it just moves further down.   

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