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Jammage Fest 2013---Benson, Arizona

     I realize I will not own a camera as nice as the one I was borrowing during the spring time.  The pictures were amazing, no matter what I did with it or how I held it.  But all of my camera's right now seem to be acting up.  I am working on a fix all option.  So once again some of these pictures are overly blurry and do not even meet my low standards.  ;)   Please check out                for some amazing pictures of Washington state that I took.  And as always please leave me comments on this page or on any of my thoughts, Exploring, or rambling.  The quickest way to catch up with me is on MY Facebook page:  
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

        Enough shame-less self promotion.   On with today's Exploring post!   I have been to a lot of great concerts.  I have not been to any kind of concert in a long while.  Plus during Jammage Fest, my family was out of town.  So this was a great way to support local charities, listen to some great bands, drink a little, and just get out of the house.   Plus it was a free event!     When we lived in Washington, it seems I was always waiting for a sunny day, to get pictures that did not have clouds and grey in them.   Here that is rarely a problem.   More a problem is getting used to the heat again, and venturing out to Explore during the hottest parts of the day.   Because of the sun, I waited until late afternoon to venture to the fest.   But it started at noon, and showed no signs of slowing down when I left around nine that night.  

   Held at the large Arena Bar, they have the perfect space for such an event.   Plenty of room for vendors and for the performers, in and around the arena.  Plus spectators have all of that great arena seating to use.   The bar is much larger inside than it appears when walking up to it.  And drinks were very affordable.  Although it was amazingly hot in the bar, unless you were directly in front of the many electric fans, bar service was amazingly fast!   They actually had a full staff on during the event.   This seems like common business logic, but if you have been inside any big corporations in the last few years, you will quickly realize how rare and nice forethought is.   Many bars do not even have enough workers for a slightly busy night.  

         I was kind of surprised at how few people were at the event when first showing up.  But things picked up as the night got darker.   Usually small towns come out in full force any time anything happens.   Although inside the bar stayed packed with people.  A nice sized stage sat in the arena.  Behind it bands could cool off and register for the event.  The green tent housed the sound systems.   Beside the grand stands was a dunk tank.   Sitting in it looked way more appealing than throwing because of the eventual cool down.  

Vendors of all kinds surrounded the arena. 
Including some great smelling food!

                            Including a beverage cart for people that did not want to venture to the bar. 


Fair Warning
Arizona is very strict on drinking and driving. 
In fact you can not leave many events without going through a DUI check point. 
So have a great time, but do not take your great time on the road!

Enjoy the great views along with the music.
The desert leads into some beautiful mountains just outside of town. 
Above you can just make out another train passing.  
I believe twelve passed during the few hours I spent enjoying the fest.  


At least eleven bands performed during the day event.
Above is a local rapper all the way from Sierra Vista.
Ta Ta I believe is his name. 
I thought he was very good. 
Many of the bands were further down on my enjoyment scale. 

                                 The next performer was defiantly not a favorite of mine.   
                                   I will refrain from posting his name here.  
                                     The best part of his long show was his "groupies" 
                                      Pictured above     jamming out during the whole performance.

And now there are four!

                                     I have seen this van all around Benson.  And I chuckle every time I see it.   

If you have never been lucky enough to experience the Arena Bar.
This was my first time going.
And I happily give the place three thumbs up!
Drive past Wal-Mart as if you are jumping on the interstate or going to the recycling place.   
Just past all of the RVs on your right is the entrance. 

If you pass the cafe
You have gone to far.  

I keep hearing about this cafe and am always looking for a new place to enjoy coffee, so I hope to do a full blog post on Deb's very soon.  

Because this event was outside, even kids were welcomed.
I would defiantly bring the whole family next year!
Many family events are not so much 
and you do not find this out until you bring the whole family. 
This was a great day out for me for sure. 

Before it got to dark I manged to snap some sunset pictures.
I am constantly on the strive for the the perfect sunset picture.
And have some great ones from Washington.
Although now I think my main goal is to get one of my sunset pictures posted on the 
local Fox news web sight.  
Has not happened for me yet.  
Maybe with the new camera.

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