Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's That Bright Light In The Sky??

       **"It was so hot I dumped Mcdonald's coffee in my lap to kool off!"**

    I used to almost think global warming was really kicking in, and than I lived in Wyoming for another year.  It was soooo cold.   -Damn global warming!   But do not fear, Al Gore will save us all one book or Tweet at a time!

               **"At least my coffee will not go cold in Hell, or Arizona!"**

      HellllooooO!     With my open work schedule and lots of doctoring, sometimes even my doctoring, I have been finding myself in Tuscon a lot lately.   Compared to were we live, Tuscon is a very big city.   And the driving is never enjoyable for me, although I have noticed most people in Tuscon actually know how to use there turn signals.  Something Benson residents do not ever use.  Maybe they are just all running low on blinker fluid in there cars?   Yesterday was another very hot day.  I do not call this state, the land of the sweating sun for no reason.  I quickly also noticed yesterday, that I was one of the only fools running around the town and possibly the state with no air conditioning in my vehicle.   You notice this more as you are hanging out your window desperately trying to catch some kind of cool breeze.   The cars around you notice your deep discomfort and turn up there own AC just a little higher.   So you can just notice ice cycles forming under there nose, while you are stopped at the same stop sign waiting for it to turn green.   Or for the glorious rain to hit, and make the heat go away for awhile.  I have never owned a vehicle while living in Arizona that actually had a working air conditioner. And have actually had races with my wife and friends, while the highway was a virtual parking lot, to see whose ice cubes would melt faster in there own drinks.   Cliff notes, it does not cool one off, and they melt fast!  

     At the moment I do odd jobs for work, many involving our pickup.   And it has been paying very well.   Plus best of all I can make my own hours, deny crummy customers, and it keeps me from returning to a "real job."  Such as going back to Wally World.    Among other things, I find free or cheap items, mostly furniture, mark them up, and re sell them.  Yesterday I was some what lost in Tuscon, roaming for free stuff.   I have never seen so much stuff out on the streets, that was in such bad shape.   It was beyond sh*t with an emphasis on the IT.  I did manage to find a few small things to take home and add to my hoarding obsession.  Is it hoarding, if one only keeps it for awhile and than adds it to someone Else's steaming collection of junk?  I did snag a nice desk--and than while repositioning it at the gas station, sold it for $50.00.   Thank you to that nice couple!  To give you an idea of the quality of items I was finding this day, at one point the garbage truck was following me, and I do not believe it was even picking most of the piles along the street.  

    I also noticed while roaming around, a first--- large Saquawa cactus with graffiti all over them.  A new low for sure, I will be sure and write about this in my journal tonight.  There are so many parks and sights I wish to see around this area.  And I really hope that the Seguawa National Park is not full of spray painted cactus.  

    I have written about smart phone's before.  Cliff notes---I am against them.   And enjoy my very low tech---does this make it a dumb phone?  I do not wish to have a phone that is even a little bit smarter than myself.  Recently my wife and I did some work with many members of the PTA in another town.   To describe these woman best, I would have to call them Yuppies.  Whatever you call them, they were annoying.   Anyways, at one point they all pulled out there brand new phones.   They were the exact same phone, down to being the newest model I phone XX1 and having the same colored face plates.  My wife and I have three kids, and live in the real world, so our phones are only a few steps above the Fisher Price phones, that dial up Elmo and Cookie Monster.   I had to fight back the urge to pull out a pocket calculator and try and program our schedule into it.  Maybe I could have convinced the mothers that it was the latest and greatest Rolodex/Casio merge pocket programmer.   Maybe they would have believed it until. they say our 1812 model T car in the parking lot.   

My next office motivational poster??

Were did the road take you last weeksend?

I am happy to say that I snagged a deliver job that will take me to San Diego this week.  
The job will cover my trip, so I will not make anything. 
But I have never been to San Diego
And a buddy of mine lives that way, and part of the trip is finding him. 
Of course I will take lots of pictures and get at least two Exploring posts out of the trip!

Our daughter has a "date" coming up.  
So by the looks of it I have a week to find a shirt like this.
Actually this will not be her first.  Her first in this town.
And mom and I will be out of town on the big day, so 
both youngsters will be mostly free of embarrassment.
I say mostly because Nanna and the other two kids, will be along for the fun.

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