Saturday, August 3, 2013


                      My family comes back home tomorrow!   So the month is looking up already, for sure!  Last month was a crummy month on lots of aspects.  From annoying people to my birthday.   I am really working on being nicer to people and turning the other check.  But dam is that hard when you get wronged so hard and so bad, so many times.   My wife and I must have a sign on our backs, that says we make the perfect marks to rip off.  But whatever.  I am just  more than ready for my family to be back home.  And really hope that all the advanced security at the airports right now, does not cause them any problems.  Although it could also be amusing.  

And most of them live on Facebook!!

       **"So the crazy person that wrecked our car in June-forgot to tell us about it--and is making sure we pay for it just informed me that my wife deserved much better than me. Probably true but I think the true statement is that WE deserve better friends and family. Ones that don't bite the hand that feeds them, come around only when they need something, or that blow you off and treat you like crap after you travel miles to see them and pay lots of $ to see them be happy. So glad were outta Washington!! **Please note: SOME of you are great --and we thank you for always being their!!"**---My last few posts on Facebook for those of you that missed them.....

     **"In keeping friends on FB, adding friends and such I am going by three lines of thought----1.) My wife's idea that one should keep there enemies very close to them. 2.) I wish many more views of MY FB page. And C.) You actually are a friend of mine! Good luck figuring out what one applies to you, my "friends!!"**-------That's not nice!

       My wife and our kids did not get treated with anything close to respect on there trip back for a family members wedding.   This is not a big surprise considering the family members track record, but I had really hoped this would be different.   Although the plane rides were all paid for, we still spent a lot of cash for this trip.   I am keeping this vague, not out of respect for the others involved, that has been slowly disappearing.  But because even typing about it now, I am getting overly angered.   And I was not even on the trip.  Luckily other family members, did not sit idly by, and spoke there minds in our kids favor.   I have many times mentioned how much I enjoy this page, because I can still say whatever I feel like.   If you don't like what you see, stop coming to my blog page.   I have to watch what I say on Facebook a little more.  Little more are the key words.  ;)

This was yesterday   but Cheers anyway!

One of the local bars had Jam Fest all day today.
Many local bands
and everything except the beverages was free.
I will have pictures and thoughts on this in a blog post very soon.
But here is what I posted on a lil sight called Facebook while at the event...

**"at Jamage Fest in Benson, AZ and this local "rappers"only groupies are like 60 years old! lol pictures to come, yo!"**-----Of course I will have a pictures of this also!

                                      I use Craigslist all the time, in face I am picking up another great free item tomorrow form the sight.   But you have to also watch 
out for scams and spammers at all times!   

Just sayin'

I don't even have a comment.
This is very Very rare.

I would be rolling in the cash!

How do I git through it all you ask?

I don't let things get to me. 
I find a joke in everything.
I love my wife and kids.

Lots and lots of coffee!!

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