Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sometimes The Best Views Are At Night

             This song has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now.  Along with all kinds of things, just waiting to come out.   Most of the thoughts should be left in my head.   As anyone that has heard me vent, or been to MY Facebook page could tell you quickly.   Have not visited the page yet?    Please check it out, add comments-no matter how hurtful, and than share the page when you decide you actually like what you are seeing!   
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

       On the same note, many of my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night.   When the house is actually sleeping, and I am off work and or the computer.   My brain knows I am a night owl, and instead of shutting off, it turns on full force.   My problem is usually remembering these great ideas till morning.   That and realizing they were not really that brilliant of an idea, when I am fully awake!   In answer to your un-asked question---I do not just listen to country music, it just has been the clips of choice the last week or so.  

    I have not been to a concert in awhile---so You-Tube has been like my personal concert in a box.  It also gives me valuable background noise when I am typing up these blog posts.   I have made more time with the family gone to create more posts on here--but have found it very hard, with out the constant talking and yelling in the background.  Also with out the constant interruptions and such.   And am starting to think I might not actually ever get anything done if I had a real office.   Last night I went to the local Jamage Fest.  An out door venue, with many local bands and artists playing.  So almost got my concert fix for awhile.   I will be posting more on this night very soon.   Next is a post or two that is an index of all of my Exploring posts.  I am finding this much more time consuming than I had thought in my head it would be.  This will serve as a guide for my readers and I of each Exploring trip.  And be very pictured filled.   And will be a great addition to all three of my blog pages.   Yes MY third page starts this week!   I hope to use what I have done wrong and learned in the past, and make this page very interactive and very local.   Filled with Exploring and pictures of the Amazing state of Arizona.  
         Back to my index posts --for a second.   These only go back three years.   But there are a lot of them!  I love to Explore and have found picture taking, very calming.  Many of the times I brought a mixture of the kiddos along for the fun.  And we cover great spots across the map.  I would love to get picked up by a local paper and get paid to have min-adventures.   And will try this goal, when I get the Arizona page running.   Two reasons for this, it would be a great job, even if highly part time.   And because I need a full time editor!  I wish I had more of my adventures in blog form.   Going back to all of my hikes and Exploring, it would fill many many many pages.   And as always, I hope that you enjoy my pictures, thoughts, and rambling even half as much as I enjoy putting it on paper.

           Love something, don't like anything I say?   Quickest way to reach me is MY Facebook page------   roam around awhile, so you have more comments.

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

               OK  back to the above song.   Many of the best adventures and Exploring seems to come in the night.   If I have a long trip ahead of me, I prefer to sleep late in the day, and take off on the drive late in the afternoon.   Although I don't seem to have the best night vision at all.  Maybe that just makes it more fun.   Plus if you are out Exploring away from people, you can see tons and tons of stars!    I have takin' some great trips at night.  Usually involving to many beverages and not enough flash lights.  
    I think the best night trip --I have written about before.  My wife and I were hiding out from the kids, enjoying the futon mattress in the back of our pickup.  Enjoying the stars and enjoying each other.  Something we forget to do a lot, now that it is years later.   Anyways the topic came up that my wife, we were still dating than, had lived in Arizona many years, but had never been to the Grand Canyon.  Fail for sure!   We hit the road very soon after, and spent the night in a over look parking space above the canyon.  We had a topper on the back of the pickup, and the futon mattress, and although it got very chilly that night, we had each other.   The next morning, we followed a line of tourists to the canyon, and saw the most amazing sun rise of our lives.   It was a great trip on so many levels!

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