Wednesday, April 29, 2015


                                 **"No brains   No headaches!"**
             As I wait to take a quick but very important road trip this evening, I thought I could bust out a quick blog post for y'all!   It's not like I have been sleeping lately anyway.  I do fine  now completely alone with my thoughts and or faults until I attempt to lay down to sleep.  And that is when my mind goes into over drive.  I suppose I should consider myself lucky---I have lived to love  and there for have really lived.  Or whatever those famous dead poets say about love.  This restless sleep also means my mind is full functioning--I feel sorry for those that can instantly fall asleep  because maybe they have very little of importance to ponder over, ever.  I am also at the same time very jealous of them.  I really can not talk about my mission tonight until after the court date.  Or at the very least until after tonight....

   **"Managed to take THE ring off today. Whatever baby steps, Mitches! ;("**

     A few quick editors notes here---- Mitches   is a word I have been trying to spread for awhile now, on all of my pages.  It is not yet catching on   and I find this very disappointing.  In short it means  My bitch.  In pretty much any relationship   espesically a bad one, someone can easily be refered to as the Mitches!   I will go into my deep pain at some point.  But again not tonight.  Maybe started with a flash back to some of my all time worse relationships  because I apparently like abuse and I like countdown type lists even more!  Start using the Mitches word all you can    Maybe YOU can get it  to catch on.  

    I am also gearing up for a day off of work so that I can take a road trip and get some new pictures to share.  Some day I will actually start organizing the masses of pictures I already have and working on my plan for them.  But for now, I find it very relaxing to just hit the gas pedal and take new pictures!

   **"A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down his pants--bartender asks whats going on----Pirate says I don't know  this wheel  is driving me nuts!"**


Let me clarify    When I have a house again  this will be my policy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/2015 Don't Make Me Think Up A Blog Title

Nogelas, Arizona Exploring.

                     The last few weeks have been a huge --non enjoyable emotional roller coaster for me.  I will dwell, more whine more about this in the future, proably on a very booze filled night  But rejoice this will not be the topic tonight!  On a some what related note--my last picture filled post on my Exploring page is all about my recent trip to the fair!  Marking 75 posts from across amazing Arizona on that very page. 
This here very page now has over 600 posts!   So I must be doing something right because people keep on viewing the page.  Although they have yet to explain why.  Suddenly alone with all of my feelings, is not a good place to be.   And if nothing else, I have learned that I really have few freinds--but the ones I do have are amazing.  I have also recently learned that I have very few hobbies.  I do enjoy taking pictures and posting on my sights  and find it very calming.  So I have been trying to post away.  And post away with out going into the dark side with my thoughts.  

This bill speaks the truth
and right now this truth really hurts my heart. 

Loony Tunes are always deep  and frank with there statements

Joe Dirt  always motivating everyone!
Although I had a boss I used to call Joe Dirt 
and he couldn't even motivate a flea circus to go after a grangy stray dog. 


Mmmmm coffee!

Once you see this   you can not fully un see it!

Pima County Fair 2015-- Y'All!

                 **Yet another Exploring blog  post first published in my newest Arizona Exploring series.   Check them all out!  **

       Since we have moved to Benson almost two years ago, we have talked and dreamed about going to the Pima County Fair in Tucson.   Something seems to come up before we do a lot of fun events.  Because of some recent big family conflicts, I went to the fair by myself last Tuesday night in an attempt to have some big fun and to clear my head.   My wife and much of her family is very involved in carnivals so we have been to many a carnival and fair in the past.   Many of my past posts testify to that.  At one point in time, I even thought about using the family pull to spend a month or so on the road with a carnival just to say I had done that.   All of this said a few quick thoughts.   We have never seen this group in action.   And the performers have a very large selection of games and rides and such.   My wife usually knew the groups we went to visit or had relatives on the circuit, so we got full access of sorts and behind the scenes perks.  Lastly all things considered, this was probably not the best way to clear my head --because everything reminded me of us and our problems.  Out of a long line of visited fairs and carnivals across the country I was kind of disappointed in this one.  Maybe it was just all the memories that flooded my fun waves.  Maybe it was just because I was here alone on this night.  None of you care about any of this, so I can tell you without lying that I did manage to sneak in some really good fun at the fair!   I will be working on greatly expanding the readership of this page in the next few months.  Complete with lots of new features, posts, and of course  pictures.   I hope you enjoy everything you see here, and share -share -- share this great link!

Although I did refrain on this night from riding any rides
some of them really did look amazing.
Many carnival rides just seem to make me instantly sick  even while watching from the ground.
This group had everything from roller coasters to zip lines. 
I must say I really want to ride the new zip line across old town in Las Vegas on my next visit. 

Lets all face it--no one reading this
will ever be as cool as the rider topper for this ride!

I entered the fair near the livestock barns.  
The above goat was all over his pen.

Calmer kids already played out. 

I grew up in Wyoming and hear jokes about sheep
mostly centering around sheep being good lovers and safe.
This being a reserve champion sheep --I will not touch with a written joke for any amount of cash. 

I was a little sad that I could not attend any of the rodeo.
But-again growing up in Wyoming I have seen many a great rodeo.

Leaving the animal pens, near the hand washing stations-I spotted this styling old tractor.

Three hour stop off for many people at the fair I am sure.  

Chain saw sculptures in action
Before and after. 

My new home greeting sign?

Being in the middle of the desert the sea lion show was pretty nifty.

I always enjoy a good wind mill.  
This one was surrounded by old tractors and such.

Tow Mater?  

Look closely    good or bad parking job?

Life is a constant journey.

In many a post I have talked about the joys of a carnival corn dog. 
And this eating experience was also top notch. 
One has to order from the food carts actually on the carnival lot  not the out lying 
I do not know what they do to the corn dogs--nor do I ever
want to learn the secret   but they are super amazingly good.

As the sun slowly disappeared the activities and fun continued. 

Watching the bull ride was enjoyable multiple times on this trip. 
A buddy and I always thought buying one of these, and just traveling would be great. 
Get microphones to bring in /egg on the customers. 
Across from this--after it was dark I caught a great comedy hypnotist performance. 

Next post I venture to Nogales for the first time.