Monday, April 20, 2015

Error Code = No Pictures On This Blog Post ;(

           Hello and good morning and all that jazz to yha!!   I have to say that I am more than a little disappointed that it is almost 8 30 in the morning on 4/20 and I have not seen any weed related posts online yet.   And who says weed does not lead to being a slacker?   Easter was on the 20th last year, so none of my posts really have anything to do with this year.   Any fake holiday like this, I am super glad that I do not still live in Washington state.  Weed is legal there.  Mostly legal there.  It is still not recognized by the federal government.  Anyways, they even have vending machines in the state that dispense pot, although I have never actually seen one, and can't help but wonder how in the world they check ID's.  Anyways, the whole state seems to go nuts because of a date on a calendar.  I am pretty sure the posts will start filling social media about noon or so. 

     I have been doing extra Exploring and roaming around Tucson and being with out a place to call home over the last few months.  Sometimes a morbid mixture of all of the above to just pass the hours.  Anyways I have noticed how many bathrooms in businesses do not have mirrors these daze.  And I must say it is annoying.   I can see how the local Mc Grease pit doesn't want everyone off the streets taking a sponge bath and picking there teeth in there restrooms.  But sometimes you just need to take a quick glance in a mirror to make sure you don't have any huge nose buggers or that that one extra long nose hair is coiled up perfectly in your nose until you find time to cut it. 

     Yesterday just happened to be Sunday.  Always a very busy day at work.  But we ended up with only two servers on the floor.  So it was extra crazy.  Of course the tips rocked, but Dam was it a little busy.  All day.  And I must say many a time, that working at work is greatly over rated!  As a server I feel that I run around in circles all day and don't really accomplish much.   But yesterday I really felt I needed roller skates.   Although I can not ride them, so I would soon also become the dinner show--not being able to stop and ending up crashed in a ball under one of the dinning tables.  I believe the best part is that in the sake of cutting every ones hours--the casino I work at keeps saying this is the slow season of the year.  I have not worked a full year there yet, almost but not yet---so have nothing to compare to last year, but almost every day it is crazy busy it seems.  I have been considering transferring to one of the many other sections of the casino.  And there are lots of choices.  Maybe some where a little more calm.  If this even exists.  Or even to another state or something.  But I could not even begin to compensate for the tips.  I pulled just under $200 yet again in tips yesterday.   I worked at another casino while living in Washington state, and the tips were not even close to the same.    On the same note--at least the cutting hours part.  Unless I can bribe some hours--after today I have almost 3 and a half daze off work.  To much free time and time to think for me.   I include the half day because for some reason I pulled the 9 at night to 3 in the AM shift on Friday and Saturday.  So much for making tips this weeksend.   I also must ponder who the heck I ticked off to get this shift. 

   So for whatever reason---most likely because I need much more coffee--I can not seem to post any pictures on this mornings blog post.  So it will be long on rambling and short on jokes and pictures.   I apologize for this.    If I ever get out of work I will make a full picture filled post!


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