Wednesday, April 29, 2015


                                 **"No brains   No headaches!"**
             As I wait to take a quick but very important road trip this evening, I thought I could bust out a quick blog post for y'all!   It's not like I have been sleeping lately anyway.  I do fine  now completely alone with my thoughts and or faults until I attempt to lay down to sleep.  And that is when my mind goes into over drive.  I suppose I should consider myself lucky---I have lived to love  and there for have really lived.  Or whatever those famous dead poets say about love.  This restless sleep also means my mind is full functioning--I feel sorry for those that can instantly fall asleep  because maybe they have very little of importance to ponder over, ever.  I am also at the same time very jealous of them.  I really can not talk about my mission tonight until after the court date.  Or at the very least until after tonight....

   **"Managed to take THE ring off today. Whatever baby steps, Mitches! ;("**

     A few quick editors notes here---- Mitches   is a word I have been trying to spread for awhile now, on all of my pages.  It is not yet catching on   and I find this very disappointing.  In short it means  My bitch.  In pretty much any relationship   espesically a bad one, someone can easily be refered to as the Mitches!   I will go into my deep pain at some point.  But again not tonight.  Maybe started with a flash back to some of my all time worse relationships  because I apparently like abuse and I like countdown type lists even more!  Start using the Mitches word all you can    Maybe YOU can get it  to catch on.  

    I am also gearing up for a day off of work so that I can take a road trip and get some new pictures to share.  Some day I will actually start organizing the masses of pictures I already have and working on my plan for them.  But for now, I find it very relaxing to just hit the gas pedal and take new pictures!

   **"A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down his pants--bartender asks whats going on----Pirate says I don't know  this wheel  is driving me nuts!"**


Let me clarify    When I have a house again  this will be my policy!

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