Friday, April 24, 2015

Less Thinking More Exploring

              With way to much extra free time -leaning more on the great abundance of alone time, I am trying to keep up on lots of posts but also keep my mind as empty and numb as possible right now.  In that spirit I am also trying not to bring my self sob stories into any of this, because well that's life and we all have bad.    So I hope some of this random rambling makes sense and is as upbeat as possible.  

   In the spirit of keeping busy I hope to finally write some real letters.  Something I keep threatening to do.   And to post a great deal in my local Exploring page.   I have been busy out Exploring and trying to clear my mind over the last few weeks.   Trying is of course the key word.  But I do have lots of new pictures.   Check out some old  posts

Looks like a pretty groovy journey and trip to me!

Soooo many new coffee fueled posts coming to the Exploring sight.

From thoughts on the new -actual coffee shop in Benson, Arizona

To the fair and there always amazing corn dogs!

I have said this before--and I am sure I will say it again, 
at least in my upcoming post about the fair.
But carnival corn dogs are beyond amazing!
You have to get them from the vendors on the actual carnival lot, not the trailers beyond
Yes they cost a lot--but it is so worth it!
I don't know what they do to these--nor do I ever want to know.

From more open desert Exploring.

To more around Tucson and beyond.
And of course my first trip yesterday to Nogelas AZ 
Where I am very happy to report -I did  not get shot!
Beginners luck maybe??
I have been holding off on this road trip, because of things I have heard about the area
and because of the simple fact that I can not out run bullets.
I did get some neat pictures if nothing else. 

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