Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Need A Map!

             A big greeting from our front porch this sunny afternoon!   We get random but comfy furniture from various sources all of the time, and set it up for sale on our covered car port.  At the moment we have a very nice selection complete with an easy chair and dinning room table and I am happy to say this makes a nice little office for typing.  This very page is about to hit 37,000 views---so thank you all for that!     MY newest Exploring page dreams of that many views ---per week.   Pictures and posts from across amazing Arizona---with many more posts in the works.   Please check out this page and share


     **"What if some day Google was deleted and we could not Google Google and ask where the web sight went??"**

      Where are you having coffee today?? I am about to check out the new coffee shop in Benson, AZ--Yes a coffee shop in Benson.  More on that very soon.   For tons of current posts --Exploring--and gallons of coffee love   Please check out MY Facebook sight     that just hit 100  "likes."   And remember  if you do not like the page--the feeling is probably mutual!
     The above page is also updated much more often   because lets face it   we is all addicted to Facebook.  And it is also the quickest way to contact me about my thoughts or issues you might have with anything posted here.   After I stop laughing I will address your concerns.  Please comment away  right on the page!   And visit often. 

Speaking of coffee---Washington state has some amazing coffee joints  named "Woods Coffee."
They are expanding all over the area---and when I am lucky I get people to smuggle me there coffee grounds to enjoy here in Arizona.   I might or might not have mentioned previously how crummy the coffee is here    and how few and far in between the good coffee shops are.   I
have pages of reviews of great coffee shops from the WA area. 
Anyways I found this picture online--I did not build it
but like it for sure. 


   **So at work large groups ask me to take there picture all the time when they are done eating in our restaurant. I always have to fight back the urge to turn the camera lens on me---and take several pictures of myself while they all pose. As I hand the camera back to them---maybe say something like you gave me a tip, no here is yours! **

      And now something very rare---I am going to admit that I was wrong---I made up a fake local-ish news alert and posted it on many of my pages, including this one.  

**Breaking news** A Ford Taurs was observed at 9:00 PM this evening traveling south from Nogales AZ at a high rate of speed. The vehicle flipped several times and landed on it's top by the side of the road. 95 people are assumed dead.

      An alert reader---yes I actually do have a few readers--Although some times I do not even read my own random rambling.   AND some of these supposed readers are even ---brace for it---alert!   Anyways, the reader told me that the above was indeed amusing-- but if this very full car was traveling south from Nogalas--it would be going deeper into Mexico and not entering the US.   A huge "Whoops!" on my part.  ;)

    On an almost related note--a few years back we were telling our neighbor how our daughter was born in New Mexico.  The neighbor became very worried if we had the right paper work -for her to now be in the US.  Green cards or something similar.   To which my wife and I both emphasized the NEW in NEW Mexico!   We both seem to need maps for our birthdays!

I would like to know how he got himself stabbed   but
the food must have been Dam good to produce a three star ranking.  Unless of course this is out of a 100 star ranking system.  
I am on the sight "Yelp" 
although not for good reasons--and luckily my name is not used on the review. 
Last thought for today---and the readers rejoice!!
So a few weeks ago---I posted the above picture on an all local page of mine.  Although the wordage is offensive--the message couldn't be more true.   At any rate  someone with to much time on there hands---decided to report this image to Facebook.  
Instead of simply scrolling on down the page past the terrible image to something better like bunnies. 
I got the image off of Facebook  so am not real sure what Facebook
would actually do about this report.  Actually it has stayed in limbo for a few weeks now.  Still appearing on my page but also telling me it has been reported.   So I keep posting on the picture, so it moves it up the page feed and to the top of the page every day.  
Posts like....
I am going to keep commenting on this to post it on the top of the page. Because some sap with to much time on there hands felt the need to report this picture. I got this off of FB and posted it on FB---if something bothers you on MY Page just keep scrolling. Or better yet take your thin skinned self off of MY page. I really do wonder how many of you survive in the real world when such little things bug you so much Still not deleted by the way

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